Pawn Pentail

  • Nickname: Pawn

    Full Name: Pawn Pentail

    Species: Palm Squirrel

    Description: Being around the age of 20 seasons Pawn is a little under average size for a squirrel. A life of practicing the art of combat along with the task of daily manual work has kept Pawn in shape. From his eyes to tail Pawn has two white strips covering him. Covering around his eye is a tattoo in the shape of  waves coming from his eye. Once his tunic is removed you will notice a scar going across his chest in a horizontal angle (if asked about it, he will just say he doesn't wish to talk about it). Pawn's feet and hand are a little under normal size for a squirrel, which he believes allows him to control his agility skills to a higher aspect…

    -Longbow (Good quality)
    -Shortsword (Not so good quality)
    -Quiver (Containing Arrows)

    -Keeping with squirrels stereotypes Pawn is a good archer
    -Good natural squirrel agility
    -Keen eyes, even by squirrel standards
    -Great at hand-to-hand combat

    -Although he can wield a sword, he cannot keep his own in a sword-to-sword combat
    -During combat he cannot focus on more than one thing at a time
    -Can't take the heat (though he will suffer through it, his performance is greatly decreased)

    **Background:**Pawn may be his name, but he is a pawn to no one. He is head strong and at many times stubborn. Despite these things he is very respectful and will carry an order right away without question, though he may be disgruntle about it in his head.  After a life at home Pawn sent out on a quest for two things: knowledge and adventure. He could no longer sit at home when there was an entire world out there to be explored. His family was once amoung the ranks of great soldiers, but that is long past. He wishes to bring back the title that his family once held. Much to some's amazement he loves to read. Books about the history of old culturs and war are among his favorites. Herb treatment books is one subject (when in the mood) he can't help but want to study. He is easy to get along with even at the worst of times. Friends to all that he believes deserve it, though cross him and you will feel his rage…

  • This is awesome JT! Great job, did you just make him up?

  • Thank you very much. To answer you're question I though about it for an hour or two while I was at work actually, then needed to check out everything about characters before I posted. I have plans for little Pawn, but no telling what fate has in store for him. Hopefully will get to RPing later tonight. Also spots with "…" at the ending meaning I haven't finished. Been an extremely busy weekend so haven't been able to finish all of it just yet.

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