Reemergence (Open)

  • Datva and his warriors thundered across the plain. They were all great cats, hunters born. Their bodies rippled with muscle as their strong legs carried them at a relentless pace. Though Datva was superior to the rest of his tribe in strength, he had to admit that Eraon had him beaten in speed. None of the others could even get close to the cheetah.

    Eraon suddenly stopped at the crest of a sloping hill and stood staring down at something. The others sprinted up to him and joined him in his surveillance. "Look sir, see those big rocks," Eraon pointed at the entrance of the Thunderstripe lair, "their all sitting around on them."

    "So, you were right," Datva said with a smile, "those lousy lunkheads are back! Now, lets find out who the leader of this mess is."

    "Aye sir," Eraon said as he hefted his spear, "right behind you." Datva lead his beasts down the crest of the little hill towards the Thunderstripe camp. He would get Addae, or whatever runt took his place.

  • Dester sneered at Zikomo. "I'd love to give you the pleasure. Just a warn, I've killed many more skilled than you."
    "Yeah! He kill ya in a 'artbeat!" Hahn Backed him. Jultar held his tong, he knew better than to quarrel in such pity. Decca rolled his eyes at the two and Zikomo.
    "Non the wiser arn't they. That one hyena better watch his tong around Dester, he may loose it. The rat isn't the one you should under mind. He use to control a large hoard, left it because of boredom." The shaman didn't like his three guards that much, but they did protect him.

    Dester sat on a stool with his three companons around a fire. Decca sat with Duka and Dera. "I'd love to hear any tales you have. A little knowledge of this land would be most helpful." Dester stood up and moved to where Zik was sitting.
    "So you spotted dog, what have you to do here? I kneed to practice my blade skills" Once Dester became bored, trouble followed his wake.

  • As Datva and his minions drew nearer to the Thunderstripe encampment, they saw that there were some beasts that were a bit out of place.  "So, the Thunderstripes have foreigners with them," Datva smirked, "I guess those old dogs couldn't take care of themselves."

    "Aye sir," Eraon answered almost mechanically.

    "You there! Thunderstripe scum!" Datva shouted as soon as he was in hearing range, "I see that some of you survived the beating we gave you! Who is your leader now?" His eyes scanned the crowd of hyenas, looking for any that might stand out as a chief.

  • OOC: Meerkats live in desert like areas, I hope it's alright if I use one… I can always change my post if not.

    BIC: Commander Mallard stood in the underground barracks of Velanore’s Watch a remote watch tower far north of the Thunderstripe encampment “What do you think Sharp?”
    The beast Mallard was speaking to remained in the shadows of the moderately lit room “It’s a cause for concern sir with the aggressiveness between the tribes rising it’s only a matter of time before one attacks us.”
    The middle aged Imperial rubbed his chin “Yes and Quard Outpost is over three days march from here… The Thunderstripes seem to be the more passive of the local tribes go see how they’re faring and help them gather some intelligence we both can use… assuming they don’t jump the bow and start firing at you.”
    Sharp stepped from the shadows, the young adult meerkat held his helm in one paw and bow in the other “I doubt they will sir, they seem relatively reasonable for the type of beasts they are.”
    Mallard turned as another Imperial came running down the spiral stairs from the watchtower above “What is it?”
    The Imperial knew that what he had to report was of significance but not a matter of life or death for them “Sir, the flight scout from Quard reports unusual activity to the south, sounds like the hyenas are getting ready to wrestle each other.”
    Mallard looked at Sharp “No sense in wasting anymore time, get going.”
    Sharp headed for the tunnel that would eventually lead to the exit from the underground part of the watch “Yes sir.”

    Sharp walked out from the rocky outcropping that hid the entrance which closed behind him leaving him to put on his helm and run south towards the Thunderstripe encampment with his armor shining like a lighthouse on the open ground.

  • (That's perfectly fine Belarus!)

    "Well, most of this land looks like what you see now. Tall grass and scattered trees," Duka said in reply to Decca's question, "the ocean where you came from is to the west, and to the the far east it's almost all rock and sand." He paused for breath a moment and then continued, "the nearby tribes include the Bloodclaws and the Nightscars, both dangerous enemies of ours."

    Zikomo gave Dester a sidelong glance as the rat drew near. "My position?" he asked, "I'm kind of a commander. As for practice, I'm sure you can find a willing participant somewhere around here." Zikomo knew that Dester was challenging him, but he didn't let on.

    All the tribe turned to face the Nightfangs when they heard Datva's shout. Duka stood up, seething with anger. This was one of the beasts who had humiliated his tribe and killed his father. And now, this lion was coming back for him. "I am Duka Flashfire, son of Addae," Duka said fearlessly, "I am now chief of the Thunderstripes. Do what you will but we will hold firm."

    A ripple of conversation went through the crowd of beasts. Several pointed north at the shining figure which was approaching on the horizon. Duka looked at it with interest. He wondered who would wear such visible and heavy equipment on the plains.

  • Decca peered at the large cats. They reminded him of the wild cats back home, though some here were leaner than the others. "Are thous the Nightfangs? They look  like a nasty bunch." The shaman squinted at the shining one.
    "Now what blazing idiot is that? I wouldn't be surprised if he gets heat stroke before he gets over here." Decca mused to himself.

    Jultar had his bow drawn, an arrow aimed at the head of a spotted cat. Dester walked up beside him. "Should I take the shot? I'll be able to send this arrow through and through that skinny ones head."
    "No not now. Leave them be. Only when they attack shall we will get involved. We'll send them a message."
    "What kinda' message sir?" Hahn asked.
    "One of my 'special' messages, heheheh!" The rat laughed evilly. The whole three laughed evilly, and Decca saw this.
    "The cats better have close watch on there scouts tonight. The collector's bloodthirst needs to be quenched." The fox told Duka, as if he knew about the rat.

  • (Just a note, they're the Nightscars, not the Nightfangs.  :P)

    Eraon set an arrow to his bow at lighting speed. He pointed his weapon right back at Jultar. "Come on fox," he snarled, "just try it." His cold eyes glared unblinking into his opponent's face.

    Datva ignored Decca and the rest. Duka was the object of his focus. "So, you're Addae's whelp?" Datva smirked, "do you dare challenge me, Datva Nightscar, or are you a wimp like your father?" His massive paw reached for the handle of his blade. He drew his sword and pointed it at Duka. "Come and fight me!" Datva roared.

  • (Whoops, sorry about that! Also, there are so many names starting with D! Duka, Decca, Dera, Dester, Datva!  8/ lol)

    Duka looked confused by Decca's comment. "What do you mean collector?" Duka asked, "what does he collect?" Before he could hear the fox's response Datva called out in challenge. Duka felt his temper rising. Now this lion was insulting his father! Duka's paw tightened on his spear. He gritted his teeth in rage.

    Before he could answer the white lion, Dera pushed her way to the front. "Duka is no wimp, and neither was Addae," she shouted angrily, "you're the wimp! You never would have beaten our father if you didn't gang up on him with the other tribes!" Duka was impressed by his sister. She was a firm beast when she got angry.

    "She's right Datva, you are a coward," Duka growled, "now let's see if you can face me in fair combat." He stepped off the rocks around the entrance of the caves and walked through the high grass to face Datva. He held his shield high and his spear ready. He swallowed his fear as he approached the hulking lion. "This is for you father," he muttered to himself.

  • Jultar made no movements as he stared down the cheetah. "Come kitty cat, make my day." He whispered. Dester made a wry smile.
    "They have acted against us Hahn. Time to get involved." The rat said merely.
    "When?" The two asked in unison.
    "Tonight. Well catch a scout and I'll give him back."
    "Intact?" Hahn asked.
    "Alive?" Jultar asked.
    "Neither." Dester spoke Coldly. Jultar gave a toothy grin at the cat. He pointed at him and made a slicing motion with his thumb across his throat.

    Decca answed to Dera, since Duka was occupied. "The rat takes the bones and body parts of his targets. Sometimes they live, mostly they don't. Tis a grim scene."

  • Eraon stared at the conversing pirates with a smirk. "Oh, did I hurt your poor little feelings rat?" he asked, "as I recall, your beast pointed the bow at me first. Also, telling your enemy your plan is about the stupidest thing you can do." He kept his bow trained on Jultar. He wasn't going to let himself be shot unawares.

    Datva scowled at Dera. "Shut up girl," he growled, "unless you would fight me in place of your brother." He smirked at Duka as he come closer. "So Duka, chief of the Thunderstripes," Datva smiled, "you will fight me? Fool." Raising his large blade Datva charged. He roared as he sped towards the hyena. When Datva reached his opponent he slashed at Duka diagonally using both paws on the handle of the blade.

  • Dera listened nervously to Decca and Dester. "It sounds nasty," she squeaked, "at least he's on our side." She jumped in surprise as Datva turned his anger on her. She had just yelled at him a second ago. But, she already felt her courage seeping away again.

    "Leave my sister alone and fight me!" Duka growled. Unfortunately, it seemed Datva was only to happy to oblige. Dera gasped on horror as the giant sword swung at her brother's head. Zikomo grinned a smile of triumph. Dera breathed a sigh of relief as Duka raised his shield and blocked the blade. He reeled back under the force of the blow. A chip of the shield went flying, narrowly missing Duka's face. Zikomo clenched his fist in disappointment. He said nothing out loud.

    Duka lowered his spear at charged at Datva. He stabbed at Datva's waist, and the again quickly at the lion's shoulder.

  • Sharp stopped as he watched the lion burst out in an assault on the hyena chieftain taking a chunk out of Duka’s shield “Blazes, blasted cats haven’t come this far north since they ganged up on this lot last time!”
    Sharp took his helm off an latched it to his belt then began to run towards the conflict stopping several pawsteps away from the furthest onlookers from the fight “What in hell’s gates is going on here?”

  • One of the female hyenas turned to Sharp with fear in her eyes. "It's those dreadful Nightscars!" she cried hysterically, "that big white lion is killing our chief!" Obviously, remaining calm and clear headed was not on her agenda.

    Zikomo glanced at the newcomer with anger. This was going all too well at the moment. He didn't need somebeast coming to save Duka. The dark hyena pushed his way through the crowd to get at Sharp. He gave a few beasts nasty clouts with his spear butt, earning him their angry glares. "There is no need for alarm," Zikomo hissed, "it is a honorable duel between chieftains, don't interrupt." After Duka was dead, Dera was the only one left in Zikomo's way. He doubted she would challenge him for the position of chief.

  • (I hope you don't mind me killing a close friend of Eraon, a cousin or something)

    Bic: Dester just smiled as he saw a younger cheetah, a warrior, but inexperienced. "Kill the small one, near the tree. " He mumbled to Jultar. The fox smiled and in a quick move, shot an arrow at the young warrior. The poor lad didn't even move, unaware of the missile flying toward him.
    It pierced his eye and went out the back of his skull, pinning him to the tree behind. They all laughed like it was the funniest thing, Decca, however, frowned and shook his head at the action the rat  just made.
    "That poor lad. He wasn't doin' a thing and it cost him. If you have hot heads here, make sure for them to steer clear of Dester." The shaman said almost choked up. "There's going to be blood shed, and it will be of innocence more than the worthy."

  • As soon as Eraon saw Jultar move he went into action. He released his arrow at the fox and jumped to the side. He expecting a missile coming in his direction. Then he noticed with seething anger what Jultar had done. The young cheetah had been his friend for years. "You'll pay for that, murderer," he hissed quietly to himsefl, "you'll pay in blood."

    Datva was enjoying himself as he hadn't for years. The lion loved a good fight. Datva moved to the side in a clockwise circling motion, avoiding Duka's first strike. Then he turned aside the second with the tip of his blade. "How does it feel to be outmatched Duka?" he laughed, "you should have stayed in your holes and lived." Then he charged at Duka with a shoulder ram. Hopefully this would knock the hyena's shield out of the way. Then he slash downward in a wide arc at his enemy's head.

  • Sharp scowled at Zikomo "I wasn't implying that I want to interfere…" Sharp's head jerked over as he saw Jultar slay one of the cheetah's which annoyed the Imperial as the situtation seemed to deteriorate "What are you trying to do start a triple crossfire?"

  • Dera gasped in surprise when Jultar killed the mostly innocent cheetah. She didn't trust the Nightscars any further than she could throw them, but the violence still seemed uncalled for. Upon hearing Decca's comment Zikomo just smiled. "There will be more than you know old fox," he hissed.

    "Please, do not kill them unless they attack you," Dera said to Dester in worried tone, "we don't want the whole lot of them on our backs, if you know what I mean."

    Zikomo turned back to Sharp with a flustered expression. "Listen meerkat, I'm not trying to do anything," he growled, "I'm just letting it happen. I don't care who dies as long as I'm still standing."

    "Outmatched?" Duka smirked, "I hardly think so you big white buffoon!" He instantly rethought this as the large beast came at him again. The shoulder ram sent him sprawling backwards under the lion's weight. He was two low for the sword swing that followed to reach his head, but it gave him nasty cut on his inner left leg. He quickly rolled out of the way and stood up. Duka noticed that he couldn't face Datva head on. He would have to use speed. He began circling Datva at a fast pace, keeping his eyes on the white lion. Then the hyena took a step forward and stabbed at Datva's flank.

  • Dester took on a strange gentleman like tone with Dera. "Oh but my fair maiden, I do as I wish. When your a creature like me, killing is easier than walking. I've chose my targets, and I intend to keep them. " He patted her shoulder like a friend would. "I'm gonna take some exotic items while I'm here, your not going to stop me!" Dester smiled and laughed. This murdering vermin was going to plague the Savannah, starting with the felines.

  • (I don't mean to be annoying Danker, but Eraon shot his arrow at Jultar.)

    Datva lost his balance slightly as his strike missed its intended target. He tipped forward but manage to catch himself. He growled in rage as Duka began speeding around him. "What do you think your doing?" he asked, "running a race?" He snarled at swung his blade at Duka again, but missed because of the hyena's movement. "Curse you," Datva roared as Duka's spear grazed his flank.

    The lion backed off a little, holding his sword in a defensive position. Eraon abandoned his position an ran to Datva. "Sir, the rat killed one of our warriors," he said, "even though they have no argument with us."

    "So Duka, you have brought murderous foreigners to our land?" Datva growled, "this is a lot more than a duel now, this is war." The cats gathered, two of them taking the dead body of their companion. "We'll come back for you Thunderstripe boneheads!" Datva shouted, "we'll bring the Bloodclaws, the Deathwinds, and all the others! Then we'll put you down for good!" The Nightscars disappeared over the hills and headed home.

  • Sharp had a grim look on his face as he listened to Datva while blatently ignoring Zikomo "Ehh… so about how many is that Dera, cause from the way he's talking it sounds like he's bring back the entire ugly tree with him."

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