The phantom

  • Nickname: the phantom

    Full Name: Knez,Shadow Hand

    Species: Marlfox

    Description: Red eyes,black/gray fur,black worn cloak & many battle

    Possessions: steel,Jewel tipped knife,smoke pellets  and anything
    he can steal.

       -good lock picker
       -very stealthy even for a marlfox
       -keen with a knife
       - fears the great lake
       - hates other foxes to the point of blood shed
       - cares little about others

    History: the 8Th marlfox in silth's brood having been the runt  she cast him in the lake it is a mystery how he is still alive. He is thought to be a legend by most of Mossflower but they can't explain all the dead foxes. He hates them all, due to the cruel Marlfoxes that left him for dead.

  • This is really good
    The only suggestions I would make are either mechanical (punctuation and stuff) or having to do with the Weaknesses. His fear of the lake is the only significant weakness that I noticed. It might help if he were really old, vision-impaired, was terrified of water in general or something like that.

    You don't have to make that change now, however. As you role play with Knez, you might find out things about hi that you didn't originally know. New strengths and weaknesses could crop up on their own and you can add them later.

  • Well, the hate of foxes to the point of bloodshed is an interesting weakness. It is most definitively so because he may be in a situation where steal is required but he does an assassin's run and ends up getting caught because of it. But it has to be consistent.

    Fear of the Great Lake is an interesting one that I have never heard before. In the movie Unbreakable, someone makes a comment. She said that there were two different types of villains. There were the military style baddies that fought the hero with their hands, and then there were the much more powerful villains that fought the hero with their own mind. Which one is more interesting? I think all of us would come to the same conclusion.

    It is very impressive that you have already come up with a character like this. I would have thought that you were experienced, except for the typos. Do keep a watchful eye out for those, but don't let it dictate your posting.  Be sure to proof read your posts though to catch any errors.

    Good to have you here on RL. Consider this an informal mod's formal welcome. Just call me CQ. 😉

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