Arlen Bushtail (Abbey Caretaker)

  • Name: Arlen Bushtail
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Species: Squirrel
    Occupation: Abbey Caretaker

    Physical Appearance:
     Arlen is medium height and very muscular. He is sturdy and tough. His fur is Dark brown to red. He has a long bushy tail, the tip of his tail has a small white patch of fur. He has pointy alert ears with tufts of fur standing up on the tips. He has blue eyes (from his mother) and his fathers fur. He wears a simple leather jerkin and a belt.

    Arlen doesn't usually carry anything around with him unless he's working. But he has a flute his Father gave him. He is often found chewing a blade of grass though.

    Arlen is calm and simple. He likes dibbuns very much and gets along well with them. He loves to play games with them. With other beasts though he is very shy. He spends a lot of time alone. He has a few friends his own age he spends some time with but other than that you can't usually see much of him. He likes music and plays his flute a lot.



    He has no experience being out in the world
    Schooling (He has had no schooling)

    Arlen was born and raised in Redwall Abbey. His father used to be the caretaker then when he and his mother left to live in a small village nearby Arlen stayed to become the next caretaker. His parents visit him at Redwall every month. He spends most of his time out side away from every one else. There is one beast who seems to be out side a lot also. Arlen sometimes wonders if she does it on purpose. Her names is Adara. She arrived at Redwall in a battered condition. Her family had been murdered by a band of roving vermin. They had tried to catch her and make her their slave but she got away. Then Arlen had found her slumped with he back against the walls, she was battered and had cuts and bruises all over her. Ar;en had carried her into the gatehouse and cared for her. Though he was very shy he had found something beautiful in her. He cared for her for months till she got better, then she had lived at Redwall since she had no family. Once she had gotten better and she had been able to respond to him he kind of shy-ed away from her.

    Mother: Irfald
    Father: Risshy

  • Could I have some feedback this? I've never done a Caretaker before so i really don't know much about it.

  • Trims, prunes, weeds, thins.  Transplants, assists harvesting, masterminds military campaigns against garden pests.

  • I think he would largely be a dynamic chara who shows up in Abbey-based threads.
        I think this really good, though. He is simple, but personable. 🙂 It certainly has my approval.

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