Katherine Connors

  • Name: Katherine Connors
    Nick-name: Katie

    Age: 25 years

    Sex: Female

    Species: Red squirrel

    Alignment: Neutral

    Size: Average

    Build: Average

    Job/Title: Wondering healer

    Physical Description/Gear:
    Born a red squirrel but having similar markings to a red fox. All for paws are black with a white belly and neck. Her body covered in fur the color of dry blood. Her bushy tail is tinted black and ears have black tips and of which are pierced with silver rings in them.
    Her clothing is that of a faded purple dress that goes to her shins. A shawl tied around her waist, hiding the belt of which she keeps her knives, for the cooler days.
    She is quite fit and has strong leg muscles from living a nomadic life, but no real strength in her upper body.

    -  Set of 3 throwing knives on her belt.

    • A knapsack of extra pair clothes, and some food.
    • A smaller knapsack of herbs, potions, and poisons.
    • Walking staff.

    Quite, not talking much. Does her duty, receives her pay, and leaves.
    She mingles with both good-beasts and vermin and if they’ve been around Mossflower  for some time, then she knows who to trust and not to trust, though not many good-beasts will trust her because of her markings and therefore won’t befriend her. She is a loner, going where ever she wants, when ever she wants.
    She don’t quite fit in with either group, so she will help if asked by anyone. She knows the feeling of rejection and will offer her paw so that someone else won’t have to feel the pain.

    Born into a family of red squirrels, Katie was the first and only child of her parents. Upon birth, they rejected her when they had seen her fox-like markings.
    Leaving here near a camp of travelers, healers, and nomadic groups, a fox healer found the baby Katharine and took her in. The healer was intrigued by her markings.
    When old enough, the healer, the only mother figure Katie has ever known, started to teach her of the healer’s ways and lifestyle as they traveled around.
    Katharine stayed with her adopted mother, healing the sick and wounded, though because of the species of her mother they mostly dealt with vermin.
    Only a few years ago, when Katharine was an adult and deemed fit to care for herself did she leave the group of nomads to fend for herself.
    Being a squirrel she had taught herself how to climb trees like her species are suppose to. She’s good at it, but not as good as most squirrels her age.


    • Healing
    • Climbing
    • Running


    • Lonely
    • No real weapons
    • Weak upper body

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