Destiny Awaits (Open)

  • (Anyone can join in! This is just Kino's introduction. I'll give this thread a week or two, if noone joins I'll just keep this as an introduction and close it x3 )

    _”Ahhhh!!!” An eerie blood curdling scream broke through the silence of the Marshlands of Mossflower. To most traveling beasts, it was something unheard of, something that made them run off with great fear. Other beasts, mostly vermin, knew exactly was going on. It was the fifth torture to death this month. Deep in the marshes a large figure with glowing yellow eyes stomped about. It was soaked in blood; his sharp teeth and claws were only visible when light would pop in and out.

    “Tell me… sssquirrel. Which way isss it to Redwall, hnn…” The creature snapped his sharp teeth at the dying, tied up squirrel. “I can’t tell a despicable beast… like you.. Just kill me..” The beast of a creature squinted with a glaring look before smiling. “Well, I like you sssquirrel, you are quite brave, but letsss sssee how much you are willing to participate with me when I kill your daughter..” A thick arm shot up and grabbed a hold of the hilt of a sword. Slowly, the beast pulled it out of the scabbard. It was a thick and large sword, jagged on the blade with added holes.

    The beast swung his blade at a tree, but came to a halt before finishing the slice. A small female squirrel, unconscious, unaware of her surroundings, was bound up to the trunk of the tree.

    The father squirrel began to sob uncontrollably. “Okay!.. Okay!.. I’ll tell you.” He pleaded sadly, warm tears flowing down his cheeks.  “Good!.. Thatsss what I like to sssee..” The squirrel gave the evil beast everything he needed to know. It was a quick conversation.
    “Thanksss sssquirrel.. Oh and..” A pause; the beast smiled an evil and toothy smile. “I don’ keep promisssesss.. ROOAARR!!!” A loud scream then a crunch, the poor soul was eaten._

    Fast forward a couple of weeks…

    Loud stomps were heard, something that wasn't usually heard on the path to Redwall, or on this side of Mossflower! Creatures trembled at what they saw walk by them. Even some of the creatures who mug others on the road hid away from the scene. A large and well muscled lizard, comparable to a badger in height and weight, stomped down the trail. It was his time..

    His time for revenge!!

    "I AM KINO-ATTERO, DO YOU HEAR ME?!! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE ON REDWALL FOR WHAT THEY DID TO ME!!" The foul beast let out a loud, ear deafening roar then charged. "I'LL EAT TH' WHOLE LOT OF EM! HAHAHAH!!!" It was time..

  • Osgod rolled over and sat up, his sleep forgotten as his ears caught the reverberations of  a creature crashing along the North-South path through Mossflower.  He immediately knelt down again and pressed the side of his head gently against the damp night earth, trying to determine the location and species of creature that thundered its way so carelessly through the night.


    The wolverine started unconsciously, his hackles raising as whatever-it-was roared insanely and started further up the path at considerable speed.  A terrifyingly grating voice…  And a scent unlike that of any creature previously encountered...  He rose to his feet, tightening his sword belt.  Such a display on a night filled even his heart with an unspeakable dread, and as such it needed to be confronted.  The giant mustelid ducked out of the mass of bracken in which he had made his camp and descended as silently as he could down the hill on the eastern side of the path, towards the huge form that was moving along the path with terrible growlings and cursings.

  • The giant lizard kept his charge, such rage and anger made for his eyes to look as if they had no pupils, only whites. Usually Kino would be dead tired after such a sprint, but the adrenaline pumping through his veins pushed him to run without a second thought. "Hahahahaha!!!" He saw a sign that showed a drawing of the abbey; it wasn't much further from his location.

    He stopped for a second, taking in a deep breath and exhaling. He could sense something close by to him. "Hm.. Woodlandersss?.." Kino's large claw wrapped around the hilt of his blade. Quickly and with a fluid motion, he unsheathed it from the scabbard on his back. It was an ugly and thick blade, jagged on the edges with holes all over.

  • Osgod halted his progress, crouching as well as he could in the vegetation at the side of the path, as the creature paused and drew heavily notched and stained blade.

    "Hm.. Woodlandersss?.."

    The wolverine rose slowly to his paws and slid his fighting knife from its scabbard at the small of his back.  A lizard…  Stepping onto the hardened earth of the path, he padded towards the reptilian, his fighter's instincts in conflict inside him.  Attack and subdue, or confront…?  As he paused to consider, he stepped on a patch of loose gravel at the edge of ditch, sending a cascade of pebbles into the depression.  He froze, snarling, his blade ready, and his left paw held defensively in front of him.

  • Kino peered over to the sounds spotting the large beast near. He lifted his head up slightly, slowly lifted his ugly blade while pointing it, and gave a toothy grin. He squinted his eyes with delight. "Ohoho~ And what do we have here?" Kino chuckled deep in his chest; standing. "A large creature.. sssuch asss myssself.. How delightful.." Kino never seen such a creature before, the look of the beast sent a chill up his back.

    "Ssso, what might you be? Ssspeak!" He swung his blade, smashing it against the earth. His free claw lifted up then pointed; the thick veins in his large arms pulsated.

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    BIC: Kyrodo was initially curled up near a tree, happily snoozing the night away. He almost couldn't sleep, because he was extremely excited about coming back to Redwall after all the time he spent away.  His ears perked up as the noise from Kino reached his ears. His eyes slowly opened, their translucent orange glow piercing through the night. His tail flickered back and forth as he slowly stirred, eventually and reluctantly forcing himself to get up. He hoisted his equipment, and put on his cloak. Something was amiss.

    He was a wolf of average weight, standing at 6'1". His main fur was dark, and white tipped his ears and tail. There was light gray fur within his ears and surrounding his eyes, as well as his underbelly starting from beneath his muzzle. He also had short silver hair and orange eyes that held a mystical translucent glow. His digits were pink.

    He wore dark green trousers, and a blue cloak that fell to his ankles. A coiling white strand fell under his muzzle from around his neck, hanging from it a small brown seashell in the shape of a nautilus. It was proof that he had traveled all the way to the shoreline. He was armed with a combat knife and a reverse-bladed katana with a red tassel hanging from around its pommel and a black sheath.

    He stretched wearily, semi-quietly stumbling his way in the direction of where the foot step noises had stopped. 'This better be good…' Almost immediately, his ears twitched as he observed a lizard-like voice from a distance, as well as that of a second creature of a different kind of species. He frowned, as two silhouettes formed in a clearing behind the brush.

    His heart started to pound as he quickly looked around. He quietly snuck to the nearest tree, making his way up to an overhanging branch to observe the scene below. He couldn't help but compare his antics to that of a cat, which annoyed him bitterly. There they were, a lizard and a wolverine. His curiosity as to the manner of their encounter was quickly abolished by the lizard's scary-looking blade piercing the ground. His eyes narrowed as he noted their size. Potential threats?

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    BIC:  "Ssso, what might you be? Ssspeak!"  The massive lizard snarled and slammed his pitted blade into the ground of the path.

    Osgod stepped forward aggressively and narrowed his eyes menacingly at the fearsome creature.  "Are you telling me what to do, froggy?  That's not usually a good idea for anybeast to do…"

    The massive wolverine cocked his head to the side and licked the long curving blade of his knife, a dangerous smile on his face.  "However, I don't mean anybeast harm that doesn't mean me harm.  That said, we wolverines are said to have very short and unpredictable tempers..."

  • Kino was unaware of the new wandering creature, his focus was on the Wolverine. "Well, I guesss I won't find out what type of creature you are." He flexed his thick solid tail and smashed it against a small boulder, crumbling it with the impact. More veins became apparent, thick and pulsating on his neck, upper chest, and shoulders. It was a sign of frustration, but he still had that killer smile on him. "You threatening me boy? I don't take kindly to threatsss.." He hoisted his blade over his shoulders and stopped pointing his free paw. He stood there waiting. "Well, my concern isssn't you, and I didn't come by to fight creatures on the road." The large beast lifted his head and roared again. "But I sssee you are ready to go… well, letsss fight!" He shot his head forward as his pupils shrunk, shaking violently and with a crazes look; he began to foam slightly from his teeth, more veins shot from his neck and some appeared on his forehead.

    "Come! Gimmie yer bessst ssshot!"

  • Vikenti, Verusha, and Vladimir Whitedeath had been quick to get off the road when they heard Kino coming. The albino weasels were not cowards. In fact, they were a bit on the dangerous side. But they even they could see that staying in the path of the crazed lizard would mean death. As silent as shadows the trio of mercenaries snuck away into trees. Their white fur decreased their stealth, but their black tunics, cloaks and hoods made up for that.

    After the lizard had passed they started following him at a safe distance. Now they watched his face off with Osgod. "So, now what do we do?" Verusha asked her brothers, "the big reptile and the big fur ball don't look happy."

    "We could leave them be," Vikenti grinned, "but that isn't our way. What do think Vlad?"

    "Wait for them to weaken each other in combat," Vladimir said flatly, "then kill the one that's still alive and take whatever they have."

    "I agree with Vlad, these monsters deserve what's coming for them anyway," Verusha snarled, "we'll just help them along."

    "Excuse me if I'm wrong," Vladimir stated calmly, "but is that a beast sitting in that tree." The white weasel pointed a gloved paw in Kyrodo's general direction.

    "I do believe it is," Vikenti replied, "hopefully it doesn't side with either of those things. Then we could be in trouble."

  • (If my writing in anyway confuses you, check out Raphaella Darkfang's profile.)

    Raphaella Darkfang, 32 year old, wandering, long-tailed weasel, made her way through Mossflower in the dead of night. Her odd, black and red attire went unnoticed in the darkness. Her headband fluttered in the slight chill breeze. She jumped off a boulder and slipped down onto the ground, stifling her jump. She had her katana drawn; she did almost all the time. If somebeast asked her why, she might say for safety’s sake, but it was almost a habit. She felt like a fugitive the way she was creeping around, running, dodging, here and there. Her main reason for this was that her old clan didn't find her and exact some punishment on her for leaving their tribe. The consequences for abandonment of that company were severe. She of all beasts knew.

    She sighed. She was growing weary after having traveled all day and night. Travel by night could get especially hard. She rubbed sleep from her eyes and pressed onward. Onward to a place she prayed her clan would not follow. Onward to a place she was sure could keep her sheltered for a time being. Not like she couldn't defend herself. Being a very fit, well trained beast. But for now, it was onward to Redwall! The Abbey of every half-decent beast's dreams.

    As she slipped by a mammoth, dark, wizened oak, she heard roars and hefty pawsteps nearby. She had no idea she was this close to the path! Getting behind the tree again, and crouching down on all fours, she looked out from behind her cover. There were two enormous beasts threatening and challenging each other. She stifled a small yelp when she saw Kino's ugly, brute, features.

    It looked like it would be nigh impossible to try to assess this situation. After a bit she realized they were immersed in their challenging each other, and she did something very odd. She stepped from her cover and stood at the side of the path. She reasoned that she needed to get Redwall. And standing passive on the sidelines would Not get her there. If all was good, she might creep on by. If things were tougher, she may be challenged and escape by a fur. If worse came to worse, she would be beaten to a pulp by two gigantic, brutal, wicked, heartless, monsters. Hey, at least she wouldn't go as a coward, right!

    She waited to see if anybeast would take noticed of her.

  • ooc:  Are they eventually going to go to the Abbey?  I have a Healer I would love to rp with again 😄

    "So, I take it you've come to watch the show as well?"  asked a nonchalant voice.  The speaker, as it were, was leaning up against a tree, her footpaws crossed, idly picking at her claws with the blade of a beautiful dagger.  She looked up at the newcomer and smiled slightly, her blue-green eyes dancing with a slightly mischevious glint.

    This was Temperance Macayle, former mercenary-for-hire, now just a loner cat.  She was a fairly tall creature, reaching about 5'7 1/2" in height, and was toned with the muscle and sinew it takes to make a soldier.  Her thick strawberry-blonde hair was kept back into a loose ponytail, several of the strands escaping to fall in her face.  Her fur was a luxurious tan, the moonlight shining off of it brightly.  She had mahogony colored patches around her eyes, her long bushy tail and ears the same color.  The fur from her elbows down to her fingers, as well as her knees down to her feet, were the same color.  If one were to apply this to real life, she would be described as looking like a buckskin horse.

    She wore a simple olive green tunic, the sleeves having been ripped off some time ago, a pair of baggy and torn black, cloth pants, and a pair of black boots that she concealed her dagger on.  On her back were a pair of twin sabers, the hilts bound in black leather, opal's encrusted in the pommel.  Simple weapons, yes, but leathal nonetheless.

    "Want to take bets on who's going to last the longest?"

  • Osgod was also unaware of the growing crowd of observers.  The wolverine removed his large cloak, took a fighting stance and began to circle his opponent.   He extended the lethal semi retractible claws in his left paw, gripping his knife with his right, his arm loosely tensed, but ready to block imminent blows.

    The giant mustelid grinned dangerously back at the reptilian.  "You come to me, lizard.  Go ahead…  Make the first move."   What is the purpose of this creature's madness?

    Gradually, as he and his opponent circled each other, his eyes began to note shadowy figures at the edge of the forest on either side of the path.  Luck dictates that they are all additional opponents, likely allies of the lizard…  Nothing that can't be handled easily enough later, though...

  • 'They're going to fight. The lizard seems to be the real threat.  I should come to the woodlander's aid.' Kyrodo grabbed the hilt of his katana as he placed his foot paws on the branch, getting ready to spring down.

    His heart raced with adrenaline. What if he makes the wrong assumption? What if it were viewed discourteous of him to step in on the fight? His thought train made a sudden stop. The wolf narrowed his eyes as a mixture smells reached his nose.

    One of his ears twitched as he frowned and started looking around. The first he spotted was the long-tailed weasel stepping out into the open, and standing there as if testing to see if the two contestants would react to her presence. To her luck, the two seemed caught up in there battle. In any case, she was obviously crazy. The second he noticed was an entire trio of albino weasels in relatively close proximity to his tree. Judging by the smells, he assumed more creatures were nearby.

    He made a brief sigh as he quietly stood up to his height on the branch. 'Looks like we're not alone.' He was about ready to jump down and target the lizard when something caught the corner of his eye. His eyes met with one of the albino weasels down below who was pointing directly at him. He furrowed an eye as he started to calculate whether they were friend or foe. Probably another spectator.

    In the mean time, he took little initial notice that he was losing footing with the branch. His eyes widened as he flailed his arms in a sad attempt to maintain balance. His ears dropped as his heart sunk.

    "Aack!" THUMP!

    The wolf fell to a shameful heap of fur on the ground. His ears perked back up. 'Err, think fast!' He quickly leapt to his feet, doing his best to ignore the initial aches and pains of his fall as he pulled out his katana and pointed it at the lizard.

    "Ahem, Kyrodo Blackheart of Redwall! Sorry to interrupt your little scuffle, but I'm prepared to dispatch any and all threats to the Abbey!" he shouted in an authoritative tone, despite his entrance. The scent of old blood reached his nose. His brows furrowed in distaste. It was coming from the lizard. Perhaps his initial assumptions were correct.

    "You, lizard! You smell of bloodshed. Tell me, what business could you have here, so close to Redwall?" he asked in a sudden dark tone.

  • The terrible trio was somewhat annoyed to see so many other beasts arriving. They wanted the prize of looting for themselves. "Hey, you two," Vikenti growled at Temperance and Raphaella, "you can watch all you like, but we get the loot!" There was a mad glint was in his blood red eyes and a shark like grin on his face.

    "Yeah! That's right," Verusha said, "we were here first!" She looked just as deranged as her brother.

    While his siblings shouted at the newcomers, Vladimir kept staring intently at the wolf in the tree. When Kyrodo fell, the normally stoic Vladimir couldn't help but laugh. The other two turned and looked at him in surprise.

    "What is it Vlad?" Vikenti asked, "what's so funny?"

    "The wolf just fell out of tree! Look at him on the ground!" Vladimir pointed at Kyrodo. Vladimir and Verusha burst out laughing as well. The misfortune of others was just too funny for them.

    "Trip on your pride wolfy?" Verusha asked in mirth. She and Vikenti held their sides as if they would explode.

    "All right guys and girls," Vladimir said, having regained his composure first, "it's time to stop laughing and get ready. Depending on how easily offended that wolf is, we may have a fight on our paws." Vikenti and Verusha managed to stop their merriment and stand straight. The three weasels stood facing the others, their arms folded and odd smiles on their faces. They waited to see what would happen next.

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  • Kino eyed at Osgod during the werewolf's circling. He clenched one claw around his blade tight, raising high above his head. The sudden flash of creatures appearing broke his concentration. "A redwaller?! Three Albino Weassselsss.. and a normal Weasssel.." He spotted Temperance after looking closely at a nearby tree, "And a Cat too.. Rrrr.."

    The large lizards blood began to boil with full rage, he wasn't expecting all these different creatures to come out of the woodwork. He gritted his sharp teeth; he couldn't take it anymore.

    "EEENNOOUUGHHH!!!!!!" Kino screeched loudly, he swung his large blade at Osgod in a slightly angled but downward slash, spinning with it. It was a false attack; instead his thick and powerful tail swung out quickly at Osgod as Kino spiraled his body.

  • Osgod roared in pain as the lizard's tail struck his side with numbing force.  However, he kept his head and focused on the blade that was flying at an angle toward his neck.  He slammed the hilt of his knife against the hilt of the sword, locking blades, and twisted his sharply, at the same time sweeping his arm down and to the right and slamming his free paw  forcefully against the outside of his opponent's elbow, in an attempt to hyperextend the arm.

  • Kino roared, gritting his teeth as he felt his elbow being pushed beyond its limit, it popped and crackled slightly, enough for Kino to step back and let go of the blade before more damage could be done. His tail whipped back behind him, smacking into the ground once more.

    "Darn.." He held onto his hurting arm, but that didn't stop him. He charged once more with last second thought. His claws were balled into a fist and his good arm threw a hard last second jab. Kino flexed his tail once more, swinging it to Osgod's leg in an attempt to hurt it.

  • Stars exploded in the wolverine's head as Kino's fist crashed heavily into his jaw.  He staggered back, momentarily dazed, and his nerveless paw released his knife, which clattered heavily to the ground.

    He snarled in pain as his opponent's heavy tail collided with his thigh, immediately numbing his entire right leg.  Foam flecking his chin, he bellowed and threw himself on the lizard in an effort to avoid falling and being at the mercy of his foe.  He brought his face close to Kino's, his teeth bared, his claws seeking the reptile's throat.

  • Kino smiled at his hits connected, but that was short lived as his foe crashed into him for balance. The roaring lizard slid backwards, but kept his composure. Both titans were now locked up; from a distance it would look like a pushing match.

    Kino felt claws dig into his rock hard skin, blood trickling, he flexed his neck to be thick and pushed his head downwards trying to keep from stray claws gutting at his throat. Kino dug claws into the arms of his foe, squeezing with his might.

    Veins were thick, sticking out from every crevace of his skin. Each muscle in his body was flexed from trying to push back the equally powerful beast. He stared into the eyes of his opponent, pupils shrunken and shaking. He looked like a nutjob murderer.

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