Bradley Steelwall

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    Name: Bradley Steelwall
    Age: 26 years old
    Species: Mouse
    Gender: Male

    An exceptional mouse warrior who's features resembles much of his brother Gordon's. He has warm blue eyes and head fur that partially spikes at the back and front. A handsome mouse indeed. Brad's muscularly lean body and great strength make him an excellent user of his brother's Broad Sword; a heavy weapon. His fur is a light brown color giving his belly fur a creamy complexion.

    Weapons and Personal Items:

    Gordan The Warrior's Broad Sword - Belonged to his brother Gordon during the battle with Death-Claw the Terrible.
        Wooden Slingshot
        Greek Battle Armor
        Greek Helmet.
      Martin the Warrior's Sword

    Job or Position:

    Champion of The Cayon Lands
        Champion of Redwall Abbey


    A very energetic, happy creature. Brad is outgoing and loves making new friends and teammates; some think its a cover up to mask the loss of his brother. In his mind life is supposed to be care free and shouldn't be taken up for granted. His protection of others and making good relations drives him to life his life to the fullest. Likes to take time to enjoy nature and watch the stars at night.


    **    Strengths:**
        -Very strong, can wield larger blades easier than most
      -Trained with Oliver for many seasons, picking up on some of his fighting skills.

    **    Weaknesses:**
        -Slow when fighting hand to hand.
        -Sacrifices most of his speed for strength
        -Vulnerable to quicker fighters, hard to keep up.


    Ever since he was born he looked up to his older brother. Bradley was always interested in being like his brother, he was an idol to him. When they were older they would train together all the time, never giving up or giving in to the fatigue. They had competitions and things to help with their skills, of course Gordon would always win.

    When their tribe went at war, Brad was only twelve. He watched his older brother, fifteen years old, fight in this huge event. Many died, but the brave village prevailed and drove away the vermin. After that day Brad vowed to train hard and fight for all.

    At the age of eighteen Brad became a champion of his village when a large monster-like creature terrorized the canyons. Brad grabbed his blade, fighting the beast one on one. He took many hits and broke a limb or two. Despite all that the beast was slain and peace came to the village. He was appointed second in command to his brother's army; they set off to the seas where they met Oliver.

    Two years after sailing the sea's, they lost most of their crew. Some died of scurvy others lack of food and water. They made a camp which later was burned down by an evil crew of vermin led by a vicious fox named Death-Claw The Terrible. The two sides went at it a long battle.

    Brad and Oliver were outnumbered; they watched Gordon as he was held down by three other vermin. A loud thump and a laughter was heard. The end of his brother Gordon. Oliver was knocked out cold with a blow to the back of the head, Brad went into bloodwrath fighting against the odds.

    Oliver woke up hours later, everything was burnt down, dead bodies everywhere. He hasn't seen Brad or Gordon's Sword ever since ..


    Gordon The Warrior - Brother (Dead)

  • How sad. 😢 How does his bro die?

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    In a battle that he fought with His brother and Oliver. Killed by a fox. Oliver and Brad wanted to help but they were outnumbered because they lost most of their troops in the journey from the sea to the path to redwall.

  • May want to add that to the main part of the bio. I really like the Greek stuff too.

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    Thanks! I thought it would be fun to have a character wearing Greek armor.

  • Ath3ns and Spart/\ns are L33T. ^__^

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    There, all done! Looks a bit more tidy and a little bit better. 🙂

    Gotta post him somewheres..

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