Temperance Macayle

  • .:Temperance:.

    Nickname(s): Tempe, KuppiiKake, Kitty, Mac

    Full Name: Temperance Macayle

    Age: 21

    Species: Cat-Wolf Hybrid (Though while she is involved in a traditional thread, I make a choice between the two)

    Height: 5'7 1/2"

    Profession:  Former Mercenary for Hire; Loner

    Possession(s):  Twin sabers strapped to her back, the hilts wrapped in black leather and encrusted in opal's.

    Physical Appearance: Eyes are mainly blue, but can change to green depending on her moods or what she's wearing. Sometimes they even look blue-green. Her hair reaches a little past her shoulders, and it's strawberry/dirty blonde. It is fairly straight, and has layers that are different lengths. Her bangs are fairly short, reaching her eyebrows, but taper off; the longest strands reach her chin. Her fur is a luxurious tan; she has mahogany colored patches around her eyes, her long bushy tail and ears the same color.  The fur from her elbows down to her fingers, as well as her knees down to her feet, were the same color.  If one were to apply this to real life, she would be described as looking like a buckskin horse.  She is toned and trim, wrought with the muscles and sinew it takes to make a good soldier.  She also has a cross-shaped scar on the inside of her right wrist, not quite down far enough to be classified as on her forearm.  It is a remembrance of how bad things had gotten, and a reminder of how stupid the notion was in the first place.  When things get really bad and her mind begins to slip, all she has to do is look down and remember.

    Material Appearance: She wears whatever she's comfortable in; she doesn't get into the latest fads or trends, she dresses to please only herself. Mostly this consists of baggy jeans, a cami or t-shirt, and a pair of plaid sneakers/converse. When it's hot, she wears shorts; when it's cold she wears a long sweater jacket and a brown hat. The colors vary, but a good number of her shirts are black and white, but there is the occasional splash of color. She also wears a pair of square spectacles; she is pretty much lost without these. Not wearing them results in massive migraines and she's pretty much blind.  For the purposes of this site, however, her wardrobe is a tad different.  She wears a cream colored traveling cloak over a tattered tunic.  The garment is olive green; the sleeves have been ripped off and the bottom part is frayed as well, the hem stopping just above her navel.  She also wears a pair of tattered and baggy black pants, a leather belt holding them in place.  To complete this ensemble, are a pair of black boots.

    Personality: Generally speaking, Temperance is a happy individual. She's happiest when she's around those she loves most; family and friends. She is the person that everybody comes to to talk about their problems, and she helps in the best way she can. She does not sugar coat stuff, at all. She tells you what's what straight up. Sarcasm is second-nature to her, and she is also very stubborn/hard-headed, which she also comes by naturally. When she is around her friends, she can be very loud and possibly obnoxious, but if you saw her group of friends you'd understand. She is the mediator. She is the listener. She is also the caretaker, the caregiver. When it comes to her family and friends, she would do anything for them. She is protective.

    Despite this sunny disposition and the appearance of a regular social butterfly, she's very independent. She enjoys her alone time, it gives her time to think. She can be very quiet at times, responding with a smile and a nod or shake of the head.

    When she is not around her friends, however, she is quite shy. She doesn’t socialize very much with people she doesn’t know. Life experiences have also taught her to keep a safe emotional/mental distance between herself and others; if she does this, she won’t get hurt as bad. She may love her friends, but only a few of them really know her, and those are the ones she’s allowed the closeness to develop.  There is one particular friend of hers, a certain wolf, that she holds very dear.  For the past five or six years he has always been there for her, and has seen her at her absolute worst.  They have had a fairly rocky relationship, but despite that they remain firm friends and she loves him dearly.

    She does not display this out in public, but she is actually emotional. One of her weaknesses is bottling everything up inside, letting it sit and brew, until she finally reaching the bursting point and the fall is not very pleasant. Again, life experiences have taught her to trust no one and to never go to others with your problems; YOU’RE the only one that can fix them, generally other people don’t give a darn. Crying is the ultimate no for her; she does not cry unless the situation is absolutely horrible, and doing so just makes her even more mad. Crying is the ultimate weakness in her eyes.

    One of her major flaws, is compairing herself to others. She is very insecure, and can sometimes bring herself down with it. Though she is working on it, and getting better at it all the time. She also has a tendency to stress over the little things, and she worries about everyone else when she should be worrying about herself. She places herself at the absolute last on her list of priorities; that is just how her brain is hardwired. As long as her loved ones are happy, she’s happy. Though unfortunately, that is not how the world works. She can hold grudges for a very long time, but only if there is an extremely good reason for it. She has the capacity to forgive, but not to forget. In the current case though, she can’t do either. Once in a while she reaches an all time low, and depression will take over. Every time she has hit rock bottom, though, she has managed to pull herself out of it. Most of the time she knows the cause of it, but other times she doesn’t know why. While in this delicate stage, suicidal thoughts come to her frequently. Amazingly, as soon as the thought enters her mind, she rationalizes how stupid the notion would be, and dismisses it entirely. She has been lucky so far. She is of the opinion that dying is easy, and living is the hardest thing to do. But, she loves a challenge.

    She is somewhat of a germophobic, and is constantly washing her hands. She is also arachnophobic, claustrophobic, coulrophobic, and pediophobic; she’s afraid of spiders, small spaces, clowns, and dolls. And she does not like feet, at all. Or mushrooms. Both caffeine and sugar have a tendency to go straight to her head, and the ending result is a very large crash. But the effects are fun while they last. She is a very outdoorsy being, and absolutely despises living in a city. Trees, fields, mountains, hills, four seasons –that is home to her. She loves to be out in the rain, and will walk around in it until it is too dark to see.


    • Adept in hand-to-hand combat as well as sword-play
    • Has a nack for being the voice of reason
    • As well has having physical strength, she is also mentally and emotionally sound.
    • Helping others with their problems
    • Making people laugh when they believe all hope is lost
    • Being a very caring and compassionate being


    • Bottling everything up inside
    • She is of the belief that crying is the ultimate sign of weakness
    • Compairing herself to others
    • Putting herself last when she should be concerned about herself
    • Getting emotionally attached

    Background: For the most part her childhood was just fine. It was her teen years when everything started. In short, her mother married a terrible man and the next six life of her life, of everyone’s life, was literally a deep, dark, fiery place that I cannot say here but you get the drift. She was not allowed to be a teenager; she had to grow up way before she was supposed to, in order to help her mother. She felt that her mom couldn’t be the only adult in the house, and took the initiative. On multiple occasions she took care of her mother when she was sick, as well as her younger sister. Despite all of the bad she had gone through, she can still manage to smile, and reflect that, while the experience was bad, it ultimately made her a stronger person. Not only that, but it brought Temperance, her mother, and her sister closer together, forming an airtight bond that will never break. Tempe never blamed her mother for what they all went through, and really she has every right to totally despise her mother for putting her through that, but she doesn’t. Temperance could have left whenever she wanted to. But she didn’t. She refused to abandon her mom and sister, and put up with the verbal, mental, and emotional abuse that she received from that man. Eventually he went away for good, and the three of them were liberated and really free for good. Now the only thing that Temperance has to worry about is the stresses of everyday life, which is relatively normal considering what she’d been through.

    Temperance - Origin: English; Meaning: Moderation, Self-Control.
    Macayle - Origin:  Gaelic;  Meaning:  Strong-willed, fiery.  Aka: independent.

    tem-per-ance n.
    1 : moderation in action, thought, or feeling : RESTRAINT
    2 a: habitual moderation in the indulgence of the appetites or passions.
    b: moderation in or abstinence from the use of alcoholic beverages.
    abstinence, sobriety, teetotalism, abstemiousness, soberness.
    restraint, self-restraint, self-control, moderation, self-denial, self-discipline.
    intemperance, indulgence

    strong-willed adj.
    1 : determined: determined to prevail in the face of difficulty or opposition.
    resolute, determined, strong-minded, iron-willed, unbending, inflexible, uncompromising, forceful, decisive.

    fier-y adj.
    1 : glowing hot: burning or full of fire
    2 : red: bright red in color
    3 : showing intense emotion: full of or prone to sudden extremes of emotion
    4 : spicy: extremely hot or spicy to the taste
    5 : inflamed: red and inflamed
    burning, scorching, blistering, sweltering, sizzling, blazing, flaming, hot, baking.
    fierce, passionate, heated, angry, furious, intense, powerful, ardent, turbulent, forceful.
    icy, mild.

    in-de-pend-ent adj.
    1 : not controlled by another: in politics, free from the authority, control, or domination of somebody or something else, especially not controlled by another state or organization and able to self-govern
    2 : able to function by self: able to operate alone because not dependent on somebody or something else
    "Each wheel has an independent suspension system."
    3 : self-supporting: not forced to rely on another for money or support
    "financially independent"
    4 : showing confidence in self: capable of thinking or acting without consultation with or guidance from others
    "an independent thinker"
    5 : done without obstruction: carried out or operating without interference or influence from interested parties
    "an independent investigation"
    6 : sufficient to live on: providing the means on which to live without having to work
    "independent means"
    7 : POLITICS not affiliated to political party: not belonging to, representing, or supporting any political party
    8 : MATHEMATICS not solvable using solution to another: describes a system of equations in which no single equation is necessarily solved using a solution to the others
    9 : STATISTICS not affecting other variables: in statistics, distributed in such a way that the value taken on by one variable leaves all others unaffected
    10 : LOGIC not dependent on axiom or proposition: not proved from another logical axiom or proposition
    self-governing, sovereign, autonomous, self-determining, self-regulating, free, liberated.
    self-sufficient, self-reliant, autonomous, self-supporting, self-contained.
    free, liberated, individual, individualistic, unconventional, unconstrained, unfettered.
    impartial, neutral, objective, dispassionate, unprejudiced, nonpartisan, unbiased, nonaligned, detached.
    dependent, conventional, partial.

  • Looks, pretty good Tempe, just one thing though, unless it's in a Non-Traditional RP our creatures don't usually wear t-shirts and sneakers. xD

  • ^^ Not to worry, she's editable and can conform to change.  Plus, depending on the mood I'm in and the content of the rp, she'll either be a cat or a wolf, not a hybrid.

    OR I'll rp as one of my old characters lol.

    Thank you though ^^

  • Edited, hopefully that's a little better.

  • bump Ah, I made some minor adjustments.  However, I'm still in the process of working on a background for her that is suitable for Redwall community.  Oh yes, her material appearance as well.

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