If you come in my kitchens again…

  • Chaos had broken loose in Redwall Abbey.  Although it would have been expected to have come from an outside enemy, it was in fact the direct cause of none other than the hare Walkin Stummik. Many did not take his name seriously, but Walkin assured them that his mother had not named him that without reason. Friar Drunnem had discovered this quickly enough.
    Most creatures of Redwall went about their business trying to ignore the ruckus that was being raised from th direction of the kitchens.
    Drunnem was chasing Walkin around his kitchens waving his ladle attempting to wound the monster. "You all-eating mongrel! Get out! I'm telling you! I'll have you thrown out of the abbey if you don't leave this instant!"
    Walkin ran around to the other side of one of the tables and stared his pursuer in the face. "I am not a mongrel, and for your information, I was told to go find something useful to do and that is exactly what I am now doing."
    Drunnem's face went red. "Useful! You call eatin all the pasties for tonight USEFUL!?"
    Walkin's face dripped with indignacy, "Yes I do, and No I did not eat all of your flippin pasties. I only had four. I have appointed myself as head food taste tester so you'll just have to live with it, or I'll report you."
    "Get Out Of My Kitchens!!!" Drunnem threw the ladle he was holding in his hand but only succeeded in narrowly missing Walkin and instead hitting another beast who had been entering the room.

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    Drunnem threw the ladle he was holding in his hand but only succeeded in narrowly missing Walkin and instead hitting another beast who had been entering the room.

    If you want to join, it's best to go for the opening. most people leave openings for this reason. I'm not mad or nuthin. Just trying to explain.
    You're pretty new to this aren't you? We'll try to help you out if you are. If you aren't, then please don't take offense at this post.

    -ic-Lily was not happy at being hit with the ladle. Infact she was devestated. "Whaaa! Mommy! the big bad friar HURT me!" She ran from the kitchen to go find her mother. On the way out she bumped into yet another beast who had come to find out what all the commotion was about.

    -ooc- see how I used the opening to introduce a character and further the story? try it yourself with the opening I left you.

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  • Grimm Foremole was knocked down when the small mousemaid ran into her. "Hurrburr, youms needs to be carfully!" he said, "Youms be noikin beasties down maisy!" He gave her a gentle pat on the head. "No hurm done. Noip, noon wootsoever."
    Lily looked up the kind Foremole. "Sorry Grimm." she said quietly, "It was an accident. I was just sad because the mean Friar hit me with his spoon! Sorry Grimm." Lily liked Grimm and she was more respectful to him than any other beast.
    Grimm looked up at the Friar. "Bees this troo, zur?" He said.

  • Flick Squirrelwind went into the kitchen and started making some tarts and pudding  for the evning dinner. the dibbuns went crazy if they weren't on the table once they were all washed up for supper. they would start in uproar shouting that they had taken their baths for nothing and threatened to restart their DAB club if they didn't have their spoons in their pudding before the day was through.

  • “Certainly not!” cried the indignant friar, “I was aiming for this tub of lard here” He waved his hand in the direction of Walkin. “He refuses to leave my kitchens.”
    “They aren’t YOUR kitchens!” Walkin looked beseechingly at Foremole, “Besides, I was only looking to help!”
    “That is not true and you know it!” Yelled the friar.
    Again the two beasts began their arguing loudly.

  • Flick pounded his ladle on the table like a gavel. "Either you two take you bickering else where or i'll put so many bumps between your ears that it will make your head spin."

  • Astro had been walking quietly along through Great Hall, when he was disturbed by a rumpus from the kitchen. He decided to check it out. Thus, he peered into the kitchens from a door in Cavern Hole, seeing as the other one was occupied. Looking upon the scene, something must have gone click in the otter's dibbuny brain, for he rubbed his paws mischievously. He muttered quietly to himself, "When da Friah's away, da dibbuns will pway." He noticed a pastry on the window sill, and began to sidle over toward it, trying to ignore the noise of the others.

  • Quarrel watched the scene from the corner, comfortably warm next to the stove and away from flying ladles and stompping feet. He watched as Astro stepped towards the window sill and began to wonder somthing for a moment.
        Closing the book he was reading he walked over to the windowsill himself, not bothering with caution. He split the Pastry in two, Tossed one half to Astro, took the other half, puored meadow cream onto it, added berries and, before anyone could stop him, popped it into his mouth and began make replacemeants.
        "Hey Astro, mind giving me a hand here?" He smiled inoccently and continued with his pastry making. The expieriment had worked.
        He grinned.  😉

  • Astro watched, and scarfed his pastry. He smiled, and nodded. "Sure ting! Wat d'I do?" He was not the best cook out of the dibbuns, of course, none of them were what one might call expert chefs, but there were better dibbun cooks than this little mischievous otterbabe.

  • Lily's attention drifted from the conversation just enough to notice the snitching beasts. Instead of sounding the alarm however, she let her greed conquer her desire to tattle. Running over she looked up at Quarrel. "Can I's have some too mista [squirell?]"

  • -ooc- yes squirrel.

    Quarrel looked sweetly at the Lily, "Sorry, but my pastry is gone, but if you jump out the infirmy window I'll bake you ten."

    -ooc-I see you already did it once snagtooth.

  • Lily looked away and crossed her arms.
    "I already did that! It hurt too! The big creatures all laughed at me. Now give me food or I'll tell on you!"

  • Astro started mimicking Lily in a whiny little voice. "Oh! I'm Liiily! III'm going to teeeeellllll! Oooooooh!" Then, in his normal voice, "Hah! If yous tell, den I will trow a bag o' Hotwoot Peppah in ya face!"

  • Quarrel moved the hotroot out of reach before responding. "I don't think that I would get in trouble if didn't give you pastries, but I think that hotroot pepper would hurt enough to be considered foul play."
        He handed her a pastry anyway and went back to work.

  • Marr walked purposefully into the kitchens, eyeing over the few beasts inside and heading straight to a larder he knew to be well stocked at all hours.  He would know, he'd stashed the food away there…

    Digging around for a minute, he unloaded a few cold pasties, a flask of strawberry cordial, and a small loaf of baked brown bread.  Not bothering to head to a table, he layed out his meal on a countertop and began eating, savoring every bite.  He'd been famished.

  • Quarrel watched as Marr dvorred his food. IMpressed that a beast could eat so fast. He was about to ask where he'd gotten the food from when idea occured to him.
        Making sure that The skipper couldn' see him he poured some hotroot into a small bowl of meadowcream, turning it a deep red. He picked this up and walked directly past the otter and set it on the counter, making sure that the other could see it, and put a small lable next to it. Then Quarrel set about making more pastries.

  • Astro pouted, as he fingered the bags of hotroot in his pack. But as he saw the red salad, with a strong smell of hotroot pepper, his eyes gleamed. His nose followed its progress, and a sit was set down, he snuck up to the counter, made sure nobeast was looking, and pulled it down. He pulled a small flask of water out of his pack, and started eating the salad.

  • Lily started to giggle as she watched astro eat the salad. "Your mouth is going to be on fire Astro." She warned

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