Jeromey Luster

  • Nick name:Serpent's friend.

    Name:Jeromey Luster




    Species:Grey Fox

    Description:Jeromey is very clean and neat.He always keeps every thing in it's place.His cloths are always in order and his home,spotless.Very odd for any creature to be this clean,but he demands his things be that way.You'll never see any thing of his were it doesn't belong…ever.He always has some sort of awkward grin if he glances at you.

    Appearance:Jeromey is a normal patterned grey fox,grey back red paws.His eyes are brown,and his tail is soft and bushy.Though they aren't normally noticeable,he has odd scars along his wrists,ankles,and muzzle.

    Posseions:He has brass cuff links with snake symbols on them.He has rather expensive cloths he wears on occasion,though his normal attire are nothing to scoff at.He carries around small chest and a sack.His only,lonely weapon is an normal,every day hatchet.

    Strengths:Cleanliness and order is his only priorities,well maybe not his only priorities.If anything is out of place,he puts it back.

    Weakness:He can be a disturbing fellow,keeping everything in line and talking to his sack as if they spoke back.

    Background:Jeromey is a neat orderly fox with a very,very disturbing past.Around the age of six,his house burned down,along with his family who screams still haunt him.This did cause some mental issues for the lad,for now he lived in the street,barley staying alive.Around when he was twelve,he had a fight with another street monger over some stale bread.The monger,much older and bigger,easily over powered him.Angry and distraught,Jeromey roamed the streets hungry.Then he found a simple,sharp hatchet on a carving stand.He stole the blade and went back to the rat,who had found more food.With out hesitating,Jeromey struck the rat in the head,killing him instantly.Jeromey,however kept hacking away.Later he took the food and left the city.
    Rest will come in comment.

  • Rest of Jeromey's background.

    More deaths occurred from town to town,until finally he was thrown into an asylum.Many years past as time and time again,he was unsuccessfully treated.Frustrated,the conclusion came to kill him.A day earlier,two vipers snuck into the facility,into Jeromey's cell.Insted of killing him,they decided they could use him to their advantage.The persuaded Jeromey they were his 'Special Friends'and gave him advice on how to leave the wretched place.When ten armed guards entered his room,they were astonished to see he was 'cured'.He greeted every one,smiled,and gave incredible hospitality.They let him go on that day.The snakes guided him,giving suggestions and advice that turned out best.Slowly,he made his way up the social ladder and by the time he was nineteen,he was very wealthy,rivaling Bartholomew(his neighboor).Though he is much kinder than the mouse.

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