Reemergence (Open)

  • Sharp narrowed his eyes “Blighter ask me to do some training and then walks off? Hmph… don’t think it would help much anyway the way this lots armed. We Imperials can take a blow or two these beasts… well one hit they’re hurting.”
    The meerkat looked at Josalyn and frowned “I didn’t scare you did I? Hey, you’ll be fine trust m… Argh!”
    Rodus landed right beside Sharp bumping him and causing him yo stumble slightly “WHAT THE BLAZES DID I TELL YOU BEFORE YOU LEFT!”
    There was a ‘ting’ as Rodus pecked at Sharps side once before replying “four are coming, medic, scout, regular, and a patrol raccoon.”
    Sharp sighed “Better then nothing…”
    Rodus looked at Josalyn “Good day too you, I’m Rodus, what be your name?”

  • (Sorry it is kind of short.)

    Datva watched Zikomo disappear into the night with a cold stare. "That traitor better do his part," Datva muttered, "where is Eraon?" The last question was posed to a nearby Tiger.

    "I think he left to search for Thunderstripe scouts," the tiger answered, "he took one other with him."

    "The fool, this is not the time," Datva growled.

    Eraon and his companion were still running low through the grass. They were running straight on a collision course for Dester, though they had no idea of this.


    "Josalyn" she said quietly, tyring to take in everything that was happening right then.  Though she was a very adept and capable young girl, she was still oh so confused.

  • Duka peered nervously over the edge into the water. "Just looks like water to me," he muttered to Dera. Dera looked over too, somewhat puzzled. Neither of them had any idea what Decca was planning.


    The crocodiles looked at Hahn quizzically as he approached. Apparently they hadn't seen a ferret before. But, they did recognize Mahli as a Thunderstripe. "What is the trouble in your tribe?" one of the larger beasts asked, "has Datva come to claim your chieftain’s head again?" Mahli just nodded quickly. He would leave the speaking for Hahn. After all, Dester had told him to get help, Mahli was just a guide.


    Zikomo reentered the camp as silently as a shadow. He looked around and was pleased to find Duka and Dera nowhere in sight. The less time he spent with them the better. He noticed that the genet he had spoken to earlier was among the hyenas. Zikomo felt a small pang of guilt that she trusted him so easily. He had pulled her into this mess so he would make sure that she was safe during the battle. Then when he was chief he could make sure she had a home forever. Zikomo had spent so much time convincing himself he was in the right that he would never except otherwise. He believed he was a far better beast than Duka and that others should see him as such. The hyena approached Josalyn and Sharp with smile. "Good to see you again," Zikomo said to the genet, "I hope you have been fine here."

  • Sharp looked at Zikomo for a moment still annoyed about the attitude he had with him earlier. Sharp nodded to Josalyn "Well, I suppose I better see what that lost is up to down in the caves… Rodus, go ahead and go about your work, no sense in keeping you grounded any longer than need be."
    Sharp headed down towards the pool where Decca, Dera, and Duka were while Rodus took to the sky talking down to Josalyn once he had gained some height "Well toodleloo be back soon."

  • Decca turned his staff sideways and slowly approached the two. He had an impish smile. "That's right, just keep staring." The shaman spoke reassuringly. He dashed forward and pushed the hyena siblings into the shallow pond. Decca quietly laughed as the flailed about. "Just stand up! It's only three feet deep!"

    Hahn took a deep breath and began. "Davata, the kitty cat with de bush neck hair, is declaring war on the hyenas. Tensin made me capin's blood thirst stir and lit the fire of war between the two tribes, but from what I've heard that would've happen any ways." He looked over to Mahli. "Now I was suppose to do de negotiating, but me pal Mahli knows the history between your tribes better than I, so Mahli… mind taking over?" The ferret was good at rallying others, but only in a power struggle situation. Old Friends was not his forte.

    As the two cats passed over the rat, he sprang like a trap. He kneed the cheetah from earlier in the chest and kicked him down. The second cat raised his spear to stab Dester, but found his intrails spilling out from the butcher cleaver the corsair was so fond of. Before he hit the ground, Dester partially decapitated him. "Well, well, well, look what the rat dragged in."
    He put his peg on the archer's chest. "Normally I'd gut the both of ya, but I need you to tell your leader something." He leaned closely to his captive. "Tell 'em.....the collector's coming for your hide!" The corsair tied the carcass to the lucky feline.
    "Get on with it!" He barked at him. The twisted sailor left the cat to drag himself back to the big cat. "Oh I love my job." Dester chuckled as he walked back to Duka's camp.

  • Eraon had no chance to defend himself from Dester's surprise attack. Before he knew it, his companion was dead and he was in the rat's grasp. The cheetah shuddered at the feel of having the dead weight of the body tied to him. Bu, he obediently began to drag it towards the Nightscar camp.

    Eraon crawled through the long grass with his ghastly burden. The darkness blinded him and the cold bit at his skin. He had felt as horrible as he did now. Eraon had always built up hatred against everyone in his life. No beast cared about him and he cared about none of them. But, alike most vermin, or even good beasts, he did nothing to release his rage.  Now this was the final straw.

    He crawled into the circle of firelight where Datva sat and collapsed. Datva jumped up from his seat in surprise at the grisly sight, trying hard not to loose face in the presence of his tribe. "What is the meaning of this?" he growled at Eraon's prostrate form, "what are you doing with this body?" The only answer he received from the cheetah was a horrible gurgling laugh. The other cats looked in terror. The sight was bad enough but the maniacal laughter unsettled them even more. "Get the dead one off of him and stand him up," Datva snarled. He was a veteran of bloody battle and could recover quickly from such a shock.

    A few cats approached Eraon cautiously. The cut the ropes that bound the lifeless being to the cheetah's back and drug it aside with some distaste. Eraon still lay face down on the ground, soaked in the blood of his burden. His strange laughter only continued. One of the cats grabbed Eraon and forced him into a neeling position.

    "Who did this Eraon?" Datva said, his face close to the other's, "what is going on?"

    Eraon started with his insane laughter again, but finally started to speak. Rather than the flat tone that he usally used, his voice was somewhat high pitch and had a crazed edge to it. "The collector is going to get you, he he he…" Eraon laughed, "you'll be dead! Dead! Ha ha ha ha!" Datva drew back from his senile minion in disgust.

    "Take him away!" Datva yelled to his cats, "I'll decide what to do about this collector he speaks of."

  • (Wow, Eraon is getting creepy! O.o)

    Duka and Dera screamed in surprise as Decca pushed them into the water. "What are you trying to do?" Duka yelled, "I am going to drown! This water must be hundreds of feet deep!" He suddely stopped thrashing as he relised that it was not nearly so far to the bottom. With surprise, he felt the stone with his foot paws and stood up. Dera did the same.

    "Well, I guess it isn't all that bad," she said.

    "Yeah, we aren't dead yet!" Duka agreed.

    "Yes, what he says is true," Mahli told the crocodiles, "though Addae is dead, your alliance with us still stands."
    "We will assist you against Datva and his cronies," the leader of the Streamblades said, "the Nightscars are no true tribe anyway. They are misfits and and scum thrown together under the fist of the white lion."

  • Josalyn smiled up at Zikomo and nodded her head.  "Yes, I've been just fine thank you."  The smile replaced her face and was left with a look of confusion.  "What's going on here?"

  • BUMP: Bel's turn.

  • OOC: Sorry about that 😣

    BIC: Sharp heard screams up ahead where Duca and Dera were supposed to be with  Decca and made a mad dash down into the cave. As the Imperial started to come up on the pool his ears got the last part of what one of them said.

    "Yeah, we aren't dead yet!"

    Sharp slid to a halt almost bumbling into Decca and looked at the two coyotes “Err, is there a problem I heard screaming almost halfway up to the surface?”

  • Back at the beach

    "Move them boxes 'lready!"
    "Shuddup an move 'em yur self!"
    "Ahm the captn' an you listen ta me!"
    "Were on land ya idgit! Yur nah capn 'ere!" The two continue to argue with each other fr some time. A pale figure clad in slightly ragged fancy clothes rolled his eyes impatiently at the two. Stephen O'Malley had hid on the vessel to escape the eyes of his old boss, tired of having to wait for employment.
    "Idiotic curs." He said in his unnervingly soft voice. The two never heard him, and he was off. The hitman walked from the beach and onto the plains of this strange new land. "What a dismal little place. Might as well get some work done." His noose waved in the dry wind as he walked forward. His clothing made him stick out badly, not that he cared. He hummed as he trotted along. A glowing fire caught his eye and he walked toward it, just like a moth attracted to it. His figure certainly gave him the look.

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