Seso Reek

  • Nicknames:Fire fly,Ember,Soso,So

    Name:Seso Reek




    Description:Seso is a precarious little fox.He'd always keep playing with the camp fire even though he was told not to.His parents kept telling him he would pee in his sleep,but he never listend.Always memorised by it's flickering,it's color,and warmth.It showed him the balance of life and how it begins.If you feed it to much to soon it would die,but if you left it alone it would also die.Seso loved fire.

    Appearance:He is fire orange in the torso,but a darker orange expands across his body.He has black paws and a black tipped tail.

    Possessions:He has a compound bow,a light mace,an iron javelin,a stiletto,a tarj and matching dirk,a very alcoholic beverage he makes calls Throatier,and a obsidian dagger.Though the dagger is wickedly sharp,it is useless against most armour.

    Strengths:Excellent with bow,can start a fire virtually any ware,and is very vigilant.

    Weakness:Defiant,almost always in a bad mood for no reason,and loves arguing.(Even more so than shrews.)

    Background:He was raised in a average skulk of foxes.Sneaky,aggressive,the works you know.His father was an excellent bow beast,and his mother was a master dagger fighter.His parents weren't that protective of him,unless it came to fire.They were always worried he'd burn the entire forrest down,which he almost did.From there on,he was always supervised around fire.His father always told him never to trust or believe what other creatures said to him.Seso did not believe that or any other speech his father told him.Seso finally left the skulk to explore the lands when he was seventeen.

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