• Creigon the otter slide across the ground as silent as a very light mouse. his sleek body made it easy for him. he was sneaking up on a group of vermin that had gathered. the pictures of his foster parents murderers had been burned in his mind. thinking that maybe they would be in this group he tried to get a glimpse of the rats, weasels and ferrets in the group. the murderers had been two weasels and a ferret/weasel mix. as he was spying he caught a glimps of a squirrel and a mouse both underfed and tied together. the vermin were prodding them with crude knifes and ugly looking spears. He had to do something and he didn't have time to get disgised . He grabbed a vine hanging near by on the ledge he was on and swung down towards the little fiasco taking place. on his way he collided with a rat that had been coming to join the mass jumble. When he hit the rat wailed, " Owww. watch were you're going you…..." He was silenced by the knife Criegon wield. But the rat had made too much noise.

  • Kiara looked up to see what was gonig up. She hoped all the beasts around her and her friend would go and find out, that way they'll have a chance to escape.

  • Weasels, rats and even a monitor rushed at him. Yanking a dead tree limb from its place he swung with all his might at the creatures attacking him, tossing them to the side. A well aimed dirk landed in his arm. Pulling it out he realized that it was a big mistake. blood started flowing freely. Still trying to defend his vine a nd himself he tried to stop the bleeding with a piece of clean cloth. If someone didn't help out soon he would be a dead water dog.

  • While all was focused on this otter, Kiara managed to free herself and her friend and went for a bow and arrow that they had left behind and started letting arrows fly through the air, hitting some of the vermin.

    "Ha…serves them right." She said as she continued throwing arrows, the little energy she have had, quickly disapperaing. She shot a few more arrows before giving up. She threw the bow back on the ground. "Hope that helps." She said out of breath.

  • picking up the otter javelin he dropped earlier and started to wield it like a stave. letting out his battle cry he rushed his opponents that had been distracted by the arrows wizzing through the air. "EELLAALLIIAA!" speeding forward he started scatering vermin left and right, killing some, stunning others. Tossing his two short swords to his helpers. "Could use a little help now."

  • the two friends caught the swords and looked at eachother

    "..We'll try our best, but I suggest we hurry up, I don't know how long we can help ya" Kiara said and held the sword in battle position, as did her friend.

  • Creigon grabbed the vine he had sailed in on. no slices. fending off the rats parry, he yelled out "Come on and grab the vine so we can get out of here." Sending the end of the javelin. "The sooner the better."

  • "Got it." Kiara answered back.

    The friends didn't have to be told twice to get out of there. they grabbed onto the vine, holding tightly for dear life.

  • The burly otter swung off with all his strength driving his last knife on hand into a fat weasels jugular. "Hang on tight" landing on the ledge above the mass of confusion. all three took off in the direction opposite of the vermin. "Miss cover our trail. They are bound to fallow soon."

  • Kiara nodded. "…Thank you" She said as she took a branch of leaves and started to sweep their trail and doing anything else she could think of to cover their tracks, talking quietly with her friend.

  • after running a more then five leagues they felt that they had lost them. calling a halt Creigon crashed to the ground exhausted from the running and loss of blood. he had done his best while running. "Now if you don't mind it is time for an introduction from both of you."

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  • "Introduction from both of us? Maybe you should introduce yourself first." Kiara said as she sat, leaning against a tree, as did her friend, Riquita (might as well have a name for her). Both exhausted to the fullest.

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  • I am Creigon Quall. If you know Redwall then I can tell you more ….... after I get an introduction.

  • Kiara sighed. "OK Creigon Quall. My name is Kaira." She said only giving out as much information as he did.

    "And I'm Riquita." Said the squirrel, following Kiara's lead

    Both still leaning on the tree.

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  • "I banned myself from redwall. Don't ask >:o . I am also looking for someone. You gave me the bare minimum so I say no more until you supply more information." The burly otter said shifting sand with a long twig. "what ya waiting for hurry up." But before the maiden could answer there was a rustling of tree limbs and a shower of leaves.

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  • Kiara and Riquita both looked up into the tree, wondering what it was that was causing the leaves to rain down.

    They weren't going to give out any infromation, until they found out if the beast up in the tree could be trusted. They had an issue with trust since they were taken captive.

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    Many nights had gone by, and all without Rillgruf’s direct realization. On he wandered, not having found work for many weeks. It didn’t bother him unduly, the days were warm, the fare was good, and all seemed taken care of. But the nightmares had begun to assault him once the fighting stopped, and soon, he wasn’t sleeping at all. It seemed, as ironic as it was, the fighting was the only thing keeping those memories away, and with such a lack of activity, his was slowly fading away to a shell of what he was before.

    He had just recently stocked up on supplies, and had run into the rubble of what used to be some sort of building.
    Odd. he thought, though he spared nothing more for it, for it didn’t concern him, and in all reality, little did. All that mattered was the road he was following, and the possibility of vermin activity. His bones ached and his head felt as though it were trapped between two boulders; figuring he might find peace up a nearby tree, he climbed a stout looking oak and watched the birds higher up.

    It hadn’t taken long for the calming sounds and the warm sunlight to cause him to doze, his previous exhaustion all but crippling as he closed those red-rimmed eyes. But as his mind faded into sleep, those horrid nightmares assaulted him anew, flashing through his mind like creeping shadows; raking painful black talons all along his sanity, ripping it to shreds.

    The sun seemed to burn with a crimson light, bathing him in red as the screams of the dying battered his ears. Young beasts wept and called out for their parents, twisted and bloodied, grotesque wounds covering their bodies in horrid reality. Rillgruf attempted to reach out for them as they flung themselves off a cliff into a bloodstained ocean. But his paws kept slipping, and he was never fast enough. He spotted one small otter whose mouth was horribly ripped asunder, his smile widened in complete and utter disgust. Rillgruf called out to him, attempted to grab him, but the boy only looked to him and pointed, slowly tilting to fall alongside the other youths into the boiling waters below.

    Rillgruf cried out but nothing could be done, and soon, his body was being assaulted by the youths around him. They screamed at him, wept, and begged his mercy as they attempted to cling to him, dragging him down slowly with the weight of their hot bodies. Rillgruf muttered hundreds of apologies, weeping tears of blood down his stone-grey face, but they just kept pulling on him…hundreds of them, until they finally brought him down to the earth. He was suffocating with their heat and weight, unable to fight as they held his limbs, screaming, crying, begging... Rillgruf couldn’t breathe...he felt weakened and terror ripped through him, but he could do nothing, even as their blood spilled down his throat and threatened to suffocate him, he couldn’t do a thing... He tried to scream, but it was muffled by the blood and fur and bodies which weighed him down like lead, and just as he thought he couldn’t bear it any longer-

    Rillgruf awoke with a start, sending leaves and twigs sailing to the earth below him. For a moment he just blinked and looked about him, confused. Slowly, realization creased his features, and his paws covered his face in horror, shame, and sadness; a few tears managing to trail down his withered and exhaustion-scarred features. With a sniff he wiped them away, gathering his gear to move onward. Staying here wasn’t helping, obviously...

    He then heard a faint voice below, and careened his neck to search for the speaker. He spotted three beasts below, and seeing as he spied no rats, weasels, ferrets, stoats or foxes - he assumed they weren’t of the vermin breed; though Rillgruf had seen all shapes and sizes, and knew better than to assume... But he swiftly jumped down a good ways away, leaving about ten feet between he and the travelers, touching an ear swiftly in greeting.
    “Sorry if I frightened ye.” he offered in that gruff and deep voice, blinking studiously as he eyed the trio. “Didn’t mean to, eh, intrude. Didn’t know there was beasts down ‘ere.” He steadied his pack upon his shoulder, his paws in no way reaching for his cutlass at his side. He seemed friendly enough, and if nothing else, a bit slow.

    He said no more, eyeing them a moment, wondering what their reaction would be. A random rat jumping out of a tree wasn’t exactly a good sign, he’d learned that much, and he knew there was the chance of his intentions being misconstrued, so he figured he’d correct it before it happened.
    “My name’s Torbane, Ah’m a traveling mercenary. You wouldn’t ‘appen to know of a settlement nearby, would ye? Ah’ve had no luck lookin’ fer work of late. Good news I’d be supposin’. No work means no vermin.” He shrugged, a clumsy smile crossing his face slowly.

  • Kiara and Riquita both studied the rat.

    Riquita whispered into Kiara's ear, "Don't mercenaries kill other beasts?.."

    Kiara just nodded, not taking her eyes off the rat.

    Riquita continued with her silent questions to Kiara. "Do you think he's here to bring us back?"

    Kiara looked at her friend. It could be ture, they could have sent him to take them back. She smiled and whispered back, "He's not going to take us back…there's three of us and one of him." That is of course Creigon, would still help them...if not it'll be two on two..or two on one, if he decides not go fight at all.

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  • OOC - I hope Vardon is still alive.  And if he is he better hurry…hehe

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