Time to Relax

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    Brad unbuckled his scabbard letting it hit the ground "Clunk!" It was heavy because of the large Broad Sword. The goodbeast that let him in fed him soup and gave him plenty of water. He was sent with a basket of strawberries to munch on when he left the creatures house. He rested his head and filled his mouth with strawberries. They put a smile on Brad's face.

  • Lily came up to Brad and just stood there. Looking at him. staring.

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    "Um, Hello!" He just smiled at her. "Whats your name?" He swallowed the strawberries in is mouth and sat up. He took off his Spartan Helmet, his head fur pushed a little over his blue eyes.

  • "Lily." she said bashfully. Giggling she looked down at the ground and kicked lightly at it with her foot.

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    "Nice to meet you Lily! My name is Bradley, you can call me Brad." He looked at little one (She is a little one right? o_o) and smiled at her. "Where is everyone? I only saw one good beast so far besides you." He was excited to see some new faces around.

  • "I don't know. They say something bad is on the path though. Lots of people are in meetings talking about it." Looking back down at the ground again, she giggled.

    -ooc- Yes. She's a sorta dibbun. Little old but still technically a dibbun. about age 6 or seven in human years.

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    His eyes widened and he thought to when he was on the path. "Yeah its not safe. I saw the creature. He smelled like death, a long scythe. I could tell he was all bones.. you could see it when his cloak was clinging to his back." He was worried for the good animals of Redwall. "It's not safe, don't let any beast outside the gates."

  • Lily's eyes grew big. "Why? Redwall is a safe place for all beasts. Even vermin if they are nice and take a bath."

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    He tried to keep from frightening her. "Well lets just say he's different. Redwall warriors will protect this place though, and I'll help too." He winked at her. "Well we should be safe here. I saw some beasts going after this creature. I will go and help when I fully recover. Don't you worry Lily." He was always happy, carefree when it came to those who were a lot younger than him.

  • "I'm not afraid. But why are people going to attack him if they haven't talked to him yet? Maybe he just needs a bath and that's why he smells bad." Lily wasn't so sure herself.

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    "Hahaha, you are a funny one. Good sense of humor." He chuckled some more. "It's more than his smell that makes him bad. Hmm.. how to explain this.. Oh, when you are near him you get a bad chill in your spine. The area around him turns cold, he has glowing eyes. I don't think he has any skin but I'm not sure yet. He carries a large sharp scythe. Gives off a creepy feeling. I hope that he has some good in him and doesn't do anything bad."

  • "Maybe he just doesn't know that he looks like that. Or maybe he is sick inna head. Why do we kill if we don't know him. He hasn't done anything yet has he?" Lily was no fully confused by the world of adults.

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    "Well we'll talk about him later." He looked around and ate another strawberry. "Could you take me to the other adults around here?"

  • "Their in the Great Hall. Talking. Dibbuns aren't allowed in. I'm not a dibbun but they still wouldn't let me in."

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    "The great hall eh? Well.. show me the way."

  • Lily grabbed Brad's strong hands and led him to the entrance of the Great Hall. "They may not like a stranger in ther mista. But you can try if you want." She then turned and began to skip away down the hall.

    -ooc- I've already put a post up in the Great Hall for the discussion of the beast.

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    He looked at the large entrance where he heard chatter. "Don't worry I'll see what I can do." He yelled out to her as she skipped away. "Make sure no one takes my sword. Its the closest thing to me, I wouldn't know what to do if it was gone!"

    OOC: Alright I'll be there"

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