Datva Nightscar (Non-Traditional Character)

  • Nickname: Datva, Dat

    Full Name: Datva Nightscar

    Species: White Lion

    Description: Datva is a rare white lion. He is not an albino, so his eyes are still black, but his fur and mane are white. Datva is all around bigger and stronger than most beasts, which is how he got to command his tribe. He usually wears a black tunic and light plate armor made of blackened steel. He is a somewhat hot tempered beast but has a good head on his shoulders. He just has a tendency to be blinded by his anger.

    Possessions: Datva carries a large two-pawed blade over his back. He has two small black earrings in one ear.

        - Physical strength and power.
        - Skilled with the blade in all ways.

        - Has trouble climbing tall surfaces, especially rock.
        - White fur takes away most stealth abilities Datva may have had.

        Datva Nightscar was an outcast since his birth. In the tribe he was born in, white fur was seen as a curse. He left to fend for himself on the dangerous plains. He nearly met his end several times, but Datva managed to survive.
        Datva soon found a group of rag tag cats, all outcasts or forgotten. He asked them to make him their chief, and when the refused, he took over by force. He gathered more random beasts to his tribe, named Nightscar after him, soon making them a force to be reckoned with. He, like several other tribes, lost land to the Thunderstripes in Addae's campaign. The Nightscars were also one of the tribes that joined in on the final battle against the Thunderstripes.

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