Shaman's Travel (private:Danker,Vik,Penblade)

  • Decca,in an odd place for him to be,was sitting in a corner of a bar.His cloak,saphire side up,draped over his head.Smoking his long,thin,tobacco pipe,while loud talking,cursing,music sounded all around him,it all just…faded away.He was in deep thought,almost trance like staring into a candles flame,rarely blinking,rarely breathing heavily.What was he thinking about?
    Life,and all it's pleasures and pains,honesty and lies,hope...and fear.The den's door open,breaking his stare.He gave a large sigh,blowing out the candle,and partially parting the cloud of smoke that shrouded him.

  • The terrible trio was on the hunt. They had recently been commissioned to capture Decca, a Juska shaman, for one of the various chieftains. Apparently, Decca had put a curse on him or foretold a bad future and he wasn't happy one bit. The Whitedeaths were not very superstitious themselves and thought the whole matter was nonsense. Still, money was money, so they set out on Decca's trail.

    After of few days of walking and asking around, they caught up with their prey. Walking through the smokey bar, they approached the cloak figure, Vikenti in the lead. The three white weasels loomed over Decca, whose face was shrouded in smoke. A few beasts turned to look at the strange scene, but the majority were too drunk to notice. "Hello Decca," Vikenti said, "I believe that is your name. It seems that you have a angered a few beasts before, because there is a price on your head. Now come with us quietly, and you live. Otherwise… well, we'll just have to make due with your scalp." Verusha and Vladimir's paws strayed to their swords as if to back up their brother's statement.

  • "I knew you three were coming."Decca didn't know Vikenti,Verusha,and Vladimir were coming,but assumed that head hunters would be after him."Three weasels take after one,old fox…pathetic.If you think you're getting any thing good for me,heh,big mistake.Since you insist,I have no quarrel.I'll go,but just remember,I being with you will cause much harm for you three."
    Talking about other bounty hunters after him.He emptied his pipe and placed it in his bag.He stood,his saber's silver and gold hilt shined with rubies,amethyst,other gems.He walked to the door and looked at the three."Shall we?"He drolly asked.

  • The triplets were surprised by Decca's willingness to go with them. They though he would have tried to fight back. "Listen fox," Vikenti said in reply to Decca's ominous words, "we don't believe in any of that curse stuff, so don't try that one on me!" He did not get the reference to the others that would kill for the price on Decca. The three weasels surrounded him as they left the establishment and started down the road towards the Juska.

  • "Curses?"He queried."I don't curse others,I just…know what will come of them.How they act,there hobbies,fears.I know what comes to a creature."He stated.
    Most of his predictions come true,not with magic,but with careful observations.When the locust last came,bird migration,even drought durations.He didn't curse creatures,nature did.He knew what would happen to the trio if they try to hand him over.Though he despised the three and what they did,he'd just let them make there own falter.
    "You three seem so sure in your selves.How do you do that?Working as a group with out much grief.I'm impressed."He was not.

  • "Well," Vikenti mused, "we're siblings, so I guess we've learned to put up with each other."

    "Mostly," Verusha said with a sidelong glance at Vikenti.

    "Those two always argue," Vladimir said, "but they can't leave me, I have the money bag!" Taking the said bag from his belt, he tossed it into the air and caught it. Verusha took a swipe at it but missed. With a snicker Vladimir returned the pouch to his belt.

    "It's all harmless banter," Vikenti said, "none of us would ever betray the other." He suddenly froze as a noise came from the underbrush nearby. He gave a quick paw signal to his siblings who drew their blades and stood on ether side of Decca. Vikenti, still empty-pawed, approached the area where the noise had come from. "Come out," he said with a grin, "we won't bite… much!"

    OOC: Setting it up for another bounty hunter to enter.

  • Sebastian watched from the trees above as Decca and the V trio conversed. From what he could gather, Decca had a substantial bounty on his head, and the trio were trying to bring him in, though it appeared that Decca was merely playing them. Foolish weasels. When bagging a fox, one always, always had to be on one's toes. Any master bounty hunter knew that, not that they were masters in any sense.
      He watched for a bit, following them through the treetops, then concluded that he was more capable to take in Decca. If he allowed the V trio to try, they would all probably end up dead anyway. He glided silently to one side of the trail and dropped a dead branch behind some bushes, getting all their attention. Vikenti signalled for his siblings to draw there weapons, and they did, standing on either side of Decca.
      Vikenti walked up to the bushes and started talking to them, "Come out," he said with a grin, "we won't bite… much!"
      As the weasel had a chat with the foliage, Sebastian was already on the other side of the path. He glided silently down behind Verusha, Vladimir, and Decca. Pulling out his crossbow, he swiftly came up behind Verusha, holding it up to the base of her skull, "I certainly hope what you said about betrayal wasn't just banter, for Verusha's sake at least." He called out. He nodded to the fox, "Hello Decca. You look well, if not lucky. I hope you don't mind, but would you mind coming with me? Don't feel angry of course. It is, after all, just business."

  • Verusha gulped visibly as she felt Sebastian's cross bow on the back of her head. "Um, guys," she said nervously, "I think it might be a good time to hand over the fox." Vikenti turned around to face the bat, a smile on his face.

    "Well, flying mouse," Vikenti said, "it look like you've won. Vladimir, give him the fox!" With a shrug, Vladimir shoved Decca towards Sebastian. Vikenti reached into his cloak and pulled a out a knife. "Now if you would kindly release my sister," Vikenti said as he got his dagger ready to throw, "I won't have to skewer you through the eye."

  • Decca sharply smacked Vlad in the shin with his staff."Don't shove me twit."He slowly walked over to the bat."I do hope this won't be a regular thing.I'm getting to old for this heat."
    He pulled his cloak back,showing his facial features.His clouded and good eye peered at Sebastian with sort of a "I hate you all"look."Let's get going before I die of heat exhaustion.Good bye you three,for now."He knew this wasn't to be the last meeting with the trio.

  • "Very good. See you later Vik, Vlad. Thank you for not struggling Verusha. Tah." Sebastian gently but firmly took Decca by the wrist and backpedalled away from the trio, keeping his crossbow on them.
      When they were far enough away, He turned so he was facing where he was going, "So, Decca. What would make a Juska chieftain set a bounty on your head? I've heard of you, and I was under the impression you were just a dandy shaman."

  • "Hm,dandy shaman."He made a stern look a the bat."He asked me to tell him what was to be the out come of a battel.I'd told he fail.This!"
    He pointed to his bad eye."Is what happened when I was right!He lost over half of his warriors and blamed me!"He drew his blade and angrily slashed at a tree."HE asked me!I answered!!HE FAILED,NOT ME!!!"
    His slashes deterring from the tree,started to become erratic and began to veer toward Sebastian."IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!!!"

  • Sebastian pulled out his shortsword, holstering his crossbow, and deflected some of the close blows, "Oh, yes, of course. Of course. What chief wouldn't want you as their shaman? I mean, you're so level headed, and forgiving, and utterly not insane. Alright, keep walking fox." Sebastian's respect for the fox, born of hearing stories about him, was quickly waning in the light of reality.

  • (The Whitedeath trio never gives up. :D)

    "Ouch," Vlad said emotionlessly as Decca stuck his foot paw. The weasels waited until the fox and the bat had disappeared from sight. "Well," Vikenti said, "we have to get moving."

    "Where are we going?" Verusha asked.

    "After our prey," Vikenti said with a wicked grin, "that bat had the drop on us last time, but not now. This time we have numbers and speed on our side."

    "How about the fox," Vladimir asked, "is he wanted alive? Or can we kill him?"

    "I'm afraid dead will not do," Vikenti replied, "or I would have killed him in the bar. But, maimed is fine." Vikenti's grin only widened as he said this. "Now, lets go!" he said. The three weasels sped after their prey, like wild animals on the hunt. Within minutes the came upon the bat and his prisoner, who apparently was not going to put up with being such any longer. The terrible trio stood looking at the sight for a minute, then burst from trees upon their foes.

    Verusha slashed her sword diagonally at the back of Decca's legs while he was busy attacking Sebastian. Vladimir attempted a decapitating strike at the bat, uncaring about his honor or the fairness of the sneak attack. Vikenti stood and watched the scene from a rock, a strange smile on his lips. He would wait to attack till his siblings needed him to.

  • Hearing Sebastian's remarks he calmed down."I'm sorry for that out burst.The bad memories just out way go-AH!!!"Decca buckled as his legs were flied.Not use to pain,screamed in horror as he saw his blood.
    When the rush of adrenalin came,fear was replaced by anger.Seeing a pair of weasel feet,he slashed angrily at them,a solid hit on one leg."YOU IDIOTIC FOOLS!!!I'll show you what happens when you sneak up on a fox!!!"He kept slashing his blade above him,trying to ward off the cowards.

  • Verusha was surprised when Decca struck her leg. Still, it didn't stop her for long. "You stupid fox," she roared, "I'll cut your mangy hide into mince meat!" She got ready to strike at him where he lay.

    "Stop Verusha," Vikenti said as he took a firm grip on her shoulder, "we can't kill him. You help Vlad against the bat and I'll take care of the fox." Limping a little, Verusha moved towards Sebastian, making sure to stay away from Decca's wild slashes. She drew back her blade and brought it down at Sebastian's face.

    Vikenti slipped a blowgun out from his cloak, loading a small dart into it. "Don't worry fox," he said grinning, "all this will do is put you to sleep." He raised the blow gun to his mouth and with one strong blow fired the sleeping dart at Decca's neck.

  • Sebastian began to lower his sword as Decca calmed down, but then he heard a sound in the brush and suddenly, Verusha and Vlad burst forth. Sebastian brought his sword to bear as Vlad came at him and Verusha hamstringed Decca. Vlad made to cut of Sebastian's head, but the bat held his sword diagonally beside his head, catching the blow, then he shoved up to knock Vlad off balance. Spinning around, he smashed the hilt of his sword into the weasel's throat.
      After only a second of rest to recover, Verusha came at him. Flicking his sword sideways in front of him, he just barely kept the blade from piercing his skull. However, he did not stop it from putting a gash in his upper arm as he deflected the blow. He hissed and dropped to one knee. His arm went limp, and he dropped the sword out of the other. Flipping open his coat front, he grabbed his crossbow with his yet functioning paw and prepared for another assault.

  • "Ahh!"He yelped as the dart hit his neck.He could feel himself slipping from consciousness.With his last bit of strength,he manedged to give Vlad a deep gash on his arm,then slipped into slumber.

  • Vladimir had only seconds to react as the sword hilt came at his throat. He knew he couldn't dodge it, but if it hit his throat it may crush it, killing him. So, he did the only thing he could do and turned his neck so the side of it was facing the incoming blow. It still hurt and knocked him further off balance, but at least he was alive. Then Decca's saber flew up and struck him on the arm. Vladimir muttered some colorful words and backed away from Sebastian.

    Verusha charged at Sebastian, slashing at the bat's crossbow in an attempt to damage it. Then she jumped on him, trying to bring him to the ground. Verusha bit at Sebastian's neck, trying to rip out his throat.

    Vikenti drew a length of rope from the knapsack of supplies the triplets had brought with them. As he tied up Decca he talked to the fox as if he could hear. "I suppose now your tied up we'll have to carry you," Vikenti said, "oh well. I almost feel sorry for you after what you said, I have an idea were we both might be able to win!" Leaving the fox tied up he loaded another dart into his blowgun. If his siblings couldn't take care of Sebastian, he would.

  • Sebastian used his crossbow as a shield to block Verusha's blow, then she jumped on him. He staggered back and accidentally fired a bolt straight up. It disappeared through the foliage, but Sebastian didn't notice. He grappled with one arm to try and keep Verusha, who'd apparently gotten a sudden taste for blood, away from his neck. She'd forced him to the ground and Sebastian's arm was weakening, when the crossbow bolt came hissing back to earth. With a thunk, it embedded itself in Verusha's back.
      With Verusha adequately distracted, Sebastian grabbed his crossbow and rolled into the underbrush. He scrambled to get up and ran for his life, breathing hard and holding his dead arm.

  • Verusha screamed in pain and anger as the bolt hit her. She staggered upright, trying to follow Sebastian. But, she didn't get far before collapsing unconscious. Vladimir sheathed his sword and pulled a dagger from his belt. He held it back, ready to throw. "Your mine now bat boy," he hissed.

    His arm was stayed by Vikenti. "The bat is injured and retreating," Vikenti said calmly, "let him go."

    "But he shot Verusha," Vladimir growled. Still, he slipped the knife back into his belt.

    "It's an occupational hazard," Vikenti grinned, "besides, if you go chasing after the bat instead of helping Verusha she might bleed to death." Heading his brother's words Vladimir took some of the healing supplies from the haversack and went to work. He managed to remove the bolt from Verusha's back and place a simple bandage on the wound. He then proceeded to wrap his injured arm and replaced the supplies in the haversack.

    "How come you're not hurt," Vladimir asked Vikenti, "what were you doing while we were fighting the bat?"

    "I have secured the fox, and a plan," Vikenti repleyed.

    "A plan?" Vladimir said confused, "what do we need a plan for?"

    Vikenti leaned over and picked up Decca, grunting under the fox's weight. He put the unconscious beast over his shoulder. "I'll tell you on the way," Vikenti said, "now grab Verusha and let's go to the point were we'll meet the Juska leader's scouts."

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