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  • Seso was having a very good morning.He had found a tree stash filled with dried foods,a sack filled with some valuables,and some pre-made arrows.Nothing could ruin his good mood.Maybe a bad moment,but that would take allot.

  • Fasolt Shortshanks shook himself into wakefulness as something started scrabbling in the hollow stump of an old tree on the forest floor below.  The least weasel frowned to himself and peered over the edge of the oak crook in which he had until moments ago been sleeping.

    Below him was an orange fox, sorting through a pile of rather desirable looking objects.  His objects.  At least, he'd found them… Brushing a fly away from his face, he mulled over what he could possibly do.  The fox was much larger than him...  But size isn't everything.  Who knew, though, the bright furred creature may be a friend…  A fellow scavanger...  Well, a rival.  But what of it...?

    Fasolt decided to take the low path...  He'd be stern, but friendly.  He coughed at the fox, perhaps a little aggressively.  "Ahem, fox!  On your feet, I say!  Be you friend, foe, or scrounger?"

  • Seso hardly noticed the question barked at him.He picked his head up and looked around,rather confused."Eh,somebody barken at me?Who is that?"He took his tarj and dirk out,then spoke with an offended tone."I ain't no scrounger,your the scrounger!"Unknowing what the word means."Sneaking around,like a…a sneaking twit!Your the most scrounging thing ever!Ya little toad!"
    He kept going on for a few more moments then quit."So where are you,you voice in the wind?"

  • Sneaking twit?  Little toad?  He'd show HIM…

    Scowling to himself, the little weasel launched himself out of the tree and directly onto the fox's back, inadvertently knocking the wind from them both.  Fasolt rolled off of the fox and straight into a bed of thistles, in an agony of discomfort.  His eyes bulging and his mouth gaping,  he attempted to speak.

    "…Here I am, foxy...  No harm meant...  But you did call me a toad...  What you found is my cache of supplies...  Well, I found them first, at least.  ...But you can have it all, if you want...  Just leave me here to die..."

  • Getting his breath back,and getting his javelin to skewer the ambusher,that's when he saw the it."Your so small!"He was just in awe on seeing such a small weasel.He put his javelin away and pulled the little creature out of the sharp thistles."So you found this cache first eh?Well"He sat on a large rock.
    "I beg to differ!Judging on the size of the arrows and bags of foods,I'd say this is a badger's cache and that's why we ought to get what we can,and leave.Badger probably isn't to far away."His story he did yarn.This was his plan on getting all of a cache,scaring an creature away with a pretend badger.It works,mostly.

  • It was some time after Seso pulled the weasel out of the thistles that Fasolt regained his breath.  When he did, he stood up and smiled at the fox, at the same time removing thistles from his fur.  "A badger's cache, eh?  Then securing these supplies is an Adventure.  If we're caught, what of it?  I can talk my way out of anything, I think."

    Avoiding the vast thistle patch, he strode over to the stump and seized a satchel of raisin cakes and a stoneware flask of…  ...Something drinkable.  "Help yourself...  We can find a new place to cache it for ourselves!"

  • 'Oh great'he thought.'the weasel got a backbone.Now what do I do?I don't particularly feel like sticking the little newt,but I suppose I'll have a good go with 'im.'He took a small flask of his "special"drink.
    "Er,no thanks.I got me own drink."He unscrewed the cap and took a small sip from it.He closed his eyes and blinked a bunch as the fiery liquid went down."Quenches you real quick."
    He said teary eyed.He coughed a few times and regained his old voice."Much better.So,what's pint sized snack like you doin here?Get killed real easy some one of your stature.It don't look like you could hold your own against much other than a squirrel."He concluded by scooping out a paw full of mixture of various nuts and dried fruits.

  • Fasolt smiled mischievously and set down his satchel and flask.  "If you have your own drink, then that leaves all the more for me…"  He turned back to the stump and collected the rest of the flasks, which he piled next to the satchel and his initial flask.  "Mine.  And how do I survive in this dreadfully unfriendly forest, you ask?  It is quite easy.  If I don't want to get found, then no beast could find me, unless they were disgustingly lucky."

  • Seso picked up his javelin and poked a few of the flasks,causing them to lose there cargo."You're never gonna have more than me little bugger,ha ha!"He joked as he ate some of the berries."Now if I remember correctly,you jumped out of the tree.Not so smart,letting your emotions getting the better of you.It's suicide doin that!"
    He kept going,picking out some blue berries."Where do you have in mind to move this cache?"He asked.

  • The weasel frowned at the fox as the orange furred creature let the liquid out of several flasks.  "How unfortunate that you should have done that.  As they were too much for me alone to carry, I was going to let you have half of them.  Now, I'm afraid that there IS only enough for me.  How dreadfully unfortunate."

    Fasolt took as thin coil of rope out of his quilted jacket, and knotting the end, hurled the line over a branch in the oak tree from which he had recently descended.  "There is no place more suitable for cacheing than in a tree.  You wouldn't happen to have some fabric which we could use for a bag on your person, would you?  By the way, what is your name?  I'm Fasolt Shortshanks… Gratified to make your aquaintance, fox."

  • Seso just looked at the flasks."I don't care.I'm Seso Reek.No I can't say I have any cloth I want to give.I have cloth,but none for you."Seso was just thinking in his head why he even he extra cloth with him,but sure wasn't gonna share it.They might be important."I say we bury the cache.I always put my valuables in the six feet under.Keeps 'em cold.Best to leave a marker."He really wasn't sure what he was talking about,now he was just gonna be compliant."All right…Uh...Here."He got a empty knapsack out and handed it to the weasel.

  • Fasolt accepted the knapsack ("Thanks!") and secured it to his rope in three places with a clever hitch-knot.  "Help me load anything that you feel would be useful at a later date, and then we'll heave this sack up into this oak tree."

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  • Seso just shrugged his shoulders and picked out some dried fruits and arrows and handed them to Shortshanks."These are  probably the best things to keep in the tree.Food 'n arrows,odd combination for a tree stash."While Fasalt wasn't looking,Seso got one of the weasel's flask and drank from it,then put back where it was.He got the large bag of dried goods and tied tied it in a knot,then slung it over his shoulders.
    "I carry what I want the most,and right now it's food."He put the arrows in his quiver.Seso wore the cuff links,rings,and ear rings.

  • The weasel shrugged.  "Well, the point is to hide what we may need later…  I for one do not need these flasks of drink right now, as we are near water...  But some day, maybe in the dead of winter, I might."

    Fasolt added his flasks (one of which seemed only half full) to the knapsack, along with three small packs of dried fruit.  Grunting, he heaved on his rope, causing the bundle to rise ponderously into the air.  When it was level with the crook in the oak, he handed the rope to Seso.  "Hold this, please, while I go and secure our bundle in its hiding place.  It wouldn't do for it to be blown down and confiscated by some fiend now, would it?"

  • "Fine."Seso said as he watch the weasel place the sack in the nook.He gazed upwards,spotting a crow.With his knowledge of the birds,he knew once they left,the crow would most likely plunder the cache."Eh.I got 'er supper."
    When he was sure Shortshanks had the bag properly secure,he drew his bow.Checking the wind direction,and guessing the height of the black bird,he got a hunting arrow out and placed it on the string.He made sure on the crow's flight pattern and released the missile.First it swayed right,then left as the wind blew it.The crow,trying to maneuver away,mistakenly flew into the arrow's path and was slew.
    The carcass dropped spinning and landed with a heavy thud five feet from the two."Impressed?"He asked boastfully.

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    Fasolt tried not to look impressed at the fox's kill, but in reality he was.

    "Crow?  To eat?  I'll eat pigeons or other small birds like that…  But I've never once considered crow...  Are you sure it's good?"  The little weasel scrunched his muzzle in disgust at the thought of a meal composed entirely of oily black crow.

  • "Yeah."Seso said."Taste like dove,only more tough and has a stronger taste.Right herbs and spices they taste great.I hope ya black meat."He took out his obsidian knife and walked over to the bird."Uh…look away if ye squeamish."
    He cut the crow's throat and hanged it by it's feet on a branch with some cloth to drain the rest of the blood."Lets try and find some mushrooms and how 'bout some pecan bark."He flicked the blood off his knife and placed it back in it's holster.

  • Fasolt nodded.  "Oh, if you say so, then I'll eat it…  And no, I'm glad to say that this weasel is not squeamish, just hungry."

    The weasel started to construct a small fire.  "I hope you like to cook your meat..."

  • Seso gave Fasolt his little silver flask."Pour a tiny bit on th' flame when it forms.Start the fire real quick."Not far from the campsite there was a few button mushrooms and a pecan tree.He picked a few fungi's and nuts.
    He got his dirk out and picked some healthy pecan bark off it."I got the ingredients and I got some basil in my pouch.So.."He said starting to defeather the bird."where you grow up?Had a ruff time bein the runt of the litter?"

  • The mustelid curiously accepted the metallic flask from Seso, before constructing a small pile of splinters from the now vacant cacheing stump.  Taking his flint and steel from inside his jacket, he carefully kindled a tiny flame in the center of the pile.  "Ahh.  Steady, steady…"

    Rising to his knees, he pulled the cap off of the fox's flask, taking a wary sniff ("Phoo!") before pouring a liberal dose of the liquid onto his tiny fire.  At once, there was a tremendous 'WHOOOSH', and fasolt fell back in shock as a sheet of white flame rose from the meagre pile of twigs and licked the tip of the branches overhead.  Lying on his back in the forest loam, the little weasel squinched his eyes together in terror and willed himself not to move.  Am I dead?

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