Eraon Dreamhunter

  • Nickname: Eraon, Era

    Full Name: Eraon Dreamhunter

    Species: Cheetah

    Description: Eraon is a rather common looking cheetah. His fur is light yellow, dotted with black spots. His underbelly and throat is white. Four long scars cross his face from above his left eye down to the right of his mouth. These were given to him by his chief, Datva. (As seen in Reemergence.) Eraon wears a simple gray tunic and a gray hooded cloak.

    Possessions: Eraon carries a single pawed sword in his belt, and a longbow and quiver of arrows on his back. He sometimes carries a spear.

        - Good aim with a bow.
        - A swift and deadly opponent in close combat.
        - Eraon is a fast runner, he is a cheetah after all.

        - Can't wield heavy weapons very effectively.
        - Like most cheetahs, he can't climb.

      Eraon was born in a group of outcasts, who came to be known as the Nightscars. He was always seen as kind of a whelp, bullied upon by the others. As such, he became used to such abuse.
      Eraon was just becoming a young man when Datva took over the group. Eraon became one of the white lion's most faithful servants. Though Datva sometimes mistreats him, it's nothing new to Eraon. He really doesn't like anybody, and longs for the day when he will be in command.

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