• Name- Duskbloom
    Age- 29
    Birth Date-
    Species-Black Swan
    Occupation and Home- Wandering Warrior, Mossflower
    Alignment-Chaotic Neutral

    Appearance-Black feathers the color of wet ash cover his entire frame save a line of white flight feathers that run along his wing edges, the deep black of his feet and the crimson and white of his bill. His bill is bright red, with a pale bar and tip; and his legs and feet are grayish-black. His eyes are twin pools of black tary darkness, showing not even the slightest hint of a pupil, with a circle of hellish red around the outside of the eyeball. He has a thick bulky torso, supplanted by two massive wings and a long snakelike neck. His beak is chipped in several places, but still maintains its gleaming shine. (See Picture- http://g2.img-dpreview.com/DDA0F9CBD54D4ABEBE05D83098DD7AA1.jpg)

    Personality- Duskbloom does not care for wealth or power, his heart only beats to the drums of war. Battle is in his blood, and fills his soul. His sole purpose in life, his sole reason for living is to draw the blood of those he feels worthy of his notice in single combat. He is not a bird of revenge however and bows to a superior warrior with no malice in his heart. He is bound by a moral and seemingly alien code of ethics and will defend the most despicable vermin from the goodliest beasts only to rip out that very vermin’s throat a week later in the middle of battle and join the other side against his former allies. He fights without mercy or quarter and expects none in fact the concept is so foreign to him he could not understand it if shown to him a hundred times. He respects strength and nothing else, and backs down from no beast no matter the odds or situation. He is not cruel however and despises those that hurt the weak seeing them as the worst kind of coward and kills them with a blind fury.

    • He is a vicious combatant and can overwhelm beasts many times his strength with his relentless assault.
    • He possesses the power of flight.
    • He can swim and dive with great speed.
    • He blends well within the darkness.

    Character Weaknesses:
    • He is ungainly in the air.
    • His natural weapons are not overly sharp or deadly.
    • Civilized concepts are completely alien to him.
    • He carries no wealth or material objects of any kind.

    Weaponry: His Bill, Wings, and Foot Claws

    Parents: Night Wing (Father, Unknown), Moon Feather (Mother, Unknown)
    Siblings: None
    Other Relationships: None

    History: Born in a pod of black swans in the swamps of Mossflower, Duskbloom was raised with the warrior ideals of swandom. This cold and unwavering look at life shaped his morals and formed his identity from the first day he pecked out of his egg. His father saw in his son an unreasonable lust for battle at an early age, after Dusk had killed several salamanders in single combat at the age of 13 with no provocation. As this was not the swan way, his father tried unsuccessfully for years to lead his son back away from a dark path of self destruction, but he failed. So after eight years of his father still seeing the fire, passion, and depth of love for combat the Dusk displayed gave his son a task. He would have to journey the world and fight till he could fight no more, and until that happened he was banished from the pod under penalty of death. Dusk could not believe his fathers decree, but with his heart choked with pride he stormed off, his head held high. Duskbloom has wandered the forests of mossflower for nine years sense that day, living each day in combat and death. Yet even now his heart still is not sated and he will continue for nine more if necessary, until he can find a release from his blood lust.

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