• Commander Urack glanced over at the unconscious rat he had captured days before. He'd had to tie him up so he wouldn't get away. Snagtooth had turned him down flat and so wasn't expected to stay any longer with them if the would be willing to let him go. He was still out cold on the sand of Salamandastron's beach two days after the fight. Therefore the commander hadn't spoked to him yet, though he had been waiting to.

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    Snagtooth grunted as he woke up. He tried to remember what had happened but was having trouble sorting out things in his mind. He remembered being in the commander's face and saying that he wouldn't join his organization, but he couldn't remember anything past telling the commander as much.
    His head ached a lot, and he went to go hold his paw to it. For some strange reason, he couldn't move his paw though. "What the." That's when it hit him. "I've been tied up.'
    His face was buried in the sand, and his snout was irritated at the abrasive sand.
    He snorted away what sand that he could, and called out. "Who's tied me up?" He called. "Is anyone there?"

  • Commander Urack turned him over, standing in the sun so that Snagtooth could see him.
        "Sorry about the rope. We'll still feed you, but we can't untie you because you'd run off. It's a security thing." A wink. "You really are making a big mistake though, we merely want to show you our world. We want to show you something new that you can become." Then he shrugged. "If I didn't bring you back I would have been disobeying orders anyway and would have regreted it in due time. I couldn't do that you know."

  • Snagtooth was confused. This wasn't the same commander he had yelled at before. "Who are you. What do you really want with me?" Changing tactic, he decided to attack the commander's logic. "Doesn't seem to make sense to force a guy into your world if he doesn't want it. That's a great way to make allies." He spat.

  • The leader was losing patience. "Look at it this way; I am just here to take you to Marl. Okay? I was given an order I didn't want to follow through on, but I didn't have a choice besides it and directly disobeying a charge. Got it? Lets just try to cooperate. If you do than I will do my best to help you in any way I can. Okay?"

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  • Snagtooth didn't like the idea of cooperating with the commander but didn't see any way out of the current situation. "Very well. I'll cooperate as long as you untie my paws. I can hardly feel them." He might as well get something for cooperating he thought.

  • Urack a curved scimitar from its sheath. As he shiftede in the light it became appearnt that he didn't wear the fancy armor and helmets that the others wore. He was wearing loose corsair garb and bandanna. He didn't use the usual weaponry that the others used either.
        He sawed through the rope with the scimitar and put it away. Then he extended his paw to help Snagtooth off the ground.

  • Snag took hold of the extended paw and pulled himself to his feet. He looked around at the asortment of beasts that surrounded him. He quickly realized that his brother was no where in sight. "Where is Whiptail?" He asked turning toward the commander.

  • "I had Julkra take him into the tunnels ahead of us to treat his cut that we gave him with that slingstone we chucked. You just got a headache. Sorry." He chuckled. "Hoope it isn't still hurting enough to keep you from eating will it?"
        He nodded towards an asortmant of trays that lay on a cloth in the sand. Sweet and stange aromas wavered from the food that lay ready for the meal soon ahead. "We eat in about two minutes, you might want to wash off all that dirt before you eat." With that the commander tossed him a towel and started to walk away to do some other bussiness.

  • Snagtooth washed himself off and got himself ready to eat. Outwardly he appeared calme, but he was as tense as a notched arrow inside. As he wide the sand and mud from his face, he tried to form an escape plan.
    It was no use though. Every where he looked, there was a beast in his way from being able to escape. Without weapons and with so many beasts, he would have to bide his time. The commander had obviously put guards to watch him. He probably had a spy watching him too.
    "Some sort of disguised beast hiding in the bushes no doubt." He thought to himself.

  • A nearby fox sat with a large group of other "guests" removing the recently cut bonds from his own wrists and ankles. The cords were pretty light and soft so they wouldn't cut to harshly into your skin, but they still made skin raw and red.
        Urack was talking to them as well, but the fox didn't seem to like listening. His eyes kept wandering around.

  • Snagtooth made his way over to where the trays lay in the sand and watched carefully. He didn't want to be drugged or poisoned. He would need all of his strength though, if he was going to attempt an escape.
    Snagtooth got into the group that was retrieving their food, and watched very carefully. All the food appeared to be fine, and was much better than the berries he had been eating for the past week. Once Snagtooth was thoroughly convinced that the other beasts were sure that there was nothing wrong with it, he began to collect his own food. Once he had some food, he sat down on the edge of a dune and began to eat. He was expecting that he would be left alone, but he was soon approached by another beast.

  • The fox that had been in the other group came and sat by him. He gave some extra space so that the newcomer wouldn't become nervous or anything.
        "What's your name? I noticed that you were knocked out a couple of days ago. You were being carried in a sling. Does you head still have that big lump?" He'd asked the question jokingly, but he didn't have the feeling that it had come across that way.

  • When The rat hadn't responded he continued talking now feeling that perhaps he had offended him. "You don't have to feel glum around here. Don't listen to anything that the decoy says. Lorak's just a hothead. 'It's a civilization!' What a freak of a toad's wife. It ain't no 'civilization' at all! It's just a big organized horde." He waited again for a response.

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  • Snag looked at the fox and made no immediate response. finally deciding to try to weasel some information out of the fox he asked, "How many beasts are in this so called 'civilization'?"

  • "About two thousand. Ask anything you want to and I'll probobly answer it. I have a debt to repay to Valmorg."
        The fox lifted a smashed, burnt paw wrapped in bandages. "That happened in the tunnels and he never let the healers help me. When the choice arose, I joined Merandar whole-heartedly."

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