Jultar Firestorm

  • Name:Jultar Firestorm




    Description:Jultar is what you would call a stereotype.Like other foxes,he is ruthless,smart,and deadly.He can be a smart talker at times,but it's all just fun and games for him.

    Appearance:Jultar is bright red across most his body.He has blue-green eyes and a scar on his chin from when he fell from a tree.His fore and front paws are white insted of black,a common thing in his family.

    Possessions:He has a long bow,a rapier and main goush.Throwing knives,and a small,one handed scythe.

    Strengths:He is the best archer in Dester's hoard.He is very cunning,and isn't afraid to fight dirty.

    Weaknesses:He can be too cocky and underestimate his opponent.He sometimes forgets surroundings and can run into,or trip over something.

    Background:Jultar grew up in a mean family.His was a top notch fencer,and his mother was the best knife thrower.They taught him how to fight with those weapons,but when he saw an archer take out an otter from one hundred feet,he wanted to learn the bow.His parents did not know how to use the weapon,so he self taught himself.Years went by as he broke strings,bows,and caused a few accidental self injuries,he eventually got the hang of things.Around his seventeenth birth day,he began hitting center on all his targets,and soon he became the undisputed archer in the hoard.Now he is Dester's body guard for when takes mourning strolls through the woods.

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