I have a dilemma here people, only two people voted so I have three people with one vote each. I will just pick names at random and put them in the 1-3 positions.

#1 Jared Sandeye  (Applause in background)

#2 Penblade The Bard (More Applause)

#3 Danker (Even more Applause)

If anyone wants to vote in the one day we have left in this month, they can, and I will change winners if need be.

For the September Member of the Month voting, I will put up a poll with the names of the most active members. I'll make it so that no one can see the out come until the end of the month.

Hoozah! Even with the odds of being randomly picked stacked against me I am yet victorious! Congratulations Dank and Jared.

I'm sorry I wasn't here to vote. I haven't been around for much of anything lately. I'm just sort of a phantom that floats in and out, making sure that things are working fine. 😕

Lol, I'm glad you can get on at all Seth! 😛 I've been holding down the fort pretty well, but now I won't feel all alone. 😉

Just to let you all know, I didn't vote for myself, but I'm not telling whom I voted for.

Just to let you all know, I was the one that voted for Penblade. 😛  K'thanks. Bye!

I am in sort of a dilema. I haven't been on in ages and I am not happy to admit I haven't been doing my job very well in that time. That being said, I would vote for Sparhawk because of his job as a mod this past little while, but I really haven't been here to see it. I just expected that he would have been doing well. Also, I can only see three other names on there that I have had any real past history with, which leaves all the others. In order to vote fairly, I can't really vote at all if you know what I mean.

Well CQ you could just randomly pick two names.

Yeah, Sparhawk deserves a hearty clap on the back. You did awesome and we're really grateful you took up the slack while we were gone. Thanks 🙂

No problem oh mighty and revered leader!

Ok, I just went looking through a lot of the posts for the last month or so, and I came to a decision. 😄 Good month! Just wish I had been here for all of it.

OK, so the voting ends at 11:08AM, if you haven't voted NOW is the time to do it. At 11:08 I will announce the winners of Sept.'s MoM.

Thx, Spar

OK, so the are winners for the September Members of the Month are as follows;

1st place goes to, Sparhawk! (Hey, that's me! :P)
         2nd place goes to, Danker!
                3rd place goes to, Marshall

Congratz to the winners! And thank you for voting!

Thunderous applause

Gratz to you winners! I got two votes? I didn't win but thanks guys! I hardly ever get voted for these things! 😛

I would edit your guys' profiles if I could but I can't ATM. As soon as Seth makes me recorder I will be able to. You know, to put "Officially Awesome" as a title.

I voted for you Vik! Cangratz guys!

Whoa, 3rd place?  DERRRRRRTY

And I haven't been on this sight for a month or so…  🙂  I guess I got swag.  xD

ANYWHOO, Congrats to Spar and Dank, you guys rock.  😄

Thanks Rorg! ^.^ I Kind of forgot who I voted for! But good job!

Lol Marshall! Gratz Spar & Dank & Marsh-
I got 1 vote yayz! 😄 I don't know who voted for me but… If somebody still votes for me when i'm this inactive, well... (I must be... Awesome.)
^.^ nice votes Vikenti.

Lol, thx guys! I'll put up the Oct. MoM tomorrow. Do we wanna do poll again?

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