Hahn Kazeracken

  • Nicknames:Walking Shadow.

    Name:Hahn Kazeracken




    Description:Hahn is Dester's right hand man.He always follows him were ever he gos.Being Dester's second in command,he has more respect than he once did,which was little to none.Hahn is a bit of a suck up and will often echo the last thing Dester says when they deal with other hoards.

    Appearance:He is tan brown and scrawny looking.He has many small scars across his body,evidence of many beatings.He has green eyes.

    Possessions:He has a pair brass knuckles,a rapier,a small hammer with a ball on the back insted of teeth to pull nails out,and flail with hooks insted of iron balls.

    Strengths:Despite being scrawny looking he is a good fighter with his weapons.Also being Dester's favorite,he has a mad man to save him if he ever needs helps.

    Weakness:Being scrawny he is not very strong.He doesn't trust other hoard leader.

    Backstory:Hahn was born in the hoard Dester took over.He was the runt of a litter five.He was always treated as dead weight and never got full rations.He was often beaten and mobbed by other hoard members and his brothers.No one ever paid him attention,often leaving him in the back.When Dester took over,however,all of that changed.Almost impudently,he was promoted through the ranks.Why Dester chose him,no body knows.Dester trained him with the rapier,but Hahn taught himself with the chain hook and brass knuckles.Many assume he is Dester's replacement if he ever dies.

  • Nice character Kori! Are you going to use him in the Arc?

    Wah hooo! I'm an Elder! 😛

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