Discussion of a Visitor

  • Redwall Abbey was most perplexed by the appearance of their unexpected visitor on the path. Most of the elders of Redwall did not like or want the presence of such a beast at Redwall and voted for a attack party to drive away the creature. Foremole did not agree.

    "How durs you beasts sleep wen thars a beastie out on owr path that hasent done none enny arm. We shood at leest envite 'im in."

  • He was still wearing his battle gloves, he cupped his paws to his mouth. "Hello! Anyone here?"  Brad walked closer to the chatter and knocked on the wall to let them know someone was there.

  • The door opened and an unfamiliar face appeared. "May I help you?" asked the mouse maiden. "You are a visitor here aren't you?"

  • "Yes, Miss." He looked at her. "I came here because I saw a creature on the Road, he had a scent of death on him. I also noticed that the abbey grounds weren't active, many were out on the road trying to attack this creature."

  • The maiden gasped and grabbing him by the arm, pulled into the hall. "Come in, come in. Tell the council of what you saw."
    The maiden approached the beast who appeared to be leading the discussion. An old wisened mouse (Open Chara) "Escuse me sir, but we have a visitor who has seen the beast. Perhaps he could tell us in detail of it?"

  • He looked at all the elders and thought about what he saw. "This beast on the road, no ordinary vermin. He had a long scythe, bony features and a dark cloak. You can smell the aroma of death. Its horrible.. " He looked down. "I fear for the worst, unless we do something about it." He started shaking a little, this creature had gotten to his head. "We have to do something!"

  • Tessa  an Jessie  scampered in "we have to tell you somthing" both of then were panting and out of breath. Jessie turned to Tessa "next time we will not jump the wall from a tree…it....kills"

  • The maiden looked at Brad again and urged him on. "Tell them about the other beasts attacking him."
    When Tessa and Jessie entered the room, she turned.

  • "I saw those two out there and a robin was around that area. I think there was another one but I had to make sure I wasn't spotted by the beast."

  • Tessa and Jessie stood up strait and stood still looking at the visitor "Really you saw up jumping the wall?" Jessie asked. Tessa tapped her stick on the floor

  • "Yeah I saw you two, when I was traveling behind that beast on the road."

  • "fat frogs.." Jessie muttered to herself. Tessa spoke up "what were you doing anyway?"

  • "Me? I just came from a long journey from the canyonlands. It took me a year and a half to get here. And all of a sudden this bony, Grim Reaper looking creature is walking in front of me. It gave me a hard chill in my spine. I knew there was something wrong with that guy. I was too dehydrated and hungry to attack him, so I ran here to the abbey." He explained himself quickly.

  • "talks rather fast..don't you think Jessie?" Tessa's tail twitched "Ya but..look how starved he is and thirsty" Jessie replied "and he needs a bath." Tesse said "in the pond" Jessie and Tessa both said at the same time

  • "Well I'm fine now. I had a great big meal and rested before coming to this Hall. I could use a bath.. But I'm here to explain. Could you two grab my Broad sword in the Orchards? Its huge and weighs alot."

  • "Righto. right away" Tessa scamperd off. Jessie walked up to him and proded him with the stick lightly "come on off to the pond with you."  Tessa lifted the sword as if it weighed nothing then examinded it "nice balance could use a bit on cleaning…nice" swinged it over her back

  • He looked at mousemaid and elders. "I guess I'll be right back. Maybe I can clear my thoughts and explain more." He followed Jessie.

  • "If you would like! Go ahead." He smiled at the pair, a nice group they were. He took off his spartan armor, gloves, and shin to foot guards that the Spartans wore. He threw it on the grass "THUMP!" His arm and chest muscles bulged slightly, he was muscular for a mouse warrior. Brad dove under the water and looking at the fish and stuff. He cleaned himself well under the water. He jumped up out of the water.

  • -ooc- Tessa, what are you doing? Are your squirrels pranksters?

  • OOC: They seem like a group of over excited squirrels?

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