Well, another month has passed in the life of Redwall's Legacy, and I have to say, it was a pretty slow one! Let the voting for October…BEGIN!!

Wow, you got this up pretty quick, and today's October 1st.

Oh, my gosh, Sparhawk's turned into a legendary mod!

Why thank you Jared. But I have to say that you are the legend, not me :P!

Thank you, too. But what I'm really saying is that today is October 1st, and already we have an October MOM on the board. I'm telling you that you have a really quick mind!

I guess that's what comes with being 16…

LOL…... I try, I try. My brother would have to disagree but you don't have to pay any attention to him. ^_^

He wouldn't let me put it up sulks I was going to and I thought of it first 😛

Lol guys! You're funny!

Whoa, we have a four-way tie.  8/

AM I a winner am I a winner!!? did lots of people vote for me??? yes yes yess!?!!
Lol, sorryyyy haha! ^^ jk (vote for me) jk jk jk jk (actually no jk) jk

Eli you REALLLY need to make up your mind, either you do want people to vote for or you don't want people to vote for you.

I know who I want people to vote for.

I do I do I do I do Vote for me Vote for me Vote for me yeahh!!!!!
I'm not going wild!!! I'll be better tomorrowwww!!!!!! maybe! It's gonna be weekend soon! Yayyyy!!!!!! ^^ Peace all♥… yay haha! -is slightly insane today- pardon me for that. ^^

sigh calm down Eli. tries to reason with Eli Ok if it will make you settle down then I'll tell you. I VOTED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You happy? LOL

Yayy! A vote -hugglez-

Good for you, I vote hugglez to

Heck, I just removed my two votes.  Imma wait till late October to see who is worthy of being member of the month…  Y'all be on your baddest best behavior, now.

okayz! Imma be on baddest behavior! ^^ …. wait, will that get me voted on or kicked off the site....? -thinks over it- Anywayz I'm not changing my votes yet! And I'm not saying who I voted for till I hear the polls. 😮

So who do you want people to vote for Seth?

where is Sethorion anyway?

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