The Camp

  • Kiara had been traveling eastward since she had left home. She had a bow and a few arrows, a canteen of water, a change of cloths, and a few days worth of food. She had been traveling for quite some time now, stopping now and then to make some friends and stock up on water and get a full stomach before setting off again.

    She found herself here…somewhere in Mossflower Woods. She stumbled upon some kind of camp. She could see some swords, arrows, and other array of weapons. Her heart had told her there were for defence. But her mind couldn't make up its mind. She stayed and watched the goings on around the camp, unnoticed to the various beasts of the camp.

    Kiara had been watching them for three or four days now. At night when all were sleeping, she would walk in the camp and take some leftover food that they had and go back to a big tree, sit down and eat whatever she had got. While the creatures were up and about she would hide up in a tree, or inside a bush. Waiting untill her mind made the choice as to weather these creatures were dangerous or not.

    On the fifth day as she was just finishing eating, she had heard somebeast, although she couldn't pinpoint where this beast was. She left whatever it was she was eating on the ground, by the tree and hid in a nearby bush, just incase. All her belongings up in the tree she was sitting under. She waited in silent. Not knowing what she was waiting for. She hoped the beast was just out for a walk and will go back to the camp site in a moment.

  • "Food!" Whiptail cried. "I love food!" As he reached down to pick it up, Snagtooth's dagger came down and rapped him on the paws.
    "Fool." He said. "Where there's food, there are beasts. Someone is around here, I know it."
    Whiptail and Snagtooth had only just come into the area and were unaware of their proximity to the camp.
    "Spread out." Snagtooth said. "There's bound to be a beast around here with more food."
    Before starting to spread out, Snagtooth picked up the food and started to eat it.

  • a few caterpillars creped around the ground untouched by the bird of prey sitting on the high limb mostly concealed by the outcroppings but could still watch the vermin scrounge around. they were near the bush where the young squirrel hid. he knew that she  had no weapons. when the rats were about to discover the poor creature he let out a loud screech and dove towards the vermin.

  • Whiptail screamed and dove to the side swinging his sling off to the side as he did so in hopes of getting a lucky hit on the bird.

  • the stone hit the red kite in the tail feathers making him screech in pain and more enraged. this time he dove straight at the rat.

  • Kiara jumped when she herd the screech that the bird had made and saw an outline of some creature. She know there was two of them, which was worse then she had thought. But what they said concerning the food make her think they were not from the camp and then feared that the loud screech whould have woken up at least one of the creatures from the camp.

    "Rats!" She whispered to herself as she dove into another bush, one closer to the tree with her things in it.

    She could hear the beast that made screech being hit with something. She closed her eyes tight, wondering if she should help the poor beast.

  • Whiptail wasn't fast enough the second time and he felt the talons of the large bird, wrap around his clothes. Just then, Snagtooth's long dagger came flying out of one of the trees headed straight at the bird.

  • "Watch Out!" Kiara called to the bird, warning it of the dagger flying towards her.

    She darted from her hiding place and strated to climb the tree with her things in it.

  • The dagger buried its self in the breast of the kite. The Bird let out a loud cry and released  the stupid imp. Staggering back he collapsed on the ground presumed for dead.

  • "No!" Kiara called out, half way to her things, she had to get a weapon before she returned to the ground, then she would help the kite, if it wasn't too late already.

  • Snagtooth could hear the sounds of many beasts advancing in their direction. Whiptail was trying to climb the tree that Kiara had just climbed up with no success. "Leave her." Snagtooth yelled. "Or you're gonna get skewered by what ever beasts are coming." Snagtooth reached down to retrieve his blade from the breast of the bird.

  • the kite lifted his head and glanced at the squirrel and said, "Kraaa, Get out of here." and fainted from loss of blood.

  • "No..not without you" Kiara said, getting back down from the tree and running over to the kite, lifting it up and moving as fast as she could away from where they had been.

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  • Running through the woods, the two rats argued. "You just had to get attacked by a stupid bird didn't you?" Said Snagtooth.
    "It wasn't my fault! He just appeared out of no where!" Whiptail responded.
    "Just keep quiet and keep running! Unless you want to become a prisoner of whoever is after us."
    Silence was then universal between the two as they just concentrated on running.

  • "Halt!" An armed soldier stepped into view in front of the two running rats. Archers knotched arrows and came into view all around them.

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  • Completely ignoring the archers, Snagtooth jumped into the air and grabbed a hold of the soldier's head. Showing his blade to all of the archers he yelled. "Put those down or your leader here loses his tonsils!"

  • After so long Kiara set the kite down. "Stay here and stay alive. I have to get my things if I'm to help you."

    She ran off back to the tree and strated to climb up to get her things.

    Once getting her things she climed down and started her wacy back to the kite, when she stumbled upon the rats that she and the kite had messed with just moments ago, along with some more beasts, which she figured were from the camp. She sighed, happy that they did not follow herself and the kite she was trying to help.

    Now…to get passed them with out being noticed. She got down all all fours and started to crawl. Hoping they were to busy to care.

    "Put those down or your leader here loses his tonsils!"

    She had half a mind to shoot him with an arrow right now, but knew that it will cause more trouble.

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