Miranthia WarArrow

  • .:Miranthia:.

    Nickname(s): Mira, Mia, Goldie

    Full Name: Miranthia WarArrow

    Age: 27

    Species: Fox

    Height: 5'8"

    Profession:  Healer’s Assistant; Warrior

    Possession(s):  She owns an elegant rapier that had belonged to her father.  The basket is a beautiful silver, and the pommel has a sapphire set in it.  She keeps this sheathed on her left side.

    Physical Appearance: She has baby blue eyes that are ALWAYS danching with mischief.  Her fur is a lovely gold, her ear tips, hands, feet, and tail tip are black.  She has long black hair that possesses a natural wave, and she usually keeps it down. On her left cheek, like Freed, she also has a fading brand. She is slim and toned, almost wiry; she’s always jumping around and moving, so it would make sense. Though she eats like a pig, she still manages it.

    Material Appearance: She wears a blue tunic and a pair of black cloth pants.  Around her waist she wears a simple cream colored cord.  She also wears a simple back leather belt, to which the scabbard to her rapier is sheathed.

    Personality: Mira is pretty much the exact opposite of Freedom.  Though like her friend, she doesn’t talk about the past.  She did push it aside, and has also chosen to carry on through life undeterred. Instead of remaining a stoic and guarded creature, she is so not that.  At all.

    She is loud.

    She is obnoxious.

    She loves to play pranks on others, Freedom especially.

    And she loves to jump and run away.

    One would describe her as an ADD dibbun.

    She does this, for Freedom’s benefit.  She is the only one that can make Freedom drop her guard and live a little.  Though her friend is much better than she used to be, Mira still makes it a point to try and get a chuckle out of her friend.  MOST of the time Freedom yells at her, but Mira will take that too.

    Mira is also very sarcastic and stubborn.  She doesn’t take anything seriously unless she has to, and mundane tasks such as chores, are treated with disdain.  Though, she will do them, and complain the entire time.

    She might put off the front that she’s this carefree, happy-go-lucky, vixen that would rather be obnoxious than sincere, she is very kind and responsible.  She drops whatever she is doing to help someone, and will then return to her task.  She too has a soft spot for the younger ones, and is quite popular with them.  She likes to joke, yes, but she knows when it is time to stop and be serious.

    This is just how she deals with everything that had happened to them.  She promised herself that she would live life to the fullest, and take nothing for granted.  In a sense, she’s making up for the teenage years she never got to experience.

    If somebody she loves and cares about is threatened, things will get deadly.  Mira is very scary when she is angry, and will stop at nothing to eliminate a threat.  Above and beyond the call of duty.


    • She has the uncanny ability to make others laugh
    • She is strong-willed and will fight for what she believes in
    • Highly skilled in fencing and sword-play
    • She is also skilled in healing


    • She has a tendency to not take things very seriously
    • She is terrified of stoats
    • She has trouble concentrating on things sometimes
    • Food is her greatest weakness

    Background: Her past, to most, is a mystery.  She doesn't talk about it with others, and the ones that know about it, were either part of it or she actually told them.  She does not dwell on the events, but from time to time they do cross her mind.  The destiny behind this fox, as well as three others, is still a mystery, even to her.

    Everything was chaos.  Like Freedom, her parents, Aurora and Trustian, had also crossed paths with the wrong creatures.  After what had happened to the Windwalker’s, the family, as well as that of Freedom and Saoirse, combined, becoming one big extended family.  Freedom, Tomas, Miranthia, Saoirse, Elizabeta, and Christain (Saoirse's twin sister and brother) were all born on the same day.  That same day, a prophecy was made about Freedom, Mira, Saoirse, a mouse, fox, and otter that they'd never heard of, and her older brothers, was made.  Why, when, and how is not clear, to anyone of the family, so instead of taking it to heart, they brushed it aside.
    And it soon doomed them all.

    When Miranthia was ten, both Elizabeta and Christain went missing.  Not too long after, Erthjerne and Ubel, her older brothers, took up arms and slaughtered the family, or so they were led to believe.  Only Freedom, Mira, and Saoirse was left alive, and Erthjerne sold them into slavery.  He soon became the leader of the rabble, Ubel his second, and branded his insignia into the three.  The three then faced years of torture, starvation, and cruelty.  A stoat by the name of Rykk Deathcloud took a special interest in Miranthia, and she will always fear the species because he was the very epitome of evil.

    Eventually, with Mira’s help, Freedom managed to escape, promising to return with help.  After months of recuperating and finding adequate help, Freedom returned, and slew Erthjerne before turning to the rest of his ghastly band.  Freedom had managed to find her long-lost brother, and the four of them, together, found Redwall.  Tomas grew restless and decided to leave, in hopes that he could possibly find information on the whereabouts of Elizabeta and Christain.  Freedom, Miranthia, and Saoirse, however, decided to remain at Redwall, to try and live as normal lives as they could manage.

    Author’s Note:  If you read Freed’s profile, then yeah the history should be familiar.  This is going to be repeated several times, since basically both Mira and Saoirse’s history is the same.

    And what I mean about extended family, is that like…Freed, Mira, and Saoirse’s mother’s claimed each other as sister’s.  It’s kinda complicated but it works XD

    And please don’t ask me what the prophecy is, I’ve been trying to figure that out for five years now.  It just seemed like a good idea and I’m still rolling with it XD

  • Updated this one too!  Only two more to go x.x

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