• Nicole, Noel, and Nyssa- Sisters Wanderers


    Nickname: N/A

    Full Name: Noel Skypaw

    Species: Squirrel

    Age: 27

    Occupation: Leader

    Description: Noel is the eldest and the undisputed leader of the three sisters. She is always taking charge or getting them in order. She has the leadership skills needed to fix any out-of-hand situation. She may seem stern at times but she would never wish harm to any innocent beast. She always wants to bide by the rules and keep things fair. Outdoing everything else is her bravery though; she would gladly give her life to save any of her sisters. She wears a short pale gold dress with long sleeves, and a sash tied around the middle. Around her neck she wears a gold locket on a chain; the locket is in the shape of a heart. It was given to her by a squirrel she once knew, and fell in love with. She still hopes of finding him again someday. Noel’s fur is a thick, bushy, snowy, unblemished, white. Hence the name Noel, meaning angel.

    Possessions: She, like her sister, keeps a bow and a quiver full of arrows. She also keeps a steel “hand-and-a-half” sword, as her weapon of choice. She also has a plain gold circlet with “NNN” carved on it. NNN being the initials of the three sister’s names.



    Nickname: Nyss

    Full Name: Nyssa Skypaw

    Species: Squirrel

    Age: 23

    Occupation: Intelligence

    Description: Nyssa is the thoughtful, quiet one in the group. She doesn’t talk much and she isn’t very sociable. She is known to be very intellectual. She will talk mainly to certain people she judges to think and act like her. She will often be seen crouched over somewhere, looking off into the distance, with her chin cupped in her paw. She is the brains of the party and is counted on to think up of all the plans, though Noel is the one to carry them out. Nyssa is considered slightly on the short side for most female squirrels. She has “thin-ish,” smooth, jet black fur. It shimmers in the sun and like Noel’s fur, is not marred by and other colors. Unlike her siblings she does not wish to fight. This is caused not only by her attitude and nature but also because of a physical disability. Her paw and arm on her right had both been maimed in an encounter with a fox long ago and now hang practically useless at her side. She also used to love to swim more than anything else, now her ability to do so is hindered greatly. Nyssa wears a short, dark blue dress. She wears long gloves of the same blue. The gloves cover her hands and arms up to the elbow, keeping the injured parts out of sight. She also wears tall boots that go with the rest of her clothes. She has a plain, smooth, silver bracelet on each wrist, and she wears small, silver, hoop earrings.

    Possessions: She has a bag which she keeps various books in. Namely an empty book which she uses for a diary. She has a quill pen that she uses to write with. She keeps two blankets, a black cloak, candles, food, cups, a very small pocket-sized knife, and other odd but relatively useful items. Not being a fighter, she doesn’t bother to keep any large weapons.


    -Arm Wound

    Nickname: Nikki

    Full Name: Nicole Skypaw

    Species: Squirrel

    Age: 17

    Occupation: Master of Disguise

    Description: Nicole is a high-spirited, lively, and quick squirrel. She is the youngest of the three and considered just a bit reckless. She’s always ready to take action at a moments notice. She’s always getting into some sort of trouble. Nikki is the most sociable and friendly of the three. She hardly seems wary of strangers and is sometimes to trusting. When is all comes down to it she is extremely likable and easy to get along with. The two things she is best at are archery and disguise. She is considered the best shot of all of the sisters, and a good aim. She is also good at hiding and disguising herself when need be. Nicole wears a thin, long, and tattered, dark-green tank-top. She wears a short skirt of the same, worn, material, but it is a lighter green. She has a long strip of cloth (the same color and material as her shirt) that she wears as a headband. She constantly wears an odd assortment of multicolored jewelry, tailrings, armbands, tailbands, bracelets, anklets. Her garb is very odd but seems to suit her and her personality. She has red fur, a deeper and brighter red than any other red squirrel. It always stands out quite brilliantly being such a different color. It can be desciribed as the color of a glowing red fire. Unlike other red squirrels she lacks the white patch on her stomach. She has very thick, silky fur, and a long, bushy tail. She is tall and fairly skinny adding to her ability to climb and run. Her eyes are large, very slightly slanted, and bright green.

    Possessions: She wears two long bone knives at a belt at her side. She has a bow and a quiver she keeps at her back.




    The sisters were born to Joshua and Elizabeth Skypaw. First Noel, then Nyssa, and lastly Nicole. The sisters always kept together and always looked out for eachother; just the same as if they were triplets, or very close friends. Their mother cared for them, and their father taught them to defend themselves if need be. They all lived in a cave, near to the River Moss. Nikki climbed every tree that got in her path, Nyssa swam from dawn till dusk, and Noel was constantly swinging around an old sword she had found in the bushes. When the three had grown tired of seeing the same things each and every day, and when they were old enough to go out on their own; they left their parents, promising to return soon. They decided to journey throughout much of Mossflower, and then perhaps attempt to find an old Abbey they had heard about.

    Somewhere near the heart of Mossflower they unknowingly stumbled into a vermin camp. Before they knew what had happened they were captured and tied up. The leader of the gang was a stoat, but there was an even more wicked fox that belonged to the group. He and Nyssa rapidly developed a strong hatred for each other. Every time he threatened her for disobedience she would ignore him coldly. It was then he maimed her right arm with his weapon. She never forgave him for that. After a few days imprisoned in a vermin camp, not knowing what would happen to them, they met somebeast who would free them. In the middle of the night they were untied and led away by a shadowy figure in a long dark cloak. For a while they walked without speaking, wondering if they were saved, or if they were in a bigger predicament than they had previously been. Nyssa took time now that she was free to bandage her arm properly.

    Their liberator, they learned, was a tall, male, grey squirrel, named Nathanael. He was a year older then Noel, and he showed certain affection towards her that he did not show the rest. He traveled with the three a while. One day, soon after giving Noel the locket she still keeps, he explained that he would have to leave to find his family. Noel said they would go with him, his disagreed saying it was too dangerous and too far away from their family. He left that night, much to Noel's disappointment.

    The three sisters are still in Mossflower… wandering. ^^

  • I really like this! Lol, I'd like to see these three is action! Nicole sounds a lot like my squirrel, Sparhawk, I can't wait till they meet :P.

  • Their awesome, I'd love to see how they match up with my trio, V-V-V. 😄 Also, what is their overall profession? Wanderers? Warriors? Abbey-beasts?

  • Cool Spar!! ^^ Thanks Vik!- I'm still thinking about professions… maybe I'll just keep them wanderers? What do you think?

  • That works. It's up to you though.

  • Very good!

  • I've got an idea! Why don't we put an "Occupational Hazard"? Like for Wanderers it would be. "Getting lost". 😛

  • Or getting killed by bounty hunters like the Whitedeath trio!

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