Destiny Awaits (Open)

  • The two guards on the walltop over the gate were lounging in the warm midday sunlight, their backs against the parapets, speculating on the state of the abbey gardens.

    The first, a red squirrel armed with a light bow, spoke.  "I reckon that the early carrots are ripe, mate.  One of us should sneak down to the gardens and pick a few, eh?"

    The field mouse, who had been dozing, opened one eye and chuckled.  "Sure, mate.  But only if you go and do the getting."

    The squirrel laughed and balanced one of his arrows tip down on his paw.  "Aww, come on now, Fallowtwig, you know I'm the better watcher.  I should stay and you should go."

    "YOU the better watcher?  Ha!  That's a good 'un, Rindell.  How about we wait for someone to come along who we can persuade to pick some of those carrots for us?"

    The red squirrel replaced the arrow in his quiver and nodded shrewdly.  "Say, that's a sound plan, Fal…"

    Both creatures started as something outside the abbey slammed heavily into the ground.  Looking nervously at each other, they rose to their paws and peered around the parapets at the lizard who was cannoning towards the heavy oaken gate below.

    His eyes bugged, Fallowtwig turned to his companion and gulped heavily.  "What…  What in seasons is THAT?"


    Rindell was already racing down the sandstone steps to the abbey lawn.  As he ran, he called over his shoulder to his friend.  "LIZARD…  THEY SPOKE OF IT THIS MORNING…  YOU WEREN'T THERE!  I'M GONNA GO TELL THE ABBOT, YOU STAY AND KEEP WATCH!"

    Crashing through the front door, he made for the staircase that led to the abbot's study, yelling the alarm all the while.


    Reaching the top of the steps, he knocked heavily on the study door and then opened it before waiting for an answer.  The old mouse who was standing at an open window turned as Rindell breathlessly started speaking, his voice tinged with a heavy note of urgency.  "Father…  WHEW…  The lizard brute which you spoke of at breakfast this morning…  Is at our gates, and he bears us no message of goodwill…"

    Arriving at the tiny wicker wallgate, Erglu directed his underlings to position themselves against the wall on either side of the wallgates. 
    "Put your slings away.  I think I dun wanna get hit if you guys start hauling off at any old mice that we may run into.  Get out your knives; if'n I see anyone, I'll try and get 'im to come out of the gate after me, and you'll gut him just as he comes outside, see?"
    _"Who knows… we might even get t' burn some stuff!" That would keep 'em Redwall blokes busy!"_
    The ferret glanced sideways at the two pyromaniacs.  "Hehe, yew two feel free to set fire to anything that'll light up in there.  That'ns an order!" 
    Facing the door again, he swung his billhook sword overhand and smashed the tip into the wicker door.  "KNOCK KNOCK, MOUSIES!"

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    BIC: Kyrodo looked back as he heard shouts outside of them being under attack and told to evacuate. "I suppose this reunion will have to wait," he said apologetically to Freedom after a deep breath. "The defense of the Abbey is priority, and we must both do what we can to protect its inhabitants. I'll go grab my weapons," he said as he left the infirmary.

    Abbot Alvis looked over courtyard from his study. He watched the beasts rushing into the main building and the activity along the battlements, fearing the worst.
    He turned about as the breathless creature reached his study.
     _"Father…  WHEW…  The lizard brute which you spoke of at breakfast this morning…  Is at our gates, and he bears us no message of goodwill…"_
    The Abbot sighed and shook his head. "Bad tidings indeed. I was afraid of this. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, Rindell, but we must notify the badgermum of this immediately, as she is in charge of the Abbey's defenses. Let us hurry."
    The badgermum rushed up the stairs and came to a stop upon reaching the Abbot. "Father Abbot-!" she began.
    "Ah, Clara, just the beast I wanted to see. I have been made aware of the current circumstances, thanks to Rindell. What are the chances we might be able to negotiate with this lizard?"
    The great badger gritted her fangs and shook her head. "Pardon my wording, Alvis, but don't be ridiculous. Word is he's brought a full force of vermin under his command. There's only one thing that lizard wants, and that is to take the Abbey in its entirety!"
    Alivis gave a deep exasperated sigh. "The idea must be entertained, and it is my duty to speak to our guests for this potential possibility.  Understand that such is the burden of being an Abbot. In the mean time, what measures have been taken thus far?" he asked as he beckoned for them to head down the steps.
    "All the dibbuns, the elderly, and the unarmed are being evacuated to the safety of Cavern Hole. We're also pulling in any food and water we can put our paws own. I've sent several to seek out any fit beast who is willing to take up a blade or bow. In any case, I suggest you head down there yourself rather than this nonsense about making a proposition with them. Leave the fighting to us."
    They headed outside into the chaos of the courtyard. A group of armed defenders, Kyrodo standing amongs their ranks, waited in front of the gate to attack any beast who tried to enter the Abbey. Alvis's eyes widened as he heard something trying to dig its way through the great oaken doors. There was also the sound of heavy footsteps in the air.
    Wilfred, the hare in charge of the battlement archers popped up and spotted the badgermum and the Abbot from above. "Clara, that bloody lizard's charging the bloody door, wot!"
    "What!? Alvis, get down to Cavern Hole, NOW!" She growled and rushed for the gates, immediately propping herself against it in an attempt to keep the gates in tact. "THE REST OF YOU HELP ME!" she barked at the other beasts waiting in front.
    Wilfred turned to a messenger squirrel standing beside him. "Call the other bow beasts and slingers to the front gate!" The messenger squirrel nodded immediately dashed off to group the others.
    "Fallowtwig, take aim on the lizard. Hit him before he reaches the gates!"

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    Freedom was about to turn and answer when all of the commotion broke out.  She nodded at Kyr's words and dashed towards the Infirmary door, but was stopped by the presence of Temperance and Cookie.

    "Freed!" the cat said breathlessly, her little skunk kit clinging to her in pure terror.  "Yon lizard has come to attack the Abbey and they need every ablebodied beast to help with the defense.  I cannot fight and watch over the little one at the same time."

    Freedom nodded and took the Dibbun from Temperance.  "Go, she'll be fine with me."

    Temperance kissed Cookie on the top of the head and squeezed her friends shoulder lightly, concern in her eyes as she looked at the older mouse.  "Are you alright?"

    "I'll be fine, just go, they need you."

    Temperance sighed and nodded her head, then ran down the stairs to join in.

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    The trio of white weasels had just sat down to their meal when cries of alarm began to fill the Abbey. Beasts ran back and forth around the confused siblings, dragging dibbuns and weapons in opposite directions. "It sounds like that big lizard is back," Verusha sighed, "I guess the poison didn't finish him off."

    "Well, I guess I have to make a decision, giant angry lizard, or hot deeper'n'ever pie," Vikenti groaned, "but, it is such an obvious choice." He picked up the pie and took a large bite out of it. "I know it is hard work to chew such a large pie," Vikenti continued, "but somebeast has got to do it."

    Verusha was not going to put up with her brother in the slightest. She grabbed his ear none to gently and gave it a twist. Vikenti dropped his pie in surprise and then forced his sister's paw from his ear. "Ouch! What do you think you're doing you confounded pie dropper!" the irate weasel yelled as he held his injured appendage.

    "We probably made that big lizard mad at the Redwallers by shooting darts at it," Verusha growled, "we could at least help get rid of the beast!"

    "I do not understand why we even helped this simple beasts in the first place," Vladimir said coldly, "but our sister seems adamant on that matter, so let's make it quick. This fight is not worth our time." He rose from his seat at the table and headed for the door.

    "I guess it might be some fun, we haven't had a good fight for some time," Vikenti admitted as he jumped from the bench, "I hope we get to kick the big clod head's behind before any other beast does!" He and his sister followed Vladimir as he left the main Abbey and climbed to the wall tops.

    If they wanted a fight, they certainly were not disappointed. Kino was speeding headlong towards the gate beneath them, looking as if he was going to smash it with his bare arms. Vikenti gave a bored yawn as he drew a knife from his belt. "Don't put up to much of a fight," Vikenti called to Kino, "my pie is going to get cold!" With what looked like barely a movement of his wrist, Vikenti sent the knife hurdling at the charging lizard's head with blinding speed.

    "What do we do if that doesn't stop him?" Vladimir asked, "jump on his head and try to stab him?"

    "Sounds like fun, I'm always up for a challenge," Verusha said with a grin, "I'm sure the big scaly brute wouldn't mind!"

  • Kino smirked, everything went as he planned it would. Before reaching the gates he dug his foot-claws into the dirt as he skidded to a halt. He didn't notice the knife that sunk into one of his shoulders from his premature stop. "Ah.. thisss is quite a welcome, throwin' daggerss at a beasst issn' quite nice ya know!" Kino said as he gave a dirty glare with an evil smirk at Vikenti. He pulled the projectile out of his shoulder, licking the blood clean off of it. "Mm, warm blood. A great way to sstart th' massacre." Kino put the knife between two of his claws and pushed them tightly making the blade snap like a tooth pick.

    He watched at the tops of the walls; sling throwers, archers, javelin throwers, every able bodied creature he saw as tasty morsels for dinner. The large behemoth lizard chuckled loudly, "Hawhawhawhaw!!! Now ain' thiss a ssight! Gangin' up on a beasst too! Now wot iss th' deal with thiss? Little ol' me verssuss all those ssharp objects? What can a beast do?" Kino spoke with mock horror, heaving his large blade, holding it cross his upperback, shoulder area.

    The three archers he had nicely hidden in the trees had their bows already notched with arrows, one was poison tipped, one had a two notch attachment, which held two arrows to be shot at once, and one had a flammable, greasy substance on it, waiting to be lit. The one with the grease had his flint in other paw, ready to strike a piece of metal that the vermin stuck into the tree branch he was on. They waited their orders.

    "Now now you good beasstss, you are in fer a real treat today! Fer now, ssend me out those warriorss I 'ad ssome problemss with a couple of weekss ago, eh? I would like to 'ave a word with them." The sunlight caused a fang to glint as he gave off a toothy grin. He stood there.

    A thought came through his mind, "Wonder 'ow Erglu an' th' resst of th' crew are doin? Thiss'll be ssmooth sailin' once the Redwallerss catch wind of them inside their abbey.." Kino continued his little smirk, waiting as he spoke in his mind.

  • Erglu stopped hacking at the gate as a commotion broke out inside the abbey grounds.  He looked apprehensively at the other five vermin and gulped.  "I think they're on to us, mates, but there's more of 'em than I reckoned for…  Quick, every beast for hi..."

    He paused as the clamor died down and was replaced with a constant buzz of noise which seemed to from the walltops over the gate.  The ferret guffawed heartily and gave the by-now splintered wicker gate a few final blows with his blade.  "Never mind, no worries, mates...  I betcha they've just seen Kino...  Hehe, he's a nice liddle diversion for us, eh?"

    The barbaric ferret grinned and kicked the ruined wicker door open, motioning for his cronies to follow him inside.

    Keeping to the wall, the mustelid crouched and pointed at the mass of armed creatures over and around the gate.  He motioned downwards with his paw.

    "No slingin', mates.  We'd only get slaughtered...  We gotta think of a better way to help my mate."

    He narrowed his eyes as his mouth curved into a wicked smile.

    "Kilian, Kira...  Fire."

    Fallowtwig turned to Rindell, having rejoined his mate on the walltop immediately after alerting the abbey of the impending conflict. 
    "Mate, I dunno what to think...  I've never seen anything like this creature before, an' I don't have a good feeling about him at all..."  He scowled as the reptilian effortlessly snapped the blade which one of the ermine siblings had hurled. 
    Moving around the defenders crowding the walls, he placed an arrow on his bowstring and peered slowly around a parapet further along the walltop.  _Zounds.  One of my arrows would do a blasted thing to that behemoth…_
    Ducking back behind cover, the squirrel caught his friend's eye and made a waving motion with his paw.  "Spread the defenders out more.  They're far too clustered…"  _Right now, we're doomed if he decides to throw anything large…_

    Rindell nodded affirmatively to the squirrel and whispered loudly at the abbeybeasts

    "Right, mate!  Hey you lot, spread out a bit there.  Right now, all you're doing is making good groups of targets for him and his cronies…  Although I don't see any of the "army" that he supposedly has with him.

    The mouse stood up in plain sight between the parapets and jabbed his short pike aggressively at Kino.

    "Hey, lizard!  Where's this horde that everybeast is saying that you have, eh?  Or do you plan to try and get into this abbey by yourself?  Ha!"

    OOC:  Okay, we'll see how I can do with the modified and grittier, more neutral Osgod...  I dunno how it'll be at first. >>  <<  >>  For the sake of convenience, we'll just say that he has been just roaming around all day, and is at the moment hanging around on the abbey steps, watching the Redwallers prepare for battle.
    BIC:  Osgod had been pacing restlessly to-and-fro in front of the steps which led into the Abbey's keep.  His hackles raised, he glanced towards the gate , and snorted in amusement as the badger mother organized a party of courageous abbey-beasts to bolster the great oaken doors.    _Ha!  They'll only be grievously stunned when the lizard tries to break his way through…_
    Gazing up to the walltop, he made eye contact with an otter who looked at him accusingly.  The wolverine bared his fangs, grinned, and shook his head at the creature.  _I'm here to fight for you Redwallers…_ 
    He pricked his ears, trying to ascertain what his enemy out on the path was doing.  _…I wait only for the lizard._

  • Clara stop pushing against the door when she heard the thumping come to a halt and nothing hit the gates. "Hm, that over-sized lizard seems to have stopped charging. At ease, gentlemen."

    She stepped back from the gates and called up to the battlements. "Wilfred, what's the situation?"

    "The bally beast's still alive and kickin', just stopped charging us, wot!" the hared called back. "Get to your positions! Ready volley #1! Aim!… Err, knife?"

    Kyrodo frowned in confusion. Why would Kino suddenly stop charging the gates? "Hey, Clara!" he called as he approached the badgermum.

    "Ah, Kyrodo! I heard you were at the Abbey. It's been a while since we've last met, and I have to say that you've grown into a fine beast, at least as far as I know about wolves. I apologized that you couldn't have returned at a better time. You will have to tell me all about your adventures later."

    Kyrodo shook his head. "Nah, it's fine really, thank you. But never mind that, I'm starting to think the lizard's actually acting as a diversion!"

    "What, a diversion!?" Carla repeated. She scratched her chin in consideration. "Hm, that could actually be a distinct possibility, but I'm sure one of our messengers would have spotted and reported something to us if they saw any large forces coming from the other walls."

    "GET DOWN!" Wilfred suddenly shouted as four arrows were released from somewhere within the undergrowth. Two arrows precisely took down two of his archers. A third poison-tipped arrow arrow struck the hare in the shoulder and brought him down. "Ack!" he yelped out in pain. A fourth flaming arrow struck one of the trees in the orchard, and started a rapidly spreading fire.

    "Wilfred!? Are you all right? Respond!" Carla shouted. Her eyes widened as she spotted the flames.

    She quickly turned to one of her messengers. "Head into the main building and gather whatever able beasts you can find. Grab some buckets and try to save whatever trees we can in the orchard before we lose everything. Make haste, GO!" she commanded.

    The messenger bank vole squeaked and immediately sped towards the Abbey building, bringing out beasts to stop the flames.

    She turned to another messenger beast. "We need stretchers brought to the battlements on the double. I want any considerably injured beasts brought straight to the infirmary, understand?"

    She sighed in stress and rubbed her head fur. "So whatever forces he has are hiding in the woods. Curse that lizard..."

    "Let's just hope he doesn't have something else up his sleeves..." Kyrodo muttered as he glanced at the burning orchard. Least they only had one fire to deal with.

  • Killian and Kira's faces brightened at the mention of on of their two favorite things. "Aye sir, we'll set everything flammable we c'n find alight!" Killian said in a loud a voice he thought was safe. He and his produced flint and steel from the pouches they were wearing at their belts and began to look about for wood.

    "Hey look, they've already started for us!" Kira said as the flaming arrow flew into the orchard.

    "They've started, but 'ets make this a blaze th' orchard won't ever get over!" Killian replied with a deranged smile. The fire crazed stoats ran towards the nearest trees and began striking up fires in their branches as well. It only took the Blackthorn siblings a few seconds to start each new flame, as they had many years of practice in the skill.

    Though now large amounts of the orchard were bursting into red and yellow blooms of fire, the stoats appetites for destruction were only whetted. "Now how  about that gate," Killian grinned as he turn towards the smaller door they had came through, "Kira, grab some branches!"

    "We gotta finish this fast Killian!" Kira said, "those Redwall bone 'eads will be com'in this way in no time!" But still she began picking up the nearest branches as fast as she could and followed Killian to his new target. The stoats spread the branches in front of the abbey wall gate as well as the urgency of the situation allowed.

    "Let's see 'ow those mouseys like havin' their door set aflame!" Killian laughed as he struck sparks onto the wood, "let's grab some of these branches and spread it around!"

    “The knife you threw appears to have done little against the lizard,” Vladimir told Vikenti calmly.

    “Well as much as he shrugged it off, he did stop charging the gate,” Vikenti replied, “besides, I wasn’t expecting much.”

    "Now now you good beasstss, you are in fer a real treat today! Fer now, ssend me out those warriorss I 'ad ssome problemss with a couple of weekss ago, eh? I would like to 'ave a word with them."

    "Oh, I wouldn't ask for that if I were you lizard," Vikenti grinned, "it will be the last mistake you ever make." He stood with folded paws and stared down at the giant beast without fear.

    "Does he really think he could take on all the beasts that fought him at once?" Verusha snickered, "I bet we're more that a match for him without that giant wolverine thing!"

    "GET DOWN!"

    While the Whitedeath trio was quite aware of Wilfred’s shout, they did not take his advice. They merely stood their ground as the arrows whizzed towards their intended targets.

    “Ha, so that was your little trick! You missed us completely! Blah!” Verusha stuck out her tongue at Kino in a rather childish gesture of defiance. She and her siblings seemed rather oblivious to the fact that three other beasts had fallen prey to the arrows.

    Vladimir turned over the wall and looked to where the orchard was going up in flames. “That looks like a lot more than one arrow’s work,” he muttered, “what is going on here?”

    “Never mind the old fruit trees, let’s get that lizard!” Vikenti yelled as he ran down the wall steps. Verusha and Vladimir followed him, heedless of the dangor he was leading them into. “Come on, open the gate!” Vikenti called to the defenders, “if he wants to fight us let us at him!”

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