Silent Deaths(Private.Danker,Dusk only.)

  • Some where deep in Mossflower,one of the most vile creatures was lurking about.Kazack was restless,and wanted to kill.After a few hours of prowling the silent woods,his efforts were being rewarded.He saw a creature.A single,solo creature traveling."Hmm,hmm,hmm."He chuckled.He sprang up a tree a sped toward the prey.He pounced,expecting an easy kill.

  • Dusk had been walking in Mossflower woods looking for plants for his poisons when he heard something behind him."Hope thats not my death I hear." Dusk whisperd to himself. He then spun around pulling out two poisond daggers. Seeing a beast flying at him he dove to the side.

  • Kazack rolled and turned around,claws pointing at Dusk.He gave him a hiss and dashed toward him,gauntlets at his stomach with the blades upwards.

  • Dusk thrust his daggers foward threatningly. " Dont get cut by these, the poison is extremely deadly."

  • Kazack dodged and stood to the side."Well my claws aren't the cleanest things around you know."He made swipes the mouse's arms and torso.

  • Dusk begain to walk backwards moveing his daggers back and forth until he felt a tree behind him. He then quickly begain to climb up it until he was on the tallest branches of the tree.

  • Kazack looked up and climbed a another tree that branches intertwine Dusk's tree."This is fun.It's been a while since I had a good fight.Ha ha."He jumped on the branch Dusk was on,causing it to snap and send both creatures sprawling.

  • As dusk fell from the tree he grabbed a branch stopping his descent.

  • Kazack hit the ground.Dazed and sore,but other wise fine.He saw Dusk dangling from the branch and started to jump and swing at him,luckily for the mouse,he was just out of reach.

  • Dusk looked down at the searat jumping at him. He pulled out a dagger and pointed it at Kazack. "Look out below." he said and dropped it.

  • The dagger cut through the gloves leather,but didn't break the skin.He stopped jumping and looked at his glove.He made a huff and threw the fallen dagger into a high tree branch with a satisfy thud.He made one last jump and grabbed Dusk's ankles,scraping them while he pulled on the mouse like he was a spring to pull hi down.

  • Dusk took one look at the searat and let go, landing on top of him.

  • Kazack laid down groaning and coughed."Looks like yer the lucky feller who gets the bounty."He took another breath and coughed some more,then said."You fight good for a mouse."

  • "What are you talking about bounty?" Dusk said putting his dagger up to Kazacks neck.

  • He smiled and said,"The asylum I got out of has a bounty on me that'll leave you rich as a king for the rest of your life."He cleared his throat and went on."They're using me as a tool to get into other crazy's heads.I find it all boaring."

  • "Well, I now know where to take you." After he said that he hit him as hard as he could with his dagger hilt. After that he took some rope and tied Kazacks hands behind his back.

  • Kazack woke up on a vertical bed in a restraint jacket and muzzle that only let him talk.He looked over to the door and saw Dusk and the head orderly talking."This won't be the last time we meet mouse.I'll remember your face."

  • Dusk Looked at the searat and back at the head orderly"Can I knock him out again? Please?" the head shock his head"No, just take your pay and go." He said while handing Dusk a sack of munney. "Wellllll I guess until then I'll be living on easy street. Bye." he said while walking away. The head orderly looked back in room then shut the door.

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