Sylvester Sesame

  • Name: Sylvester Sesame
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Species: Red Fox
    Occupation: Inventor

    Physical Appearance: Has one red eye and one blue eye. Average height and weight. Has a blue tattoo on his head, shaped like an hourglass. Is missing his right front tooth. Wears an aqua green shirt and navy blue pants that seem to blend into each other.

    Possessions: A semi-automatic crossbow that shoots in 6-bolt bursts. Tools for various purposes.

    Personality: Eccentric. Is fascinated with items with moving parts. Absent-minded. Uninterested in idle chit-chat. Doesn't like it when he's interrupted.

    Strengths: Mechanical genius. Brave, in the oblivious-to-danger kind of way. Very good aim.

    Weaknesses: Can say things that seem inappropriate but are accurate observations. Forgetful. Doesn't know how to fight melee. Lack of social skills.

    History: Very interesting family. Infancy is unknown, but was adopted by a family of otters. The mother was doubtful at first about whether raising a fox was a good idea, but when Sylvester was five years old, they noticed that this fox was different. He began taking things apart and studying them drawing little pictures of each part, rather than learning how to use a sword. This caught the family's attention. At age seven he began making his own weapons out of everyday objects. As the years went by, his creations became increasingly complex. His stepparents wanted to help him on his way. At age 10, he created his first crossbow. It could shoot more than one arrow per shot. At age 8, he made a hollow poleaxe with a metal bar inside that could slide back and forth for a bigger impact. His family moved into Redwall Abbey when they met someone during a walk in the forest who told them about the place. His family had lived there ever since.

    Relationships: Never knew his biological parents. Adopted son of a family of otters. One of the otters, Ross Sesame, has formed a very strong friendship with Sylvester.

  • I like 'im. Sounds kinda like Prestor.

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