Triana Fleetpaw

  • Nickname: Ears

    Full Name: Triana Fleetpaw

    Species: Red Squirrel

    Description: Average in color, though height-wise she's quite tall. Light brown eyes, larger than average ears with thick ear tufts, and often has a quiet, self-contained demeanor. Friendly to be sure, but is happy to stay put and watch until she's approached.

    Possessions: A yew bow and quiver of arrows. A small steel dagger that she keeps close, just in case. As far as clothes go, she prefers a long tunic of the soft green most of the abbey clothes are made out of, but has a few nice dresses that she reluctantly puts on only when she must.

    Strengths: A skilled archer and, a natural climber. She's quite observant, making her a decent judge of character.

    Weaknesses: Has a deep fear of water, and is severely allergic to strawberries.

    Background: Triana Fleetpaw is one of a long line and large family of Abbey Dwellers, and has enjoyed a calm and happy childhood. Her family are not normally rovers and wanderers, but her father and herself often range Mossflower and the Southsward, and west toward the shores and Salamandstron. As of late, she wanders by herself, despite her parent's protests.

  • This is really great! 🙂 I look forward to reading you posts.

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