The Gathering Storm (Continued from Revenge)

  • Loki Flashpaw was lying in the sun on the wall tops of the great Redwall Abbey. He was leaning dangerously far off of the ramparts. His arms resting on the parapet were the only things saving him from falling. Loki has his eyes closed as he turned his face towards the sky. "This is the life," he muttered to himself.

    "Hey Loki," a voice called out. Loki started in surprise, nearly falling from the wall. He managed to grip on to the parapet with both forepaws. His foot paws dangled out over the abbey gate. Galvin the scholar, his eyes wide with surprise, looked over the edge. "Are you all right Loki?" he asked.

    "Don't sneak up on me like that Galvin!" Loki squeaked, "help me up you idiot!" Galvin gripped his paws and pulled with all his might. He wasn't a very strong beast. When he manage to pull Loki up a foot or two, Loki managed to grab the wall with his foot paws and force himself up the rest of the way.

    "Well, if you were the master thief you claim to be," Galvon panted, "I shouldn't have been able to sneak up on you. Besides, you shouldn't lean off the wall like that." Loki rolled his eyes and turned to look at the path to Redwall. Two tiny figures were slowly coming into sight as they walked towards the abbey.

    "Hey Galvin, can you see who those beasts are?" Loki asked. The two mice peered over the wall.

    "My eyesight is no better than yours," Galvin said, "we'll have to wait till their closer."

    The two of them waited for the strange beasts to come into sight. They were silent, other than the occasional deep breath. After about a minute, they could clearly see the others. "Hey look, it's Dawn," Loki shouted, "and I think that's Shaun the otter!"

    "No need to yell," Galvin groaned, "I'm right beside you."

    "Come on Galv," Loki said as he jumped down the wall steps, "let's get the door!" Galvin followed at a somewhat more retrained pace. Between the two of them, they managed to take down the heavy bar the held the door shut. They pushed it open a few feet and waited fir their visitors.

  • It was a sunny day in Mossflower as Dawn and Shaun walked side by side down the road to Redwall Abbey. They had traveled for three days from when where they had met on the River Moss. It could have taken two days but they weren't in a huge rush so it took longer.

    As they neared the gates they saw a figure dangling from the parapets, then another one came up and hauled it back up onto the wall. A minute later they saw the one that had been about to fall point and wave in their direction, it them went out of sight, followed by the other one.

    By the time that the two travelers were near enough to hale the gate it swung open and two mice stood in the gap.

    OOC: Here it is, at last! Dawn, you can introduce Shaun to Loki, then I'll bring Spar into the story.

  • Dawn snickered when she saw Loki almost fall off the wall. That daredevil would do anything stupid just to see if he could. She saw that he had Galvin with him. Dawn hadn't ever given the scholar much thought. She was into the blade, not the book.

    "Hello Loki!" Dawn called as soon as she was close enough, "this otter here is Shaun, and Shaun, the black mouse is Loki." She looked at Galvin's glasses with some odd amusement. "This one is Galvin," Dawn said, "he likes boring stuff like reading and building strange contraptions."

  • "Nice to meet you Shaun!" Loki said as he shook the otter's paw hardily, "you look like a mighty tough beast!"

    Galvin gave Dawn a cold glare. "I seem to recall you were the one who made fun of me on several occasions because of my interests," Galvin said flatly, "there is more to life than hacking and stabbing." He turned and walked away from the little group.

    "Never mind the young coot," Loki snickered, "what brings you two to Redwall this fine mourning?"

  • "Nice to meet you Shaun!"…"you look like a mighty tough beast!"

    "Thank you Loki, I try." Shaun answered modestly. He glanced around at the interior of the abbey grounds while Galvin was talking to Dawn. He had never been inside Redwall Abbey before so this was all new to him.

    "Never mind the young coot,"…"what brings you two to Redwall this fine mourning?"

    "Well, as a matter of fact, we're here looking for you, Loki. Oh, and Sparhawk the squirrel. Do you know where he is?"

    Sparhawk, as it turns out was sneaking up behind the little party at the gate so that he could scare the living daylights out of Shaun. He snuck along the wall till he was completely behind the group and then walk casualy up behind Shaun and said,
    "You know, I can't think for the life of me where he is!"
    "Me neither, that's why I just asked for him!" Replied Shaun with out thinking. Then as he thought about it he scowled slightly and whirling around punched Sparhawk in the stomach, causing him to double over.
    "I've told you not to do that Spar." He said, still scowling slightly.
    "I know," wheezed that individual, "I just couldn't help it!"

  • "I seem to recall you were the one who made fun of me on several occasions because of my interests. There is more to life than hacking and stabbing."

    Dawn swallowed visibly. She did make fun of a Galvin a few times, but she thought he was overacting a little. "I'll never understand him," she sighed. Dawn watched with amusement as Sparhawk snuck up behind Shaun and received a punch to the belly for it. She couldn't help but laugh at the squirrel's predicament.

    "Hello Spar, I'm Dawn Stormbreeze," she said to Sparhawk, "I hope Shaun didn't hurt you too badly."

  • "Oh…no,!" Sparhawk groaned.
    Shaun was almost smiling, "You know I told you not to sneak up on me like that."
    He said, matter-of-factly.
    "Hey, well you didn't have to hit so hard! Oh, hi Dawn, nice to meet you!"

  • (Just a short post to get it out there. May add more later.)

    "So, why are you looking for me and Spar?" Loki asked, "do we have something you need?" He folded his arms and stared at Shaun and Dawn intently.

  • "Actually, Dawn and I are here in hopes that you two would join us on a quest. We are hunting down the murderer of my father and Dawn's (father, mother, family?). His name is Ashtooth and he is here in Mossflower somewhere." As he said this, Shaun's face set and his eyes shone with unshed tears.

    Sparhawk came up to his friend and laid a paw on his brawny shoulder.
    "Of course we'll help you! Won't we Loki?" He said in as cheerful a tone as he could manage under the circumstances.

  • "I have indeed lost my whole family to that foul stoat," Dawn said with a clenched fist, "and I am nor going to let him get away with it!" Just thinking of the dishonorable way in which Ashtooth had slain her father caused her blood to boil. She broke into a shout as she finished her statement, reaching for her blade without thinking.

    "Oh, I'm sorry, I got a carried away," Dawn said sadly, "anyway, we'll need as many beasts as we can get, that stoat will be alone."

  • "Of course I'll help you! I'm the Third Avenger!" Loki said heroically, "we fight evil and oppression wherever it may lurk!" He jumped forward and drew his rapier in a sweeping gesture, then thrust in emphatically into the air.

    "If time is not problem I may be able to get the other Avengers to join us," Loki said, "with Bronzestripe on our side, Ashtooth will stand no chance. But then again, this is a matter of personal revenge."

  • "I am sure that Revenge won't mind if we get a little help settling it!" Said Sparhawk with a strait face. Shaun thought a little and then added, "Yes, I think more help would be appreciated, who and what are the other Avengers? If we have to go very far afield to get them then I think we shouldn't bother. What do you think, Dawn?"

  • (I'm glad to see the thread going again! :))

    "If they are near, then their help will be appreciated," Dawn said grimly, "but leave Ashtooth to me. I won't let that coward have his minion stab me like she did to my father." Dawn started to leave the abbey almost as soon as she had come.

    "Where are the other three Avengers?" Dawn asked Loki without turning to face him. Dawn was not very familiar with common courtesies such as facing the beast whom you are speaking to.

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