Cold Breath

  • “What do you plan on doing with Loki, if you do in-fact catch him?”

    "If he will join in our campaign, then we will have him," Trysta smiled, "if he proves unhelpful, then he will be removed." The female weasel looked to the entrance of the tent as a sudden burst of noise started up from outside. There were a exclamations of surprise, expletives, laughs, and talking coming from all around the main camp area.

    "What in the name of Asmodeus is going on out there?" Trysta said in an exasperated tone, "Aldrick, watch the mouse while I go check it out. If she's gone when I get back, let's just say you better be too."

    "Y-yes ma'am, I won't fail you," Aldrick said with a sharp salute, "you can count on me!" Trysta gave him a small wave of her paw and ducked out of the tent flap. Aldrick found himself alone with Kiara still half tied up. "Well, um, finish eating there miss," Aldrick mumbled, "then I'll have to tie you back up."

    "What is going on here?" Trysta snapped at Valdis when she located him in the center of the Redclaw camp. He turned and gave her a cold glare before answering.

    "A rat scout came in almost dead. His patrol was slaughtered by the fox, who claims to have Loki," Valdis said in a flat tone, "he has a price on the mouse, and he wants to meet Zarek at night."

    "Does Zarek know about this?" Trysta asked.

    Valdis nodded, "aye, and he has all intention of being there, but not without Ciera."

    "Where has that dratted vixen gotten off to anyway?" Trysta said while looking around the crowd, "now do you see why bringing that fox into the camp was a bad idea?"

    "No, for the mouse will be ours, and if the fox tries anything, he'll be dead," Valdis said with a smirk. He then turned to the various troops around the camp center and barked out the order, "guard platoon one, form up!" At his command, two score of the heavily armed and armored "guard" formed into a well ordered squad. The tips of their halberds gleamed in the dying sunlight.

    The center tent of the camp was suddenly thrown open and the hulking wildcat, Zarek Redclaw, emerged from it at last. He was dressed in his full battle gear of chain mail, and his scimitar was at his belt. "Is Ciera present?" he asked in his deep, guttural voice.

    "No sir, there has been no sign of the vixen since the captive was taken," Valdis explained.

    "We do not need her then," Zarek growled, "let us go."

    Vladis nodded and turned to the guard platoon. "Defensive format now!" Vladis shouted. The guard formed a circle two beasts deep around Zarek, their halberd poles and shields blocking him from view.

    "Valdis, you will remain in command while I am gone," Zarek told his guard captain. This drew a few glances from Trysta and Emmett, but they did not say anything to oppose the order..

    "Move," Zarek growled at his guard. They marched off in the direction the dying rat had come from.

    "I am sorry to leave so quickly, but I should be getting back to the camp now," Ciera explained, "though I am solitary they may still miss me after some time." Without another word she ducked off into the brush and disappeared in the direction of the Redclaw camp. She was feeling very good about herself. If Dester's plan worked, then power would be hers. If it looked like it wouldn't succeed, she could jump in to stop him at the last minute. Then she could lay claim to having uncovered the plot and Zarek's favor would be with her.

    As she was thinking about this, she nearly walked right into the side of the guard platoon as it was passing through the woods. "Halt!" Zarek's loud voice called. The platoon came to sudden stop in front of the fox assassin. Zarek pushed a few of the guard aside to speak to the vixen. They were quick to get out of his way.

    "Ciera, I am glad you decided to return," Zarek said quickly, "your services are required."

    "Why, where are you going Lord Zarek?" Ciera asked.

    "To meet the fox, he claims to have the thief in his possession," Zarek answered.

    "He lies," Ciera hissed. She had seen Loki quite free just a little while back. However, she could not give Zarek this proof as it would show her connections with them.

    "Come and walk with me vixen," Zarek said, "you shall be my safeguard against his treachery." Ciera hesitantly approached the wildcat in the center of the guard unit and stood next him. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders in a surprisingly gentle manner and pulled her close to him. "I know not where the intentions of Vladis's fox lie, but I have always trusted you, Ciera," Zarek whispered in her ear, "if Valdis has failed me, then it is you I shall take under my wing as my only daughter." The wildcat let go of Ciera and stood straight as the unit began its march again.

    The vixen's head was full of confused thoughts. Ciera never would have guessed how high she was in Zarek's trust. That he would doubt his adopted son, Valdis, before her. She had Sijra to thank for that. That would make it all the more easy to betray Zarek, or gain his favor. What path Ciera would take was still a mystery to her. But she knew that she wanted Sijra dead.

    Loki, pleasantly oblivious the political battle that was taking place on so many fronts, approached Dester with a spring in his step. "Well, it seems we have fightin' chance now," Loki grinned, "we got a enemy assassin on our side, as well as a master thief! Savin' Kiara will be easy as pie!"

    He looked at Belarus with a wry grin. "But I really don't think you'll be much in that matter," Loki chuckled, "you'd stand out like a candle in the night with that white fur o' yours."

  • The old fox lowered his head at Loki’s comment and grabbed the hilts of his sheathed long swords on his back “So? The enemy numbers are like insects on a summer night, mayhap this candle can draw a few away from the prize and burn them… Hmm, or are you implying that you don’t think I can help?”

    Belarus removed his claws from the hilts of his long swords and let his claws drop to his side as he narrowed his misty eyes.

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  • Kiara watched and listened to the female weasel. "And if you catch him, I'll be set free, right?" She asked, though her question wasn't answered as noise can be heard from outside the tent and Trysta went to see what was going on. She watched her leave, then looked around the tent for a moment, her head turning back to Aldrick as he spoke to her.

    "Why do you take orders from her, when it could be you giving out orders? Let me go, and power could be yours." She said with a sigh as she finished eating.
    The mouse-maid had contemplated on escaping, but she doubted that she could get out of the camp with everything that was going on outside the tent, if she even got out of the tent at all. However she doubted that Aldrick would do anything to her, for in order for their plan to work, they needed her, but she dare not test that theory, so she would play nice for now, until such a time where she could actually get out alive and unharmed.

    She gave a sigh offering no struggle, allowing Aldrick tied her arms back to the pole as they both listened to what was going on in the camp outside the tent, then everything became quiet once again, though Trysta did not come back.

  • Dester pondered the offer the old white fox made. 'He could make a decent distraction, but that may end up being bad later on. If they catch him, he could very well tell our plans if he is… persuaded correctly.' "I'm not implying you can't help, but you are old. It is a very real chance that you could get caught and even greater chance that you won't survive. You understand this, correct?"

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        It was not long before Darkangel's black talons rested on Sijra's shoulder again.
        The crow's news of the platoon came as now surprise. No leader would venture from the ranks of his beasts without a crowd of steel mimes at both paws.
        Of course, he had also intended on intercepting Ciera before she returned to Zarek. That made things harder. It was time to switch paws.
        Sijra lowered his cowl over his eyes. Darkangel folded his silky wings in the midnight dark and waited for instructions.

    It wasn't long before the far-reaching arm of his plot made it as far as Valdis's ears.
        A middle-ranking rat swept suddenly into his tent, gasping for air. There was a bloodied dagger in one paw. "Sir, we found this in the back of one of our Patrol officers at the edge of camp," he said.
        A small scroll was wrapped around the dagger's hilt. He passed it gingerly to Valdis. "I know it is not my place to advise, sir, but news of this could spread chaos throughout the camp."
    Fool Lord Valdis,
        Zarek has fallen prey and is hostage to my beasts. Meet me where Sijra was to hold conference for the release of Loki. I will discuss either his release or his death according to your will and ransom. The body of the fox assassin is yours as well. We honestly have little use for it.
        With far less love than candor,

    As Zarek's beasts pulled to a halt before the fox assassin, there was a brief moment of silence.
        "Zarek!" Sijra barked. "Do you need thirty armed beasts by your side to hold conference with a single fox?"

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    ["I'm not implying you can't help, but you are old. It is a very real chance that you could get caught and even greater chance that you won't survive. You understand this, correct?"]
    Belarus turned his narrowed eyes to Dester and mumbled something for a moment then snorted at the rat "Getting caught is one thing…"
    The old fox cracked a fang showing grin "Surviving however, heh whether I do or don't doesn't really bother me. I thought you would've been able to tell that back in the tunnels. If someone..." The old fox glared at Loki "hadn't brought the entire cave system down the likelihood is another beast would be sitting here in my place... Hmph caves in on a mouse but me... no I get a blasted sword to the face. I couldn't croak if'n I wanted to all death does is taunt me like the blinkin fox... You really need to ask if I understand?"

  • Dester couldn't help but smile at the ageing fox. The rat found his friend's courage admirable. "Yur a true friend, ya really are." The corsair had a short wheezy laugh. "I'm taking on a hoard with a team made up of an old fox, a thief, my looney brother, and a back-stabber. Heh heh heh, ohhh this is madness." After his short monologue he pointed at the two. "Right, we need to be prepping for this..this rescue. Lets go."

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