Bola Kalashnikov

  • Nicknames:Kalashnikov,Mama's boy

    Name:Bola Kalashnikov




    Description:Bola loves to drink.The stronger,the better.He has out drank every opponent he has come across,be it ale or grog.He almost loves bar fights almost as much he loves his mom.He'll never fight small beasts,but loves a good fight fist fight with a badger or another wolverine.He also isn't a fan of eating your enemy.

    Appearance:He has blue grey eyes.His fur is a solid brown threw out his body.He has many scars from scuffles and battels with other large creatures.He lost a molar in a nasty fight that another wolverine caused.You can only see where it's gone if gets a big smile,which he'll have when the drinks take affect.

    Possions:He has many flasks for both water and alcoholic beverages.He wares a light cotton shirt that makes it easy for him to stay cool in Mossflower.He also has matching pants with a shark skin belt.His weapons are brass knuckles,a large battle hammer,and a spear.His armour includes iron shin guards,brass chest plates,an iron helmet,and a large brass shield that covers his entire body when he crouches.

    Strengths:He is stronger than average badgers and wolverines and likes to show it.Despite his burly,aggressive stature,he dose show pity on weary travelers.He surprisingly dose well in warm weather,but when it gets hot you'll see him wading in knee deep river banks.He can give any body who puts up with his playful nit picking a good time.

    Weaknesses:He is usually drunk when there's a bar or tavern around.He can drink to the point of passing out and dose.He'll fight drunk and mostly lose.Not from a punch or kick,just the drinks taking hold.

    Background:Bola was born in the far north were most other wolverines lived.His family was like anyother group of mean,flesh eating creatures.Except Bola,he didn't like eating something that talked back to him,so he ate mostly ate fish.

    Ooc.The rest will be a reply from me.

  • (Rest of Bola's background)
    This made Bola's father angry at him and say he wasn't a real wolverine,and he'd is a discrace to the family line.He eventualy tired of hearing this and left when he turned 18.Now he is a familier with a large town's tavern in Mossflower.

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