Freedom Windwalker

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    Nickname(s): Freed, Reed, Free

    Full Name: Freedom Windwalker

    Age: 27

    Species: Mouse

    Height: 5'8"

    Profession:  Redwall Abbey Healer; Infirmary Keeper

    Possession(s):  She owns a simple blade that was once her mother's blade.  The hilt is wrapped in black leather, and there is an emerald set as the pommel stone.  She also has a dagger that she keeps strapped to her right thigh, another memento of her parents.

    Physical Appearance: She has bright green eyes that seem to glow when she gets angry or is feeling threatened.  Her fur is a beautiful jet black, and she has long dark red hair that she keeps partially tied back.  On her left cheek there is a fading symbol, the skin white, the only mar on her; it is a brand from her younger days.  She is of slim build, though she is still toned and muscular from before her days at the Abbey.

    Material Appearance: She dresses simple; she foregoes the traditional Abbey habit, and wears an off-white top/blouse that buttons up the front and she keeps the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. And she wears an ankle length skirt of forest green that ties at her right hip. She prefers to go barefoot, but will wear sandals or boots when the need arises.

    Personality: Freedom doesn't talk about her past, most of it too painful to relive.  But instead of moping about it and feel sorry for herself, she pushed it all aside and carries on living.  She does not trust anyone so readily, instead it takes a while to build up.  Because of that, she does not allow for herself to become attached or close to others, preferring to keep emotions and relationships at a safe distance.  There a few creatures, however, that she has allowed to let herself get close to over the years.

    She is kind to others, even if she doesn't trust them.  She goes out of her way to help those that ask for assistance, and puts others before herself.  She also does not display an extravagant assortment of emotions; she'll smile slightly, or frown if something confuses her, but not much more than that.  Dibbuns and young ones, however, are the only ones (aside from those that are close to her) that can really extract emotion from her.  She has a soft spot for them, and absolutely loves to be around them.  She is prone to sarcasm, and is also very stubborn.


    • Hiding her emotions
    • She has an iron-will
    • She is physically capable of taking care of herself and the ones she loves
    • She is a very skilled healer
    • Helping/taking care of others
    • She is very athletic/acrobatic, and she's an excellent swimmer


    • She does not trust others easily
    • She constantly has her guard up
    • Memories/situations of past events can reduce her to a child

    Background: Her past, to most, is a mystery.  She doesn't talk about it with others, and the ones that know about it, were either part of it or she actually told them.  She does not dwell on the events, but from time to time they do cross her mind.  The destiny behind this mouse, as well as three others, is still a mystery, even to her.

    Everything was chaos.  When she was too young to remember, her twin brother Tomas was kidnapped and was never found.  Her parents, Ebony and Blaze, had unfortunately crossed paths with the wrong people, and they wanted revenge.  And unfortunately, they got it.  After they finally gave up hope of ever finding Tomas again, the family, as well as that of Miranthia and Saoirse, combined, becoming one big extended family.  Freedom, Tomas, Miranthia, Saoirse, Elizabeta, and Christain (Saoirse's twin sister and brother) were all born on the same day.  That same day, a prophecy was made about Freedom, Mira, Saoirse, a mouse, fox, and otter that they'd never heard of, and Mira's older brothers, was made.  Why, when, and how is not clear, to anyone of the family, so instead of taking it to heart, they brushed it aside.

    And it soon doomed them all.

    When Freedom was ten, both Elizabeta and Christain went missing.  Not too long after, Erthjerne and Ubel, Mira’s older brothers, took up arms and slaughtered the family, or so they were led to believe.  Only Freedom, Mira, and Saoirse was left alive, and Erthjerne sold them into slavery.  He soon became the leader of the rabble, Ubel his second, and branded his insignia into the three.  The three then faced years of torture, starvation, and cruelty.

    Eventually, with Mira’s help, Freedom managed to escape, promising to return with help.  After months of recuperating and finding adequate help, Freedom returned, and slew Erthjerne before turning to the rest of his ghastly band.  Freedom had managed to find her long-lost brother, and the four of them, together, found Redwall.  Tomas grew restless and decided to leave, in hopes that he could possibly find information on the whereabouts of Elizabeta and Christain.  Freedom, Miranthia, and Saoirse, however, decided to remain at Redwall, to try and live as normal lives as they could manage.

    Author’s Note:  This is going to be repeated several times, since basically both Mira and Saoirse’s history is the same.

    And what I mean about extended family, is that like…Freed, Mira, and Saoirse’s mother’s claimed each other as sister’s.  It’s kinda complicated but it works XD

    And please don’t ask me what the prophecy is, I’ve been trying to figure that out for five years now.  It just seemed like a good idea and I’m still rolling with it XD

    This is the condensed version of her background too, I left a lot of things out for now.

  • Ok updated it, hopefully that's better.

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