Accommodating Alliances (plot thread; open to vermin characters ONLY)

  • Continued from: Like Ghosts

    –--------------------------- IC: -----------------------------

    Dawn was a wondrous time of day. Something most beasts seemed to miss entirely.

    Ethereal fingers of pale yellow and fiery orange crept over the eastern horizon, mist of the morning making the valley beyond the woods almost invisible. The fog was painted in the color of the sunrise, the dales below lush and green from a small shower they'd had overnight. But the skies were now clear as crystal save the escaping storm clouds which hugged the eastern horizon, painting that morning in glorious, fiery colors.

    Kaerune and Zeera sat with their new young charge, Ashtail, nearby. They'd grown fond of the young stoat, and saw fit to make him their personal attendant. He stood by, his cream colored fur painted in some places with all manner of designs. He had been a Juska before joining the Ghostkin, the survivor of a dominated tribe. Now the Ghostkin horde held a pawful of the tribal warriors, and the foxes respected much their talent for combat.

    Ashtail held a tray with a flask of elderberry wine and an assortment of fruits collected from nearby. The foxes were sharing an early breakfast and small cups of warmed wine to help chase the chill of the morning from their bodies. Nearby, some of their horde were stirring, only a few awake before the sun rise. Scouts patrolled the area, as many visible as those who were not, silently hiding in thick brush or expertly in trees above. The Ghostkin were a varied group of warriors, but it was well known that Kaerune and Zeera preferred the arts of stealth and guile to brawn and brute strength, so their chosen warriors often exhibited skills of the like.

    "Where is the rat?" Zeera asked, a subtle hint of impatience in her voice. Something only Kaerune could detect, other beasts only heard her calm, soothing tone.

    "Patience, sister." Kaerune responded as he blew on his wine to cool it. He immediately turned his attention to Ashtail. "Young one, how is everybeast? Are they well rested? Prepared?"

    Ashtail nodded, some of his fear of the pair had dissipated but he still held a visible amount of anxiety in their presence. Still slightly nervous he might anger them. "Masters, they are well. The scouts have reported no movement, all is calm in the woodlands. The message was sent and received before nightfall, the rat and his assistant should come when they are prepared."

    "Good." Kaerune nodded as he plucked a plum from the stoat's tray. This he bit into, careful to keep the juice from staining his fur or his cloak.

    "We should be able to come to a fair set of terms, for all involved." Zeera noted as she sipped at her wine.

    "I believe so, and with the combined force we might even be able to take the Abbey without much bloodshed."

    "On our side."

    "Naturally." Kaerune smiled subtly at his sister and then turned back to Ashtail. "Be sure the fish and dove are freshly cooked, and bring it when our guests arrive, no sooner, no later."

    "Aye, Master." Ashtail offered with a low bow as he departed to deliver his message and attend his task.

  • Dester awoken with a few other vermin.One of his scouts brought him a note from the Ghostkin."So there reasonable beasts.Looks like were gonna have a dinner meeting to discus our alliance."Hahn woke up a few minuets after Dester read the note.
    "What iz et Des?"Hahn asked.

    "An invite to a meeting with the foxes.I'm to bring you as well."He scratched his chin with a thoughtful looked."Might as well bring my brother.Go wake Kazack you."He pointed to a surprised stoat.

    "Me!?!Woy should I-"

    "Because I said so.Now go get him,or I'll let him play with you."

    "Yesser!"The stoat quickly nodded.He left Dester's tent and walked over to a black,depressing,tent and slowly walked inside."Mizta Kazack?"The stoat said shakily.A sea rat similar looking to Dester,slowly opened his eyes.He had his hands across his chest across his chest like he was the dead at the funeral.

    "Yes?"He coldly said

    "Yur-yur brother wants to see you."The stoat nervously said

    "Okay."Kazack said as he slowly rose.He stretched his ams out showing his terrifying claw gauntlets.He stepped off his bed and walked out the entrance,the stoat already on the other side of the camp.All eyes were on him as they cleared a path to Dester's tent.Not a single word was spoke as he made his way to the tent.As he finally entered the tent,he cracked his crazed smile as he saw his brother."You wanted me?"He said still calm and cold.

    "Yes.I wanted our allies to meet my brother.You'll have to leave your claws though."

    Kazack looked at his claws for a moment,then looked back at Dester."Okay."He said insecurely.

    "Don't worry,they'll be right here when you leave."Dester said reassuringly.A velvet pillow was brought up and Kazack slowly put the gloves of death on it.The pillow was placed on Dester's hammock.

    "Now must prepair our selves."Dester said.

    Around three,the group reappeared.They were dressed accordingly.Kazack,however,wore all tight fit black clothes.They left to the meeting point.

  • Kaerune watched a kite sail on the thermals overhead as the sun continued its rise. Eventually it broke the horizon and began clearing the fog in the valley. The male fox watched it with distant eyes, lost in the beauty of the scene below.

    Zeera was occupied meditating, it seemed, though she was just truly resting her eyes. She sat cross-legged and silent, her cloak drawn tightly about her. They made an eerie sight as they sat so still with a warm fire blazing nearby. It sent awkward shadows across their features as the sunrise made them look as though painted in fiery colors.

    They seemed almost to blend deftly into their surroundings, Kaerune's gray eyes filling with the color of the fire and sunrise.

    A hoarse voice hailed them from inside the foliage of the tree they'd been sitting near.

    "Masters." It greeted. Silently a figure leapt from the branches and landed quietly nearby, head bowed in recognition.

    "What is it, Jura?" Kaerune asked calmly without turning his head, he continued to watch the splendor of the sunrise in a quiet silence.

    Zeera remained motionless nearby.

    "Duskfur and I have spotted the rat and his company. He brings two others. The ferret and another rat. They'll be here shortly." Jura reported quietly.

    "Very good, have them escorted to us." Kaerune stated.

    "Be sure to tell them they will be well fed." Zeera added, never moving from her meditative position.

    Jura nodded in a sure fashion and then disappeared up into the tree again with all the grace of a squirrel. Within a moment he was gone.

    Jura reappeared next to his companion, Duskfur, who was seated neatly in the hollow of a thick bush. His keen, dark eyes were focused upon the approaching trio.

    "Wot's th'word, mate?" Duskfur asked of his ferret companion without looking in his direction. Jura had landed quietly at his side in the hollowed shrub and nodded, his yellow eyes sharp and aware.

    "The Masters wish us to greet them and bring them to them, to inform them there will be good vittles for the meeting."

    "Sounds foine." Dusk nodded in his shallow corsair's accent. "Guess we better show ourselves afore they gets too close." With that said he rounded the bush and stood on a nearby hilltop. He raised a paw in greeting to the approaching trio as Jura moved to stand at his side. They were armed, but non-menacingly so as they awaited Dester and his companions. Eager to simply follow orders and be relieved.

  • As the group made it's way through foliage,Kazack stopped and pointed at the hill top."There."He calmly said

    "So are you the welcoming party to the Ghostkin's lunch?"Dester politely said.Kazack made a low,rumbling growl at Jura."Now,now Kazack.Their 'friends.'So where is the bloody tea party any ways?I didn't dress in my finest clothes for brier to shred it to pieces."

  • A few days ago one of Bartholomew Bartlebee's many servants had come back from a job in Mossflower woods with surprising information. The old red stone quarry had gold in it! At first, no beast would believe him, but after they saw the gold pieces he had flaked from the wall, every beast in the estate had only on thing on their mind. Gold.

    Of course, Bartholomew wasn't going to let any of his servants just trip out at take as much as they wanted. The only resone the worked for him was because they had no money besides what he gave them. Also, Bartholomew wanted that gold for himself. So, he started out with a party of hired hands and mercenaries, some 200 in number, to rip every last piece of valuable mineral from the quarry. Though many in number, his force was not as well trained as the others that had gathered before him, though there where some hardened fighters among them.

    "Here we are," Bartholomew proclaimed triumphantly, "the old quarry from which every stone in Redwall was taken." Turning to his beasts he said, "Set up camp! If there is as much gold as claimed by the witness, we will need several days to remove it all!" At his command, busy beasts hurried everywhere, setting up tents and lighting cooking fires for breakfast.

    "Come on Vinch," Bartholomew said to his massive bodyguard, "let us take a look at our prize."

    "What prize?" asked Vinch, "Did I win something?"

    "No thick head!" Bartholomew snapped at his slow witted companion, "I mean the mine!"

    The two missmatched beasts made their way down the slope of the hill they had set up their camp on towards the quarry. Bartholomew stopped when he caught sight of two other vermin camps. "So," Bartholomew mused, "we have company."

    "We do?" asked Vinch, once again missing the point, "Is it your mom? Or your sister? Or you uncle?" Bartholomew just glared at Vinch, not bothering to explain.

    "Go get three score beasts and bring them here, armed and ready," Bartholomew said to Vinch, "can you do that much?"

    "Right boss!" Vinch said with a clumsy salute, "I'll get 'em quick!"

    As his giant servant ran back to the camp Bartholomew looked down at the other vermin with a smile. "We'll see what your made of," he said to himself as he waited.

  • Duskfur and Jura stood with emotionless features as they greeted the trio of vermin. Jura simply stared at Kazack, wondering at the creature's demeanor, while Duskfur nodded to Dester, his paw resting idly on the hilt of his cutlass; an old corsair habit.

    "Th'Masters 're waitin'. They'd like t'thank ye for comin'. This way, sirs." The rat gestured back towards their camp. It was a short distance. Jura and he would be able to escort them in a matter of short minutes.

    Ashtail returned to the spot where Kaerune and Zeera calmly sat. Zeera had concluded her meditating and was now standing nearby the fire, her intense eyes focused upon the flames. The seriousness and depth of her stare bothered the young stoat slightly as he approached. Only the sitting Kaerune turned to him slowly, regarding the kit with a calm gaze.

    "Something you require, Ashtail?" The male fox asked calmly.

    "Masters," Ashtail began calmly, "a scout has informed me that there is movement on the northern ridge."

    "What sort?" Kaerune asked calmly.

    "Unknown vermin, Master, the scout took it upon himself to investigate-"

    "A wise decision." Zeera noted quietly as she remained staring into the fire.

    "Indeed, sister, a beast must be able to act on his own, not always relying on his Masters to guide him." Kaerune answered, then turned back to Ashtail. "And what did he discover?"

    "An army." Ashtail answered nervously.

    "Is that so?" Kaerune asked with an air of calm that was absolutely unnerving.

    Ashtail faltered slightly, "A-Aye, Masters. Near 150 strong he guessed. He felt it imperative to return without being discovered and so didn't spend long trying to count."

    "Another wise decision." Zeera noted as she turned to observe the stoat calmly.

    "So…another factor arises... And just when I'd thought we had all the pieces." Kaerune noted as he sipped at a cup of cool mint tea.

    "It shouldn't be a problem." Zeera responded.

    "I suppose not, but we mustn't get ahead of ourselves." Kaerune stated.

    Ashtail looked back and forth, between brother and sister as they spoke calmly. He cleared his throat finally, causing them both to turn to him. He swallowed hard and said, "Should I take any action, Masters? Send a team of scouts to monitor their situation?"

    "That sounds like a fine idea, Ashtail. Select a small team, no more than five. Spread them wide so that they will not be discovered, and instruct them to keep their distance. But..." He paused and then said, "if they can manage to take a prisoner, alone and unseen, tell them to do so." Kaerune stated, his eyes suddenly becoming powerful and serious. "But be sure to remind them a scout who is found is a scout who can die."

    Ashtail nodded, bowed low, and immediately departed to attend his newly given task.

    All Kaerune and Zeera could do was await their current ally's arrival.

    Duskfur and Jura arrived not along after Ashtail departed. Kaerune and Zeera stood slowly, sweeping their cloaks behind them as they offered shallow nods of recognition.

    "I thank you, friends, for joining us." Kaerune stated in a lordly fashion, his voice smooth and calming. "But I felt it was necessary for us to meet and learn of each other, who we all are, so that we can better work together towards a similar goal."

    "Trust is imperative among allies, to accommodate those around you as vital as the skills of the warriors themselves." Zeera noted.

    "For allies we are."

    "For a common goal."

    "A goal which will aid us all immensely, I am certain."

    "More than certain."

    Their speech remained fluid even as they spoke intermittently, each speaking in that same devil's voice, the soothing tones almost sing-song in nature. Kaerune eventually gestured to the empty places by the fire, soft, fur-covered throe pillows provided to make them more comfortable.

    Within moments two young aides appeared carrying two trays among them, one garnished with a roasted wood dove and the other with a lovely roasted trout. Fruits and berries garnished the dishes, along with wild potatoes, all seasoned with local herbs. The smell that wafted from the now uncovered trays were delightful as flasks of elderberry wine were brought to accompany them.

    "Please." Kaerune gestured once more, "Be seated and enjoy the meal."

    Both brother and sister seated themselves nearby, Kaerune's back to a tree while Zeera sat next to him calmly, the two aides remaining nearby to attend any task they needed to, they would pour the wine into wooden cups and fetch any device still needed or wanted for the meeting.

  • "Yes,allies.The food smell excellent.It feels you have put allot of effort into this meeting."Dester and Hahn got there plates and sat down on their designated pillows.Kazack,however,grabbed his plate,climbed up a tree and squatted on a branch and ate his food."Please excuse Kazack.He isn't the most 'Social' creature."Dester explained.Kazack smelled the contents of the cup of wine.He took a sip and grimaced,then he pored it out on the ground.

    "It's spoiled."Kazack said while focused on Zeera.He began eating small pieces of his food,but still intently looking at her.

    "So,"Dester started."how will I be sure you won't send a assassin after me to steal my hoard?I know you seem….trustworthy,but your hoard leaders,and your foxes.I'm also surprised how well you trust each other.Like how you said you don't trust foxes.How can you trust each other?I know your close twins,but many a siblings I've seen kill each other for power."Dester concluded as he mannerly ate his food and drank his wine.

    "Ees right ya know."Hahn followed."Look at wat 'append to them Marlfoxes.They turned one another when the time came."Hahn finished talking and with less edict,ate his food.Kazack said nothing as he never removed his cold,killer gaze at Zeera.A large,toothy grinned appeared on the sea rats face.Dester took noticed and spoke up.

    "It seems my brother has a liking to you Zeera.It's rare he dose that.Mostly he kills thous who displeases,or makes him feel uneasy.On that note,keep a close eye on one your welcomers and any of your scouts in the woods.He leaves during the night and he growled at one and I'm taking no responsibility of what Kazack dose."He finished his wine and placed it next to him.

    "Intruder."Kazack said.He dropped his eaten food and clean plate on the ground,jumped to a branch behind him,and took off.There was some scuffling and a loud crack.Kazack reappeared with a limp weasel in odd clothing.
    "I bet theres another hoard around.Is there?"Dester asked Kaerune.

  • (It's short, but I don't have much time and I want the plot to continue.)

    Bartholomew Bartlebee had no intention of letting another beast take his gold. But, he wasn't going to stick his neck out to get it. He was brought out of his thoughts by the noisy arrival of Vinch and the sixty or so beasts he had brought. "I got them boss," Vinch said proudly, "all the best fighters too!"

    "Good job," Bartholomew said, "but hopefully it will not come to fighting. An agreement is first in my mind."

    "Why talk?" Vinch asked, "I want to smash 'em!"

    "Just come on," Bartholomew sighed, "there will be time for smashing later."

    The party made their way down the hill to where the horde leaders where having breakfast, making quite a sight with their numbers.

  • Kazack's staring did not go unnoticed, but the female fox didn't offer him more than a passing glance. She acknowledged him as she acknowledged the others, but then turned her attention to Dester. After all, he was the one in charge, he was the one who demanded her attention.

    Kaerune blinked at Dester expressionlessly. He seemed slightly confused at the rat's question. He and Zeera eventually turned to one another, exchanging glances which seemed to hold words all their own, imperceptible to other beasts.

    They eventually turned back to Dester, and Kaerune spoke. "Alliances are made because a shared burden is easier to carry than one taken alone. My warriors are paw-chosen, specifically trained, the soldiers of others are not a prize I wish to claim."

    "We take great pains in instructing our own." Zeera continued.

    "Your army is exactly that, yours. I am extending trust in an attempt to be offered the same courtesy."

    But they paused as a more serious matter was to be addressed. Their ears flicking in a mirrored fashion simultaneously.

    "I…" Kaerune was forced to pause, trying desperately to find the words to explain their situation.

    Zeera spoke for him, "Our bond as twins, as is all that we have."

    "It is all we can truly depend on." Kaerune continued.

    "If we cannot trust each other..." Zeera paused and looked to her brother.

    "Then we have nothing at all." Kaerune concluded somberly, the seriousness visible in his ghostly gray eyes.

    But a more serious matter arose as Dester made it clear that Kazack had taken some form of liking with Zeera. The vixen didn't pay it any mind, but Kaerune was quietly troubled though it didn't show on his stone-solid features.

    He did voice a concern, "Is he not right in the mind?" The male fox asked calmly, wondering at the rat's awkward behavior.

    But then the rat was gone, disappeared to capture some form of beast from nearby. Dester then voiced a question, and twins exchanged a knowing glance to one another.

    Kaerune spoke first, "Our scouts informed us of movement to the north. I sent a small party to investigate further, they should return shortly."

    "Our scout before counted loosely 150, but I cannot confirm such a number at this time." Zeera stated calmly.

    “It serves to-” But Kaerune was interrupted as a scout breeched the clearing swiftly. It was a tribal weasel with a scar along his cheek which only served to make him look as though he were constantly smiling.

    He stood before the gathered company and nodded to Kaerune and Zeera swiftly. “Masters, movement off the northern hill. Threescore strong with a mouse at their head!”

    “A…mouse?” Kaerune asked, slightly puzzled.

    “Aye, Master. A mouse. Male.” The weasel responded seriously.

    Kaerune and Zeera shared a glance before they turned to Dester and his assembled crew. “It seems we may have a small problem.” Kaerune stated calmly as he set his tea cup aside and stood slowly. “It might be better if we address this together, with strong beasts at our own back. I can have a score and a half ready in moments, and my scouts are scattered across the entire area the closer they come.”

    Zeera looked to the weasel and gave him a nod, immediately he nodded back and ran back towards where the horde camped to have the warriors readied.

  • A form of relief swept through Dester on the twins answer."I'm glad to see you two very close.I hate having to work with bickering allies.It is after all how I came to power in my army.I saw two brothers arguing if the should head east or south.When I stepped in"Dester chuckled."I set them both 'deep south, hmm hmm."He chuckled quietly to him self.He heard the some what worried tone in Kaerune."Yes Kaerune,his head is immensely wrong,but don't worry about your kin.Kazack always likes thous who are like him,and if you see him in your camp,just give him a scarf or pillow and say it's Zeera's.He won't know the difference."Taking heed to the scout,Dester spoke his peace."I can have a score and half ready now.If push comes to shove with our new neighbours,I know a few shock tactics that'll make them leave just supply me with a few of there scouts."He stood up with Hahn and signaled Kazack to come."Hate to leave early,but I must prepair the troops.I shall see you at the large hill south of here if battle comes.It shall be our base of commands."Hahn never speaking a word left with Dester.Kazack pointed at the captive he got."Just leave him."They left with out saying more.

  • The twins hadn't even truly been visible before they stepped forward, through their forward rank of armed soldiers.

    They stood painted for war, faces and steel darkened with wood smoke, those who had been Juska painted in bright tribal markings and wearing naught but furred loincloths. Others wore heavy armor, from plate to chain mail right down to hardened leathers studded in steel. They looked a severe sight from the top of the hill, weapons bristling but their features cold as ice. None of them spoke, they simply stood quietly, all 30 of them, watching the creatures who had crested the hill.

    There was a moderate distance between them, too far to fire arrow or stone, but not quite close enough to speak. Kaerune and Zeera appeared like moon shadows from the center of their ranks, seeming to materialize between Jura and Duskfur, their trusted right-paw warriors.

    The foxes were cloaked in gray, their robes matching every shade of gray of their fur, making them seem all the more ghostly and immaterial. They watched with spectral eyes, waiting for the mouse and his warriors to approach, the Ghostkin's own scouts cleverly hidden in tree, bush and earth, none visible or even detectable by scent no matter the wind's direction.

    They all simply stood by and watched, Kaerune and Zeera as well, knowing Dester would be somewhere nearby with a plan of action of his own.

    They could only wonder what he had in mind.

    "He's tall for a mouse." Zeera noted quietly, it didn't even seem as though her mouth moved at all.

    "I know. I've never seen one his size. They normally stand near my waist or ribs." Kaerune agreed quietly.

    "Should we hail them, Masters?" Jura asked calmly. Duskfur turned as well to view his Masters' faces, both eagerly awaiting orders.

    "Wave a white flag of parley." Zeera stated calmly, eyes still set rigidly ahead.

    The rat and ferret turned back to their creatures. Jura raised a paw which caused a weasel to step forward with a long pike lance, this he raised high, a white cloth tied to its high end. He waved it back and forth, making sure it was visible to the mouse and his creatures up on the hill.

    "Should we prepare for the worst, Masters?" Jura asked as he watched the weasel wave the flag.

    "Just be ready." Kaerune noted, his own paw resting calmly upon the hilt of his saber beneath the folds of his cloak, invisible to all other eyes but his own.

  • (Ok, he is a few miles south of the three other forces and out of range of the scouts. As for the scouts, I never said they couldn’t see him when he got close. He would be harder to see, because he is alone, but you can say they saw him if you want.)

    Filzon Ashtooth and his gang had been walking all night. They had attacked a small village of Woodlanders, hoping for plunder and riches. However, a strong tribe of otters happened to be nearby and the vermin were forced to flee for their lives. The eventually lost their pursuers, and went to sleep exhausted.

    Now that it was morning and the sun had risen, Ashtooth decided to get the lay of the land. They had come from the south, so there was no use in going back that direction.  So Ashtooth headed north. After walking a few miles he came to the top of a small ridge overlooking the river and the quarry. The sunrise from his position was beautiful, but something else had caught Filzon’s attention. He saw two groups of vermin one on the hill and the other by the river. Traveling silently, he made his way back to where his beasts were sleeping.

    When he got back to his makeshift camp, he went to where Lyvel Coldblade was sleeping on the ground and shook her awake. "Come on," she muttered, "it's so early. Can't I sleep a little longer?" She turned over and shut her eyes again. Ashtooth grabbed her and sat her upright.

    "There is something interesting going on at the quarry," Filzon said, "come and look." The two villainous vermin trekked the long walk back to the river where the hordes were camped. They arrived just in time to see Bartholomew approach the Ghostkin. Lyvel started to walk out into the open, but Filzon pulled her back quickly. “Are you mad?” he asked, “They’ll kill us!”

    "They have the white flag," Lyvel said, pointing to the Ghostkin's horde, "they don't want to fight."

    "So what do we do," Filzon asked, "go and say hi?"

    "Well," Lyvel said as she stood up, "if there is this many vermin in one area, and they aren’t fighting, there must be something good!"

    "You're right," Ashtooth admitted, "and if we are going to get it, we should probably talk to them." Filzon and his second in command headed towards the flag of peace, hoping that they could convince the others to let them in on the reward.

  • "Ah, they wave the white flag," Bartholomew said, "they wish to speak with us. Vinch, come with me." The two of them broke away from the rest of the horde and made their way down to the river. They stopped about fifty feet away from the Ghostkin, within speaking range.

    "Hail foxes," Bartholomew called out to the Ghostkin, "as you seem to be the leaders of this horde. My name is Bartholomew Bartlebee, and I am the leader of this business venture." He indicated the beasts behind him. "I am guessing we have the same objective in mind," he continued, "the gold mine." He stopped and waited for the ghostly pair to speak.

    Vinch turned as he noticed two more beasts coming towards their location. A stoat and a weasel. The massive wolverine, not knowing any better, assumed they where part of Bartholomew's party. "Hey ya' two," he called out to Ashtooth, "get back in da' line!"

  • (( OOC: Silentdawn, right off the bat I'mma hafta' correct you. x3, The Ghostkin, who were first on the scene previously, were camped furthest from Redwall, where the River Moss runs only east and west from the quarry. That being the case, they had previously camped on its southern bank, but crossed over to camp on its northern shore to be closer to the quarry, but still far enough to remain unseen under the cover of the woodlands nearest the river.

    Some of Dester's horde, from what I remember, were located inside the quarry itself, collecting some gold, while the rest of his horde either camped nearby or kept their eyes peeled for trouble. His force is west of the Ghostkin's, also on the northern side of the river.

    We sort of assumed Bart was approaching from the north, and are nearest a hill, cresting it, to look down on an open field, the quarry located to the west of the hill and maybe slightly visible from its crest (hence him being able to see beasts in the quarry).

    But in most areas, there are Ghostkin scouts posted, not too close but never too far. ;3

    I think…that covers it. Vik and Danker can confirm or correct this outline, but I think I got everything right. x3

    Once I get PS reinstalled I can work up a map real quick placing markers where our peeps are and what they number. ^^

    However, Ashtooth coming from the south is still plausible, he'd just either be west of Danker's bunch, east of the Ghostkin, or in-between the two. In either case, they'd need to ford the river and might be spotted by Ghostkin scouts. x3

    But, Ashtooth's location puzzles me slightly. As I've stated before, the Ghostkin are not posted out in the open, not the main throng of their force. Visible currently might be their envoy of 30 strong, along with Bart's force, but Danker I do believe took a good number to be hidden. Naturally his beasts in the quarry are visible, and maybe a camp as well, but for the most part the Ghostkin and the remainder of Bart's army would not be visible.

    I stress more on the Ghostkin because they are heavily warned to remain unseen. But Bart's army is also located on the other side of the hill, not visible to those looking up at what number he's brought to meet with the Ghostkin and Dester.

    Currently the only thing Ash would see is the Ghostkin moving to meet with Bart, and a small group of creature's in the quarry who could belong to either of them, so the whole idea of him "being in the middle of three hordes" doesn't quite make sense. x3

    And how did he manage to wander so close to the meeting point without the Ghostkin or Dester's scouts finding them? I imagine somebeast would've noticed them the night before, especially since Dester would've been on edge about the foxes nearby, their alliance hadn't been set in stone yet.

    Or even Kazack, who wanders haphazardly and might've thought the small group of creatures were game to be killed.

    Just want some of the details worked out so I know where everyone is and why suddenly my or Dester's scouts had been struck blind in the night. lol x3 ))

  • (Edited, I hope it's better!  ;D)

  • Dester,being alone this time,was heading to the meeting point with half a score of archers in the trees following him.The rest of the solders were hidden along the river bed.He wore his black trench coat and three pointed hat.Under his coat was an iron breast plate with a vertical wedge through it's center.Upon reaching the point he heard Bartholomew talking about the gold mine.
    "Your talking to the wrong leaders.The gold is mine."He said to the mouse."Though it seems you don't need any.You dress as if your well off.I hate the rich.They always want more and more,never happy with what they already own."
    He looked at the impudent mouse."You better have some darn good reasons why I should share with you."

    Ooc.Sorry for not posting sooner.I havn't ben feeling good.

  • Kaerune and Zeera watched with calm eyes as Bartholomew approached. Their soldiers remained calm and slowly the weasel who'd been waving the white flag retreated back into his position. The foxes listened quietly as the mouse spoke, then turned to acknowledge Dester's whose temper seemed to already be flared.

    True, rich beasts often suffered greed worse than those who had none. The rat made a fine point.

    But still… The gold mine was a treat, sure enough, and the foxes wanted a share, however...they also wanted Redwall.

    "Friends, perhaps an agreement can be reached." Kaerune offered calmly, a paw coming from beneath his cloak to gesture to them all in an eerily fluid manner. He didn't even ruffle his own cloak the movement was so smooth.

    Zeera spoke in turn, "My brother and I, we are not interested completely in the gold. It makes a fine trade and token, but..."

    "It is not what we truly seek." Kaerune finished for her, their voices almost identical save a small change in pitch from brother to sister and back again. "Gentlebeast Bartholomew, have you heard of a place called Redwall?" The male fox's eyes twinkled in a quietly vicious manner as he mentioned the place, his sister beside him calm and focused.

    His soldiers, as focused upon the meeting as they were, awaiting a sneak attack, did not notice the movement of a foreign vermin band entering the area. But the wolverine's comment caught their attention, ordering them to get back in line. The Ghostkin, too, assumed them a part of Batholomew's envoy.

  • (short, but I can't think of much to say)

    Filzon and Lyvel stepped back in surprise as the giant wolverine approached them.  They had never met such a beast before. Aparently, the beast thought they were part of a different horde. "Excuse me," Ashtooth said, "but I command my own beasts, I'm not go'in to take any orders from you!"

    Filzon's attention was caught by the Ghostkin when they mentioned Redwall. He had heard many stories of the great red abbey. "Hi there foxes," he said to the Ghostkin, having no better name to call them by, "I'm Filzon Ashtooth, and I'm a bit of a warlord myself. If anything is going to be done against Redwall, I want in!"

  • Bartholomew was about to make a bad situation worse by yelling back at Dester when the Ghostkin interrupted. Bartholomew listened entranced as the twin foxes spoke. Their smooth voices flowed together as one sibling then the other would speak. The voices entranced him, but at the same time chilled his blood with their coldness.

    "Yes, I have heard of Redwall," Bartholomew answered, "the abbey beasts' silly ideals of love and peace annoy me."


    Vinch was slightly confused by Ashtooth's claim at being a horde leader himself, but kept quite.

    Bartholomew turned to Ashtooth and his second command. "I wouldn't suggest a trying to start a conversation with Vinch," he said, "it's like trying to teach a brick to write, impossible. Come here Vinch." They last sentence was directed to the wolverine, who immediately returned to his master's side.

  • His positive appeal growing to the Ghostkin,he turned and spoke to them."Don't worry you two,you'll get your share."He then turned back to the mouse and his idiot side kick."So…Barfolomew,I imagine if I don't give you an unfairly large share of the gold,you're gonna make the fumbling ferocious numb skull to kill me right here and now.Am I correct?Don't answer yet."
    He took out a medium sized bag with stones inside."You see this?"He pulled out a stone the size of a molar."Most nuggets are this big.If you want,even a small profit from me,your going to have to give me a reason to.A reason as in,how will I gain from it?The way I see it,the more I share,then the less I have.I know I'm sounding hypocritical right now,but your an aristocrat,and I'm simply a rat with nothing more than a very large hoard that needs feeding.If they have no money to pay for the basic things around large towns,then I have no hoard.If they have nothing,I have nothing.So like I said,give me some darn good reasons."He squinted and tilted his head to the right slightly.

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