Denya Wildrudder

  • Name:Deyna Wildrudder πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜„
    Age: 24
    Species:River Otter
    Occupation: Captain of The Sea Lilly

    Physical Appearance:
    Deyna is about medium height. He has dark brown fur and patches of black fur on him. His chest is a dirty white. He has bright blue eyes, that often have a mischievous glint in them. He is very nimble and active he cant sit still for very long hes always moving around.He can just as easily climb a tree. Almost as well as squirrels them selves! He wears a smart Green Ilse uniform with several medals on it. And he wears a saber at his side.

    He has a saber. Which he can use very well. He is the best young sword beast on the Green Isle Regiment . He has a short ash bow with a quiver of green feathered arrows. And if you want to call them possessions
    then he also has several medals given to him by the High Rhulain.

    Deyna is very smart. You might even call him clever. He can think his way out of just about any situation.And in any hopeless cases can come up with a brilliant plan.Sometimes he can get into some trouble,especially when he was little, he used to play jokes on other beasts, though they usually turn out funny for both beasts they can sometimes go the wrong way. He loves to play and can think up a game easily. He loves making new friends and playmates. Deyna is the fastest swimmer anyone has met yet. And he has raced a good many otters in his time too! He is often known as Deyna the Quick. Or sometimes Deyna the Dangerous so called because he sometimes gets spasms of the bloodwrath. He is very affected with the death of his best friend and never quite got over it. He even had to leave Green Isle for a time. After he gets over the blood wrath it leaves him very drained of energy and sometimes irritated.

    Deyna loves to explore and sail into uncharted lands. He also likes to explore under the sea. When his ship gets into shallow water he often leaves command of his ship to the First mate then dives over board into the water. He is what you might call….. brave and courageous

    -- Sword fighting- He had an interest in sword fighting when he was little. One of his friends who was in the long patrol was a very good fighter. So he taught Deyna. And after seasons of training Deyna became very good and was better than his master, who was very pleased.

    --swimming- Deyna is the fastest swimmer anyone has met yet. And he has raced a good many otters in his time too! He is often known as Deyna the Quick. He often has contests with his friends and wins whereupon they usually call him a fish he is so adept to it.

    -- cooking- Deyna likes to cook. He even appointed himself cook aboard his own ship! He often cooks shrimp 'n hotroot soup and skilly 'n duff. Or when the crew catches it fish.


    --Sleeping- Deyna is a very rough sleeper, partly due to his having nightmares of his friends death. He sleeps as little as possible because he knows he will have nightmares of that. But when he does sleep it is very little and seldom. He is not a deep sleeper at all.

    -- Heights- Though he loves to climb. He is kind of afraid of heights. He climbs anyway though. He just doesn't look down.

    He and Brogan (His friend) had spent a lot of time together. They had grown very close. He always went on patrol with him and they thought he would make a good soldier. Brogan had taught him all he needed to know but he wasn't old enough. It was Brogan who taught him to use a saber. He had also recommended Deyna to the HQR so he could join the GIR. Brogan was Deyna's closest friend, Deyna even taught Brogan how to make a bow and use one. They were close in age also. Though Brogan was older by a season he was like an older brother to Deyna. Without his family Deyna lived with Brogans family, he considered them his own family since he didn't remember his own family.

    Deyna had several friends on Green Isle, and a few of them were in the Green Isle Regiment. Deyna highly admired them and always wanted to join the Green Isle Regiment but he just wasn't old enough. He finally got his chance, as young as he was. He was with his friends when they were patrolling the Isle. They were nearing the place where the High Queen Rhulain was living, when they came upon a small band of vermin who seemed to be scouring the Isle looking for plunder when they came upon The HQRs Holt. When Deyna and his friends arrived there they found her in a corner with a vermin standing around her, and the other vermin going through her things. Deyna drew his sword with the others and got ready to rush in. Deyna gave a wild war cry and charged in with the others at his heels. One of the vermin was raising a dagger over the HQR when Deyna charged. He threw himself at the rat with all his might thrusting his sword through the rat. Another rat was sneaking behind him when one of the otters threw himself between them and took the blow that was meant for Deyna. He turned around and saw Brogan fall, throwing his sword right at the rat he fell down on his knees beside his dying friend tears streaming down his face.

    After that scene he went out of the Holt and gathering a troupe of soldiers he went down to the sea and spotting the vermin ship he swam out to it. Most of the crew was still on it because they all didn't need to go on land. They scaled the side and were on the ship in seconds. Deyna felt the blood rising his eyes were red and the blood wrath was coming over him. He whipped out his saber and started toward the vermin. His blade was like a windmill when he met them. He was upon then in seconds and was causing havoc among them. The other otters were sure to stay out of his way knowing how dangerous a beast can be when the blood wrath is upon him.

    Dawn broke to reveal a bloody site. The ship was strewn with dead rats and stoats, and other beasts his friend was avenged.
    Deyna was slumped on the rail to all who saw him he would appear to be dead. But when they found him they found out he was not dead yet.

    He recovered months later and finding that staying on Green Isle held to many sad memories for him. So asking for a commission on the ship he had captured he went out to sea. After spending several seasons on the ship Sea Lily (which is what it had been named) he was called by the HQR when he arrived at her Holt to see her he was surprised when she gave him command of The ship Sea Lily. He had been very good on a ship and she was very pleased with his success she gave him the ship. For she was right, when ever they were attacked Deyna was the first out to fight. He was very good at sailing and navigating, which is a skill that not very many beasts were good at. He was glad that the High Queen Rhulain was pleased with his deeds. And surely after he had received his promotion not a single vermin ship landed at Green Isle. The HQR was very proud and glad that she had given him his promotion. She then had an idea that might help the Isle. She had Deyna sail back and forth between Mossflower, Salamandastron and Green Isle trading.

    :Mother: Starbud
    :Father: Ragnar
    :Sister: Sereld

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