Kargerek Silvertooth

  • Nickname: Karg, Gerek, Kar

    Full Name: Kargerek Silvertooth

    Species: River Otter

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 170 lbs

    Age: 24

    Description: Kargerek's body is well honed and somewhat muscular and it covered with thick, brown fur. His eyes are a bright, sky blue and the whiskers on the left side of his face are an inch and a half shorter than the right side. He normally wears a smile on his face, and his tail is constantly twitching back and forth happily as he goes about his business. Because of a recent vermin encounter, he has a thin, shallow scar that begins above his left eye and ends below his right, among several other, less noticeable scars on his torso and tail.

    Possessions: Only his father's sword and the two short swords he carries on his back, along with simple traveller's clothing.

       -Skilled Swordsman
       -Can easily think on his feet.

       - When focusing, it's hard to see what's going on around him.
       - Over-estimates his own abilities

    Karg grew up along a small river in the south of Mossflower with his holt. His father, after several vermin raids on their village, taught him a unique style of swordplay. Karg now wields two short swords at once, one in each hand. His parents, believing they were destined for better things, decided to leave recently for Redwall abbey and establish their family there. Karg, somewhat reluctantly, left with them. They were attacked by a small group of three stoats, the result being his parents dead and two of the stoats dead by his own hand.

  • Nice job Kargerek! Welcome to RL!

  • Thank you kindly! 🙂

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