Nova Starlight

  • (Note: Based off characters from fan fictions I've written.)
    Nickname: Nova, Bluelight

    Full Name: Nova Starlight

    Species: White Vixen

    Age: 25

    Height: An ear shorter than the average white fox.

    Description: Dark blue eyes with white fur, Nova can be sneaky and deceptive like foxes are known for though she usually dose such things to avoid conflict rather than risk starting it. Like her predecessors she is strong though a little mentally unstable proving to be both a good and bad thing though she also has carried on the trait of having a voice that is more like that of a peaceful beast than a vermin. Nova wears a white uniform of pants and shirt to match her fur color though she also has a fired light steel cuirass for defense.

    Possessions: Nova carries a fired broadsword in her belt scabbard.


    • Above average strength
    • Light Voice
    • Quick reflexes and movement.


    • Mentally unbalanced (severe mood swings)
    • Hates large open areas of water (lakes / rivers)
    • Tends to be shy (avoids prolonged conversations)


    The distant descendent of  a line of white foxes that originated in a far away land Nova carries some of the traits her ancestors like their exceptional strength and speed but this comes at the cost of mental problems as at one point in her bloodline one side of her family suffered from blood wrath as well as a form of bipolar disorder brought about by vermin instincts with a relatively neutral consciousness.

    As for her family it is uncertain who or where they are for her caretakers found her at four seasons (or years) old lying on the beach near burnt ship that was still smoldering. The group of white foxes that had found her took her to their encampment in the Northlands where they taught her the ways of vermin though it never completely set into her mind. After a bloody battle with feral cats resulting in the deaths of almost half the horde she was in Nova defected and traveled south to get away from the constant fighting that plagued the area. Having traveled south for two seasons Nova has come into the Mossflower area a stranger to the area thus creating a lack of relationships which isn’t helped by what she is.

    Personality: Can be either violent or nice depending on her mindset though she usually prefers to avoid other beasts not wanting to create conflicts or risk injury. Sometimes she snaps out of her vermin state of mind with the realization of what exactly she is doing causing her to breakdown this is particularly the case when faced with harming dibbuns. Nova takes particular interest in reading though her position makes this somewhat difficult.

  • Character Attributes/Personality :Nova
    Curiosity: Medium / Low
    Imagination: Medium
    Ambition: Medium
    Education: Medium (High - Bookworm)
    Prejudices: High
    Alertness: Medium
    Ability to Reason: Medium - Very Low
    Generosity: Medium / Low -Very Low
    Reliability: Medium - Very Low
    Excited: Low
    Content: Very Low
    Lonely: Medium / High
    Nervous: High

    Personality scarring event: No memory of parents and raised by vermin who she later betrayed leaving her in a state of flux where her personality shifts between the ways she was raised before her memory loss and after. The result is that Nova has a split personality which she dislikes.


    Classification: Vermin
    Kingdom Allegiance: None
    Local Loyalty: Loosely Woodlanders
    Alignment: Uncertain (+0)
    Ethical Status: Gray
    General Mood: Unpredictable
    Expend-ability (0-10): 8

    Other Skills (NOTES):
    In her travels south Nova has developed additional minor skills regarding lone survival.

    • Doesn't need to sleep very long to recover strength.
    • Efficiently gathers fish from small brooks, streams, and ponds.
    • Stalling / avoiding fights in some situations.
    • Avoiding frequently traveled routes in unfriendly regions.

    Even when in a verminous state of mind Nova generally doesn't hurt goodbeasts siting that if she killed them she wouldn't have anyone to chase for fun.

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