Raphaella Darkfang (slightly modified)

  • (Not my best… oh well, I wanted a weasel... so hard to make!)

    Name: Raphaella Darkfang

    Nickname: None yet

    Species: Long-Tailed Weasel

    Gender: Female

    Age: 32

    Occupation: Wanderer

    Appearance: Her body is covered with dark brown fur hinted with red. She has a snow white underbelly. The tip of her tail is completely black. On her forehead reaching down to her nose, is a little white patch in the shape of an upside-down triangle. When she opens her mouth her sharp ivory teeth show clearly, like little fangs. Her eyes are bright turquoise. On her upper arm is a tattoo in black of a wolf curled into a circle. She is tall and skinny while still being pretty muscular. Her fur is smooth, glossy, and dense; laying flat across her body. She has a considerably long tail.

    She wears a short black sleeveless dress with a red sash tied around her waist. Over this she wears a red, hooded, cloak. Her wrists are covered with an assortment of plain silver bracelets, and her ankles, likewise, with anklets. She wears red gloves that go up to her elbows. And FYI, The black is Jet Black, and the red is Crimson. She also wears a long black headband. Her main weapon is a katana with a black hilt and an oddly red-tinted blade. She also keeps a sheath for this. She also fights with two, long, slightly-curved, identical, steel, knives. They are sharp, light, and easy to wield.

    Personality: Despite her appearance (which may not seem at all like that of a good beast) she is really not out to harm anyone. If someone asked her if she was good or bad, her most likely response would be, neutral. She tends to side with goodbeasts whenever fighting, and has never helped a bad creature. She is outgoing and tries to be polite to all beasts. When she sees someone else in danger she feels urged to help them. She always likes to be doing something and was never considered much of a thinker. If you watch her though, she will sometimes walk off to be alone for a while.

    Possessions: Daggers. Black belt strapped across her waist under her sash to put daggers in.

    -Close combat

    -Hates heat and fire
    -Fear of heights

    History: Raphaella’s parents died when she was still a baby.  She never knew why, only that her mother was slain, and while her father was dying he entrusted her to the care of a close friend. Unfortunately, his close friend was the leader of a ruthless mercenary gang. There Raphaella was raised as Raphaella Darkfang Vaelkoroth. When she was 12 she was tattooed with the wolf, the symbol of the gang. Vazgor Vaelkoroth, her guardian, and the gang leader, was killed in a failed mercenary attempt. Raphaella was 21 when this happened. Raphaella than argued that she had the choice to leave since she had no ties to the gang. She was then told that she was bound to the gang by the permanent symbol on her arm. She was offered control of the tribe being Vazgor’s only “child.” She refused.

    In the dead of the night she fled the group and ran farther into Mossflower. She now travels as a wanderer though she still holds the symbol of the clan. She dropped the end off of her name and goes by her birth name Raphaella Darkfang. She has hardly told anybody of her past (Being not particularly proud of the whole thing.)

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