Nickname: Leath

Full Name: Leathian Irontail

Species: Monitor Lizard

Age: 32

Height: 10'

Description: Leathian's eyes are burning red and his scales are dark black.  He wears heavy iron armor over his body. His tip of his tail was cut off in fight so it is replaced by a heavy metal barbed tip.

Possessions: Leathian carries a large one handed battle axe and a heavy iron shield.

    - Skilled At Close Combat
    - Good With Throwing Weapons

    - Bad Swimmer


Leathian was born in a swamp deep in Mossflower. He grew up fighting constantly for food and shelter. He grew much bigger and stronger than most of the other swamp creatures, so he came to be a leader of a band of his own. They lie in wait in the swamps for innocent victims, who they kill and eat.