Hammerd Heads (open)

  • Dug's bar was a little more packed then usally. Dug had anounced that there was to be a drinking/eating contest at his bar. All sorts of creatures had come to show off there drinking and eating skills and to win the grand prize, a weapon forged by a master and a large sack of gold. The contest would take three days. Beasts had set up tents all around the bar to stay in for the contest. There was a line in front of Dug who had the sign up chart. It had all sorts of names on it. "Come on, come on, keep the line moving. Next!" Dug said holding up the chat and a charcole stick.

  • Bola swaggered up to Dug.Drinking and eating was like an art to him.He pounded his fist on the signing table."Bola Kalashnikov good sir!I will be taking that prize at the end of this competition!!NO ONE CAN OUT DRINK ME!!!"
    He shouted mightily across the competetors,practically shaking the foundations of the bar.Other beast yelled at him saying not so.Bola merely laughed at him.

  • Dug looked at Bola. "Thats not the first time I've heard that today, so if you please just sign the paper." Dug said while handing  the paper and charcole to Bola.

  • "Pah!"Bola grabbed the paper and charcoal and signed his name on the partridge."But mine is the truth!"He sat the items back down and walked out of the bar and back to his tent in a huff.

  • Dug the took list and charcole back and said "Does anyone else want to boast and sine up for the contest?" while holding up the list.

  • Lupin Ffolger was not supposed to be here. No, not at all. He ought to be at Sally doing nothing. Yes, boredness had gotten the best of him and he left in the middle of night to adventure like in the old days.

    Yesterday, an advertisement about a drinking/eating contest flew straight into his face. Attracted by the words: eating, contest, and prize, Lupin came to this "Dug's Bar". As he arrived, he was astounded by the amount of contestants that were in the never-ending line. Creatures of all kinds came to this very tavern to win this contest. Awkwardly, he put on a cloak and got in line right behind a extremely large wolverine.

    As the bartender waved the list around, he raised his paw silently and waited for Dug to hand him the charcoal.

  • Dug looked at the next contestant and waved him foward. "Just sine your name here." Dug said pointing at the space below Bolas name.

  • Accepting it gratefully, but without a word, Lupin signed quickly and left to sit on a tree root until the contest started.

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  • Dug took the sine up sheet and stood up yelling out "All right, no more contestants can sine up. Get yourself ready for tomorrows eating contest." After that dug took the sheet and went back into his home at the back of the bar.

  • Bola had been starving himself for some time now.Only drinking large amounts of water to get use to the vast amounts of food he'll consume.No one will get far if they vomit on the third coarse.A large band of creatures had formed out side his tent."Yew don't 'ave no busyness down 'er!"
    A stoat yelled.
    "Yea!'Ow are others gonna get a chance to win if a bottomless pit joined!?!"
    "Well…"Bola started."if you haven't noticed,a few hares have joined.I ain't the only pit."
    He finished.
    "But yur huge!"A rat shouted.
    "Much bigga than a 'air!"A second stoat yelled.
    "Yes,and I'm much bigger than you all!!!"He roared.He drew his hammer and split a large rock in half."Now leave or I'll crush you like ants!!!"The crowd dispersed quickly and clumsily.
    "Why can't tomorrow come sooner?"He muttered as he returned to his tent.

  • Lupin having nothing to do slept away on the tree trunk. Drooling away, he wake to the sound of his grumbling stomach.

    "Rather! Wots a hare like me s'posed to eat? I need at leasta teensy bit of tucker in the ol' stummick, wot!" he said to himself wishing he had taken more scoff from the kitchens when he left. Still wearing his cloak he went off in search for fresh water to drink.

  • Dug came out of his backroom and went outside with his ax to make sure nothing bad happened between the contestants. He sat down by an apple tree where he could see all the tents and protect his apples. He knew that even though there was an eating contest tomorrow some beasts might  still try to eat his apples.

  • To help pass the time,Bola decided to practice with his hammer.He walk over to a dead…ish looking tree and trained his swing.WHAMA loud thud ranged through the tents.WHAMThe shook violently.
    WHAMA large dent had formed in the tree.He carried on until the tree looked ready to fall.Sweatting heavily,he took a big gulp out of his water flask and returned to his tent."What I wouldn't give for a big flask of ale."He collapsed on some sheets and passed out.

  • Lupin had found a running stream near some crags of rocks. It was already sunset, and he was rather parched. Bending to sip some nice, cold water, he was stopped by a mean-looking ferret with a sword.

    "Listen chap…"Lupin was about to say when he got cut short. "This is my stream! Yew better pay up before drinking 'ere!" Lupin had nothing on him, thinking of a quick getaway. He spoke, "Alright, then..." he pretended to take something from his cloak. The ferret looked at his paw to see what he was getting out.

    "Here you go, chap!" He gave him a blow to the jaw that knocked the ferret out cold. Satisfied with the punch he delivered, he drank his fill in peace. He came back to Dug's Bar merrily and unharmed.

  • Watching the sunset Dug got up and went back into his bar. Many the of the contestants had left for their tents. Dug went up and into his home where he would sleep until the contest tomorrow.

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