Reemergence (Open)

  • "Yes, I'll send Hahn out to find other tribes to see if they are interested in helping. Hahn! Come over here!" The ferret jogged over to them.
    "Yes sir?"
    "I need you to travel to the near by tribes and ask for their assistance. Give them one of your power speeches.
    "Yes sir!"
    "Duka, he'll need a lad who knows the tribes well, got one?" The rat was in a state of commanding, a good sign of his brain working. "If those felines think they can extinguish your prowess, they have a very nasty suprise!" He marched off, then realized he didn't have his commander's tent anymore. The rat walked back to them, embarrassed.

    Decca finished dressing Jultar's wounds, he had two male hyenas carry him back into the caves. "Do you need any of my assistance Duka Dera?" He shouted at them.

  • Eraon stared at Zikomo in disbelief. "What do you mean you want to talk to Datva?" he asked, "does being a hyena make it hard to think?" The other cats laughed. "Fine, come with us," Eraon growled, "don't blame me for what happens to you." The Nightscars surrounded Zikomo and led him to were their leader was sitting.

    Eraon went ahead to tell Datva what had happened. "Sir, the hyena wants to talk to you," Eraon said.

    "Talk to me? Well, he better have something good to say," Datva said. He stood up and met Zikomo and his guards halfway. "So hyena, why do you wish to speak to Datva Nightscar?"

  • "Yes, that is why I came here Datva, I have a proposition for you," Zikomo said calmly, "the Thunderstripes do not all need killed. If you help me kill Duka and Dera, I will take command of the tribe. Then, you will gain an ally, and you will have less fighting to do as well." He walked coolly towards the lion. "I am the rightful chief of the Thunderstripes," he said, "I want only to take my place. If you help, it will go well for both of us."


    "That sounds like a good idea, I'm not sure what tribes are willing to help, but we should try them all," Duka said, "you there, Mahil, go with the ferret!" The young hyena nodded and ran to Hahn. "Well Decca," Duka said, "you are a shaman, so what can you do?" In the savanna, beasts were much more used to visible magic.

  • Josalyn finally reached the outskirts of the camp, watching attentively as she noticed all the creatures in the camp.  She couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive, her eyes open wide and her mind slowly reverting back to that of a ten year old; not a ten year old with an elder's head on her shoulders.

    "Umm…." was all she could think to say.

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    BIC: Sharp groaned lightly to himself as he listened to the rat then he looked at Duka “Alright… I’ll try but I doubt many troops will be available to help.”
    Sharp pulled an arrow out of his quiver, just below the steel arrowhead was a tiny pouch wrapped around the arrow. The Imperial scout lit a small fuse that was attached to the arrow and notched it to his longbow firing the fiery arrow straight into the air. The arrow vanished in a green flame and puff of smoke as the contents of the pouch ignited leaving Sharp mumbling lightly to himself “Come on lad… where are you? HAWGUHA!”

    Sharp stumbled forward as a blue jay clipped the top of his head as it came to land on the ground causing him to shout with surprise and a little annoyance “GOAL BLIMEY!!! Why don’t you watch where you‘re flying next time?”
    The blue jay cocked its head to the side as it looked at Sharp “Perhaps if you’re metal skin didn’t blind Rodus he could oblige to your request.”
    Sharp narrowed his eyes at the blue jay “Stop reffering to yourself in third point of view again Rodus… Ahem, anyway I need you to head back to Velanore’s Watch and ask Commander Mallard for some help and go check for assistance at Quard Outpost if you can.”
    Rodus shook his head “Nay, Quard is under attack by the Bloodclaws and Commander Mallard is assembling a few of his beasts to try and strike them from behind taking out their supplies.”
    Sharp growled at the situation “Well see if he’s leaving any beasts at the watch and bring them here at least…” Sharp thought for a moment as he looked back at Duka “Hmmm, every clan that attacks us is a clan that you don’t have to face, perhaps this will work to our advantage?”
    Rodus pecked Sharp on the head lightly once causing the Imperial to spin back around and face him again “Sharp, should I go and scout the area to check the number of their… our foes?”
    Sharp looked at Duka once again causing Rodus to do the same after a moment of being confused.

  • Decca started to explain. "Well I can't shoot a fireball if that whats your getting at, but I am an expert healer and I do have an ability of some kind of foresight. I can see your flaws and fears." His eye good and clouded eye looked at Dera. The shaman studied her for a second, then he looked eye to eye at Duka. Decca's pupil dilated to the size of a pin head, then he looked away. "I see your both terrified of water. I think I can help with that." He smiled.

    Hahn looked at Mahli and rolled his eyes. He didn't like creatures following him, but said nothing ill to him. "So, Mahli, mind leading me to the first tribe ?" The ferret asked, surveying the land.

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    Datva listened in interest to Zikomo. "Ah, a traitor to the Thunderstripes? Very interesting." Datva said, "how do you propose we take out Duka and Dera? Surely you must play a part in that." The cats stood staring at the traitor, waiting for his answer.

    A young hyena named Koti was the first to hear Josalyn's "Umm…" He had been the scout that Duka was going to send with Zikomo to the south border before the arrival of the Nightscars. Now he was sitting at a fire and eating with a few of the others. "What do you want?" he asked Josalyn, "are you lost?"

  • She shook her head no and flicked her tail nervously, not so sure that this was a good idea.  "N-no sir, not lost.  A-a hyena told me that I could stay at his tribe's camp, since you were open to strangers…." she couldn't help the stutter.  It struck her right then and there that Zikomo hadn't shared his name.

  • Duka and Dera jumped in surprise at the sudden arrival of the blue jay. Duka listened with interest to his tale of the Bloodclaw attack. "You are right Sharp," he said, "if the Bloodclaws were not busy they would have probably attacked us from the north while the others came from the south. It is better they do not."

    He listened to Decca's explanation of his powers in surprise. "You mean you can cure our fear of water?" Dera asked, "how would you do that?"


    "Hey Koti, she must of met Zikomo," another older hyena said, "he was right, feel free to stay here as long as you want. But, I wouldn't stay long if I were you. It's going to be all fire and brimstone here soon." He sighed sadly and looked at the ground.


    "Yes, of course. I have a plan for everything," Zikomo continued, "have your best archer target Dera. With all that lighting magic of hers, it won't be a hard shot. If she lives, I'll finish her. Then I'll raise my supporters and attack Duka from the back while you attack from the front. When he is dead, I will take control of the Thunderstripes and pretend to surrender." Zikomo was sure his plan was foolproof. Soon he would be in command of his tribe.


    "Well, the first tribe we should check with is the Streamblades," Mahli said, "their territory is to the east, on the edge of the river." He pointed the way with a paw. "I guess we should get going," he went on, "it's a race between us and the Nightscar's scouts."

  • Sharp looked at Rodus “No, we might need you later and I don’t want to have you get shot out of the air by those cats, just go back the the watch and see if you can get any help then report back here… alright?”
    Rodus nodded once and took off “Very well, but I’m telling you, you won’t get very many beasts to help you!”

    Sharp turned to Duka “What can I do to assist you lad?”

  • Dester smiled. "Well find me a body of water and the rest is simple!" The fox said with a merry tone. The plan was very simple, make them look into the water, then just a push. He was always successful in curing that fear.

    "'Ell lets go!" Hahn started running east, Mahli close behind him. "Now uh, are these uther tribes nice like Duka's? I mean, we won't get shot on sight, right?" Hahn wasn't always so nervous in rallying others to his master's needs but he was in a new land.

  • Eraon raised his paw when Zikomo mentioned the best archer. "That would be me sir," he said, "I'll take her out." Datva nodded in agreement.

    "From what I've seen Duka is no rear commander," Datva said, "so I will join against him in battle as soon as I can." He walked back to the flat stone where he had been sitting and sat down again. "I trust you to complete your end of the deal, and to remain our allies afterwards," Datva said, "or there will be consequences."

  • Josalyn's ears drooped sligthly and she cocked her head at the hyena.  "Fire and brimstone?  But why?" her voice was small, and slightly frightened.  But mostly, she felt bad for the creature standing in front of her now, because he looked so forlorn.

  • Duka shivered at the look in Decca's eyes. He had a feeling the fox was up to something. "Well, there is a cave full of water down in the caves," Duka said, "and Sharp, you look like a good warrior. You and whoever wants to help you can do some training with my tribe."

    The hyena looked back up at Josalyn. "Well, it's a long story, but a bunch of other tribes want us dead," he explained, "they are coming for us soon."


    "Well, they are nice enough," Mahli told Hahn as he ran, "as long as we identify ourselves when asked."


    Zikomo smiled at Datva. "Of course, I wouldn't ever think of crossing you," he said. He stopped and looked over his shoulder. "Do you hear something?" he asked the cats. The sound of many footsteps came from growing darkness. One of Datva's scouts came running up, followed by a army of strange wolves. The one who led them was the strangest of all.

    "I knew you would call for me Datva," Elivar Boneseer said coldly, "it is time we all play our parts."

    "Elivar, I thought you would show yourself sooner than later," Zikomo grinned.

    "You seem very sure of your plan Zikomo," Elivar smiled, "what will you do if it fails?"

    "Will it fail?" Zikomo asked, "you are a seer, you know."

    "It is not for me to tell Zikomo," Elivar said, "I reveal only what the great spirits allow."

  • Sharp gave Duka a somewhat surprised look “I could try but… you don’t exactly use the same equipment as we do so a lot of what I know really wouldn’t be compatible with your forces. Ummm, how many of your beasts have shields by the way? I can show some nice tricks with those.” Sharp walked over to Josalyn and held a paw out towards her “No need to be frightened miss, there’s always another option… Don’t know how well this lot’s chieftain will take it but we can fall back… We Imperials have been pushed back before only to come back and make the enemy… well stop fighting.”

  • Dester left the group and went hunting. For his tactics to work he'd need to catch two scouts. The reason for two is simple; Kill one, let the other drag the body back. It may have been a brutal plan, but all in all, it worked. The rat hid under the high grass. Dester wrapped his coat in the grass to get maximum camouflage. He crouched their, waiting.

    "Good then, good. I'll be in the cave when you two are ready." Decca walked back to the cave, Jultar surrounded by younger hyenas. "Enjoying your self?" The shaman teased.
    "Hmf." The archer pouted. He wasn't enjoying his r and r, the younglings pestering him. Decca found the underground pond, he sat patiently on a rock.

    Hahn sped east, Mahli nipping his heels. He was soon upon a tribe of more strange beasts.(You choose what kind they are Vik) "These the whatsernames?" The ferret asked his hyena guide.

  • "What is going on?" Datva asked his scout, "why is here already?"

    The scout shrugged. "When I went to get them they were already coming," he said, "they knew I was going to find them."

    "So Elivar Boneseer, you and your tribe will join us in our fight?" Datva asked, "the Thunderstripes have allowed strange foreigners onto our land and seek war with us."

    Eraon turned to one of his fellow Nightscars. "Come on, let's make sure those Thunderstripes aren't looking for help," Eraon asked, "if we find their scouts, we'll kill them." He and the other cat slipped away from the talk and ran out onto the plains. They took an north eastern course in the direction the guessed Thunderstripe scouts would have gone.

  • Josalyn looked from the meerkat (That is what he is, right?!) to the hyena, the oncoming talks of battle causing her to shake.  Her mind and gone back to the massacre she had witnessed, all of them her tribe and loved ones.  She looked back to the meerkat and nodded her head fearfully, taking his offered paw.  "Ok." she said in a small, quiet, and scared voice.

  • Duka and Dera followed Decca somewhat nervously. Neather of them wanted to be the first in line so both were going rather slowly. But they soon reached the underground pool whether or not they would have liked to. "So, what are you going to do about our fear of water?" Duka asked.


    "Those are the Streamblades over there," Mahli said to Hahn, "they are crocodiles. I don't think they live where you come from ether." He continued running after his companion. "Addae once made an alliance with them," Mahli continued, "before he died. I still wish we knew exactly who killed him so that we could enact vengeance."


    "I do not care why you have war against the Thunderstripes, I fight for no cause," Elivar answered Datva in his strange flat voice, "I fight because destiny decrees it. Now ask of my wishes no further, as I have none." He beckoned for his tribe to follow him as they set up camp for the night.

    "I should get back to my tribe," Zikomo said, "before they miss me." The hyena gave a cruel smile. "Soon enough they will wish I never came back," he snarled. Pulling up his hood higher he turned away from the Nightscars and left.

  • Decca had a giddy smile. He stood up and walked behind the two. "Yes, yes. Just go to the water's edge and peer into it, give it all of your concentration." His smile vanish from his face, but not his mind. Old Decca had the cure for aquaphobia.

    Hahn looked at the large reptiles. "'Oly grashious! They remind me of the monitur lizards back 'ome. These un's are bigger than those." The ferret slowly approached the crocks, hands in the air. "Don't shoot, we mean no 'arm! Just wanna talk about an alliance between the hyenas n' you."

    Dester laid on his belly, death still and breathing very shallow. He heard paw steps coming behind his way, still he did not move. He was going to wait until they were just in front of him. 'Come on, be those cats.' He thought.

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