Kyle Trent
Age 21
Spotted Hyena

Appearance & Personality- Kyle Trent is large muscular Spotted Hyena. He’s powerfully built and tall. He has a rich golden fur and jet black spots scattered through it. He has a black stripe running from the base of his neck down to his black tail. His muzzle is also black. ^^
He has deep, dark brown almost hazel eyes. He wears a plain light brown tunic along with brown pants, a color that does his fur color no justice. Also, the clothes are somewhat faded and dirty, and have seen better days. He is generally calm, and level-headed. He likes to help animals out, and is easy-going. He’s a good companion and great to have around. Kyle is an excellent fighter, and can be stern when he has to. He almost never complains about physical injury, considering this a sign of weakness. All in all he’s rather cool, and friendly. 🙂

Weapons & Possessions- He wields a heavy hand-and-a-half sword, and he generally only uses one paw to hold it with. The sword itself and its sheath are both rather plain and down to earth. Other than that he generally doesn’t carry anything.

-Excellent close combat fighter
-Good leader

-Poor climber
-Bad with projectiles