Kedrin Brightpaw

  • **_Full Name: Kedrin Brightpaw

    **_Nickname(s): Ked, Brightpaw

    **_Age: 22

    **_Species: Grey Squirrel

    **_Description: Excluding his size, being slightly smaller than the average squirrel, Kedrin Brightpaw doesn't look all too different from other squirrels. His right paw is bright grey, in contrast to his dark grey fur, and there's a small scar running from the tip of his right ear to the top of his head. Kedrin's general attire is a worn green tunic covering a light grey shirt and a brown belt with a small pouch hanging from it. He shuns most kinds of weapons, preferring a simple stick or javelin due to their light nature.


    • A wander stick cut from the branch of a pine.
    • A brown belt pouch containing various ingredients for food.


    • Capable of scaling tall trees very quickly.
    • Adequate with a stick or javelin.


    • His fear of battle and injury tends to overpower his senses.
    • Though agile, Kedrin can become clumsy and fall if he's distracted.
    • His right paw is weaker than his left paw, making him unable to carry large objects or weapons.

    Though not born with it, Kedrin was given the nickname 'Brightpaw' by his sister and brother in Southsward due to his bright grey right paw. Born and raised in a relatively normal drey, Kedrin's childhood was rather uneventful. He wasn't always a good climber, mostly due to his right paw, but learned to combat the disadvantage that his weakness put him at. He did so by keeping focused when climbing, and blocking out all outside noise. In doing so, he also managed to become extremely acquainted with all kinds of trees. Pines, oaks, even beeches. There wasn't a tree that Kedrin didn't try to climb. But he didn't climb those trees without injury; when he got distracted, he would lose his grip and fall to the ground. Sometimes he would hit the branches on the way down, giving him permanent scars such as the one on his right ear. And though he lived well in Southsward, the small area he was used to simply wasn't enough. Wanderlust got the better of the squirrel, and he set out to see the world surrounding the region.

  • Nice character!  Looking forward to seeing him on the boards.  🙂

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