• Character Form:

    Nickname: Avalon

    Name: Avalon  Sure-eye

    Species: Black vixen

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Black fur, claws, lips, and eyes

    Height: Average height.

    Description: Trained as a defender for a monarch in one of the distant vermin kingdoms Avalon has been sent to Mossflower to keep an eye on the events going on regarding the woodlanders and those that try to conquer the land because Mossflower is positioned perfectly for an invasion of her kingdom.

    Despite her training Avalon’s strength is below that of the average fox because she is naturally weak in many muscles but both despite and because of this she has an amazingly accurate throwing arm that is probably the strongest thing in her body. Avalon uses throwing knives to cut down her enemies before they can get to her, her paw to eye coordination something almost unheard of being able to calculate distances almost to the hair and also able to do decently well with throwing knives around corners. While she is good with throwing weapons, preferably the charcoal colored throwing knives she carries, her ability to use a bow is pathetic and while she can wield a blade well her strength tends to get her into tight spots in close combat. Also to be noted Avalon trims her paw nails.

    Possessions: Avalon wears boots and a scout cuirass along with something similar to sweatpants while wielding a shortsword and twelve throwing knives everything of which has been made black in color. She carries all of her weapons on a black barkcloth belt that sits slightly crooked because of the size and weight difference between the sheaths of her daggers and the sheath of her shortsword.


    • Exquisite skill with throwing weapons.
    • Excellent paw to eye coordination.
    • Quick reflexes and movement.
    • Blends with the night
    • Above average healing skills
    • Harmonious voice


    • Physically weak.
    • Practically unable to use bows.
    • Sticks out in daylight.
    • Poor paw to paw combat performance.
    • Lacks experience in negotiations.
    • Slides away from taking charge (avoids leadership)
    • Intimidated by moles
    • Particularly nervous around badgers and hares
    • Can become nervous around stronger woodlanders (worried about rejection of her presence)

    Selfless - Will run out in the middle of combat to help injured beasts (even under fire)
    Honorable - Fights foes face to face and hates assassination types kills
    Emotional Block - Seems to be immune to the emotion of anger, or any type of anger


    Born to a fox in the royal guard and a vixen healer Avalon was raised and taught in both professions and by the age of seventeen was trained in the royal guard and was quickly put into the position of personal guard for the prince of her kingdom. At the age of nineteen she was sent northwest to keep an eye on the events occurring in Mossflower as rumors spread that more powerful vermin were plotting to attack the land something that threatened the kingdom which could not be tolerated.

    Personality: If it weren’t for her poor strength you might call her the ideal warrior, completely and totally loyal to those she follows and with a personality that is kind while straight to the point at the same time Avalon will do anything within good reason to carry out her mission. Due to her nature and upbringing, aside from the mission which is also a reason, Avalon is close to having the mind of a goodbeast and demonstrates this by assisting them whenever she can, this has resulted in her loyalty drawing towards the good beasts. If the unlikely time ever comes that her kingdom does invade Mossflower it is more likely they will be fighting her as well.

  • Hmm, just wondering, but how does a beast with poor hand to hand combat and physically weak get positioned as a Royal Personal Guard? It just doesn't seem right. Also, not to be rude or anything, but there are a few inconsistencies here. Also, you have a lot of really good strengths here, but the only really two notable weaknesses are the Paw to Paw and the being weak. It almost borderlines on a Mary-Sue character.

    I like the personality section. It seems your writing deals a little more with the psychology of the characters. That is a good thing.

    I can see the improvement of your characters. Keep up the good work!  😆 Squirrel!

  • Another character I thought I'd try this out on, others have posted it and I find it and interesting concept.

    Character Attributes/Personality :Avalon
    Curiosity: Medium
    Imagination: Medium / High
    Ambition: High
    Education: High
    Prejudices: What is that? (Very Low)
    Alertness: Medium
    Ability to Reason: High
    Generosity: High
    Reliability: Medium / High
    Excited: Medium
    Content: High
    Lonely: Low
    Nervous: Medium / High

    Another note, I'm not sure where to put this but Avalon sees Mossflower as being a piece of paradise (heaven of the sorts, Dark Forest Maybe?)

    Personality scarring event: Prior to joining the personal guard Avalon found that her father was conspiring against the prince creating a mental storm in her mind resulting in her killing her father. Out of her grief she purged all thoughts of anger from her mind so that she could finish her task quickly and mercifully as torturing her father as her anger desired would have scarred her stability permanently. As a result she lost her ability to feel angry.


    Classification: Civilized Vermin
    Kingdom Allegiance: Athairian
    Local Loyalty: Abbeybeasts
    Alignment: Moderate (+5)
    Ethical Status: Bright
    General Mood: Calm / Plain
    Expend-ability (0-10): 0.5

    Other Skills (NOTES):
    Avalon believes in relying more on local materials than supply lines and as a result has a number of minor skills in regards to sustained long distance travels

    • Light sleeper.
    • Knowledgeable on basic wild foods.
    • Ability to determine if certain gathered wild fruits and vegetables are contaminated with poison or other toxins.
    • Able to move quietly when necessary.

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