Has and Fa

  • Nick names:Special Friends.

    Names:Has and Fa


    Length:Fa 5'2,Has 3'6

    Sex:Fa Female,Has Male.

    Description:Has is Jeromey's decision maker.He makes sure the fox doesn't do anything rash that could get him sent away or killed.Fa is Jeromey's life guide.She tells him opportunities that can benefit him.With out them,Jeromey would most likely revert back to his insane,killer state.

    Posseions:Only the items Jeromey purchases.

    Appearances:Fa is copper on her top and Grey on bottom.Has is brown camo on top and black on bottom.Fa's fangs are an inch and a half long.Has's fangs are only an inch.

    Strengths:Being vipers,they are extremely fast and deadly.Added to that,they have a fox that will do almost anything they tell him to.Even though Jeromey is mostly sane,most towns he terrorised still have substantial bounties on him.Any hunters that come after him,they dispose of.

    Weakness:Though they are vipers,birds of prey are still a threat to them.Armoured foes are also an issue for them.

    Backgrounds:Has and Fa came from different lands.Has was from the east.Fa,the south.When the serpents hitched a ride on a merchants wagon,they eventually found each other.At first,they hated each other,but as time passed,they found each other most comforting.Has made Fa his mate and have made broods of deadly vipers.Traveling great distances to raise their young safely,the found the asylum Jeromey was held.They used him a vessel to travel,and gave him advice that made him rich.They now live in Jeromey's large manor,safely raising more nightmares.

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