Thyra Starlight

  • Nickname: Thyra, Coldheart

    Full Name: Thyra Starlight

    Species: White Vixen

    Age: 28

    Height: Approximately (¾) a head taller than the average white fox.

    Description: Dark blue eyes with white fur, Thyra stands taller than many other white foxes. Thyra travels in a gray set of clothes and makes use of two silver bracers that she has modified for her own uses. She has also acquired a pair of gray hard backcloth boots which she had adapted for her own personality. Thyra is by all accounts an assassin, thief, and betrayer.

    Possessions: Left bracer contains sleeve darts while the right has a switchblade. Both her boots contain switchblades that are released by rubbing the heels of her boots together.


    • Deceptive voice
    • Hidden weapons
    • Above average hearing
    • Experience in sneaking (also has the likely hood of “feeling” when beasts are creeping up on her)


    • Friendships are usually short term
    • Fears heights
    • Particularly troubled by squirrels and otters who can hide in trees or under water
    • Not an arch or swords beast and can’t throw knives to save her life
    • Overconfident in herself
    • Easily angered when a plan goes wrong (becomes reckless)
    • Will occasionally crave for flesh


    Nova’s older sister Thyra was brought up by corsairs on a distant island to the west and came to the northern parts of Mossflower with a group of them seeking riches. As it is they didn’t find anything of value and began to move south but the white vixen grew discontent and eventually slaughtered the entire crew in the darkness of night as they slept taking the few things she thought would be useful and going out to travel alone figuring it would be easier to make profit by herself. Thyra only knew her parents for a short while before she and her sister went on  voyage with a group of mice looking for Redwall Abbey. The ship was attacked by wildcats and Thyra dove overboard during the fight shortly before the deck of the vessel caught fire. Thyra now roams Mossflower looking for prey, not to just simply kill but to get valuable items from.

    Personality: At first she appears quite friendly, perhaps too friendly, and does her best to form a friendship with beasts but upon what could be the second stage (which many beasts never see) she turns into a horrifically cool assassin killing a vast majority of her victims in their sleep but on the occasion they are awake she uses poison darts first then attacks up close if that fails.
    When her attempt to kill a victim fails she usually will retreat wildly and return with a determination that could be compared to hare fighting for Salamandastron. If one looks closely it is said by some thieves that you can see the evil in her eyes though she has heard this and will react in response to any beast that attempts to do so with scorn. In situations that demand hostages Thyra takes a particular preference to young beasts such as dibbuns.

  • Character Attributes/Personality :Thyra
    Curiosity: Medium / Low
    Imagination: High
    Ambition: Very High
    Education: Medium / Low
    Prejudices: Extreme
    Alertness: Medium
    Ability to Reason: Very Low
    Generosity: Very Low
    Reliability: Very Low (Seriously, you have to ask?)
    Excited: Medium
    Content: Medium (High when killing)
    Lonely: Very Low
    Nervous: Very Low

    Personality scarring event: Thyra is her own scar having schemingly used an attack on the ship she was aboard to kill the crew by lighting the ship on fire. There simply is no other way to put it Thyra is a result of herself, enjoying killing.


    Classification: Independent Vermin
    Kingdom Allegiance: None
    Local Loyalty: Herself
    Alignment: Wicked (-10)
    Ethical Status: Dark
    General Mood: Watchful / Contemplative
    Expend-ability (0-10): 10

    Other Skills (NOTES):
    Spending her time getting trust then killing Thyra has developed a few minor skills to aid her in her slaughtering habits

    • Practiced agility.
    • Calculative and patient for the right moment to strike.
    • Ability to display false emotions easily.
    • Knowledge on herbs that can counteract poisons (allows her to know what things to contaminate in an opponents possession before striking, and allows her to cure poison in the event she shoots herself with a dart).

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