The Winners!!! (MoM)

  • I have a dilemma here people, only two people voted so I have three people with one vote each. I will just pick names at random and put them in the 1-3 positions.

    #1 Jared Sandeye  (Applause in background)

    #2 Penblade The Bard (More Applause)

    #3 Danker (Even more Applause)

    If anyone wants to vote in the one day we have left in this month, they can, and I will change winners if need be.

    For the September Member of the Month voting, I will put up a poll with the names of the most active members. I'll make it so that no one can see the out come until the end of the month.

  • Hoozah! Even with the odds of being randomly picked stacked against me I am yet victorious! Congratulations Dank and Jared.

  • I'm sorry I wasn't here to vote. I haven't been around for much of anything lately. I'm just sort of a phantom that floats in and out, making sure that things are working fine. 😕

  • Lol, I'm glad you can get on at all Seth! 😛 I've been holding down the fort pretty well, but now I won't feel all alone. 😉

  • Global Moderator

    Just to let you all know, I didn't vote for myself, but I'm not telling whom I voted for.

  • Just to let you all know, I was the one that voted for Penblade. 😛  K'thanks. Bye!

  • I am in sort of a dilema. I haven't been on in ages and I am not happy to admit I haven't been doing my job very well in that time. That being said, I would vote for Sparhawk because of his job as a mod this past little while, but I really haven't been here to see it. I just expected that he would have been doing well. Also, I can only see three other names on there that I have had any real past history with, which leaves all the others. In order to vote fairly, I can't really vote at all if you know what I mean.

  • Well CQ you could just randomly pick two names.

  • Yeah, Sparhawk deserves a hearty clap on the back. You did awesome and we're really grateful you took up the slack while we were gone. Thanks 🙂

  • No problem oh mighty and revered leader!

  • Ok, I just went looking through a lot of the posts for the last month or so, and I came to a decision. 😄 Good month! Just wish I had been here for all of it.

  • OK, so the voting ends at 11:08AM, if you haven't voted NOW is the time to do it. At 11:08 I will announce the winners of Sept.'s MoM.

    Thx, Spar

  • OK, so the are winners for the September Members of the Month are as follows;

    1st place goes to, Sparhawk! (Hey, that's me! :P)
             2nd place goes to, Danker!
                    3rd place goes to, Marshall

    Congratz to the winners! And thank you for voting!

    Thunderous applause

  • Gratz to you winners! I got two votes? I didn't win but thanks guys! I hardly ever get voted for these things! 😛

  • I would edit your guys' profiles if I could but I can't ATM. As soon as Seth makes me recorder I will be able to. You know, to put "Officially Awesome" as a title.

  • I voted for you Vik! Cangratz guys!

  • Whoa, 3rd place?  DERRRRRRTY

    And I haven't been on this sight for a month or so…  🙂  I guess I got swag.  xD

    ANYWHOO, Congrats to Spar and Dank, you guys rock.  😄

  • Thanks Rorg! ^.^ I Kind of forgot who I voted for! But good job!

  • Lol Marshall! Gratz Spar & Dank & Marsh-
    I got 1 vote yayz! 😄 I don't know who voted for me but… If somebody still votes for me when i'm this inactive, well... (I must be... Awesome.)
    ^.^ nice votes Vikenti.

  • Lol, thx guys! I'll put up the Oct. MoM tomorrow. Do we wanna do poll again?

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