Stephen O'Malley

  • Name:Stephen O'Malley

    Nickname:Death's Reject




    Description: The best way to describe this creature is a cold hearted monster with no regrets what so ever. His gaze is that of a gentel beast, but that is a empty lie. His voice dose not match the creature, for it is a soft, sweet, caressing voice. He is none of that.

    Appearance: Stephen is a pale, doughy white. He looks dead basically, as well he should. His eyes are red and souless. He wares a worn purple suit and matching top hat.His trousers, the same. He also wares a noose like a necklase

    Possessions: This guy has two, pinkey long knifes, a long whip, a long gutting knife, and a grisly three bladed sword.

    Strengths: He has no moral values, so fighting dirty is a thing for him. His voice puts off many victims and he is very brutal.

    Weakness: Being albino, the sun hurts him. He sleeps horribly, and he can't stand small group meetings.

    Background: O'Malley was underground crime organization's prodigy. He would and could kill any beast he was sent after. His parrents no where to be seen (as if he cared) the mob took care of him. With his natural brutality, killing was a breeze for him. He quickly began to rise through the ranks, and not just from being a good follower.
    Jealousy and envoy enveloped a group of new comers, so they decided to 'meet' Stephen in a private area. They hanged him from a tree and gave him a shallow grave. However, they never checked to see if he died. The rope failed to break his neck and he was cut too soon to strangle. After digging his way out, he mutilated the traitors, but leaving one alive to tell the tale. Now he's a hit man for hire in Mossflower, frequently moving around the area.

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